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Fall Out

Why Are Hockey Players So Sexy?

I swear to god Sharpie came in the room & trust me, he looked really fucking pissed off. Danny, Leddy, Patty, Johnny,Stalberg,& Crawford all looked at him.
"Who pissed you off?" Danny asked. Sharpie ignored his question instead he yelled at the guys by saying, "Seriously? Mind-fucking?" "And you!", he yelled pointing at me. "We still have to have our talk." He said a little more calmly. About 20 minutes later the guys left. "Sooooooooo." I tried to start a conversation. "So Nicole, why did you leave Pittsburgh? Huh, I thought you were happy with your boyfriend." "You know he has a name right? & Please if
you use my full name I want you to call me Nikki you would only use my nam if I'm in trouble & I'm not in trouble at all." I stated boldly. "Oh so you mean leaving High school under my watch is okay? Do you know how many times th people from Thunder Bay called looking for you? We all thought that you in Thunder Bay. & all I found was a note saying that your gone. Do you know how mad Abby, mom, dad, Eric (Staal), Jordan (Staal), Marc (Staal), & Jared (Staal) not to mention all your friends?" I stayed quite after he said that. I never thought about who I was leaving behind in Chicago. Did people feel like that in Thunder Bay? I looked at my brother with tears forming in my eyes. "Beau broke up with me." I blurt out. Yes, I dated Beau Bennnett of the Pittsburgh Penguins. We just broke a part & I just couldn't be there anymore. "Wow." Just then I noticed I was thinking out loud. "Yeppers." I didn't know what else to say. Just then Sharpie got a misveivous grin. "So Nikki....................... what's up with you and mister Man-Child?" He looked stern but so misveivous at the same time. "Who? I'm confused who's Man-Child?"I questioned. "Brandon is man child. He acts like a man but he's only 20." I perked up when he said that. "When was he born? Am I older or is he?" I was now interrogating him. "So many questions! God calm down before you start bitching & googling him! Ok he was born October 27, 1992. So that makes him 5 months older. Calm your self bitch!" He said I'm one breath. "It's not my fault he's so sexy & so legible to fuck!" I screamed. He stayed quite. He only said this after, "Why are hockey players so sexy?"


My people this story takes place during 2012-2013


Oh my...chapter 6...AAH
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87
@Chicago Canada

Thank-you:) happy writing<3
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87
Thanks I love your stories they give me inspiration to write!
Chicago Canada Chicago Canada
Good start so far:) Interesting storyline!
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87