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Fall Out

This is Bad

As soon as I heard that siren I knew that something was wrong. I saw some guy running towards me & the cashier.

"What the hell is going on?!" I yelled. Just then I noticed that the guy that was running towards us had a gun. Panic set in & I felt scared. I wanted to be home in Thunder Bay, I really never wanted to leave. I was 16 when I left my home town to be with my brother. I left my home country. I felt like shit. & now I was going to die in America. I left Ontario to Chicago, Chicago to Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh to Boston,Boston to Washington D.C to NYC, back to Pittsbugh & now in Chicago with some Canadian trips in between. (Well get to that later.) & now a gun was pointed at my head. "Why aren't you a pretty, one? How about your friend over there gives me all that money in the cash register & you come with me & then no one will get hurt, ok?" He quickly handed the robber all the money. "Call me Luke." Said the robber. Luke then pushed me against the wall & I whimpered when he said this. "You be a good sex salve, or any slave at that you got everything, the tits, ass, curves, looks. What don't you have?" I wanted to say pride or dignity but I didn't want to answer that. "Oh yeah........ you don't have me" That was the last thing I remembered before I blacked out..


Oh my...chapter 6...AAH
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87
@Chicago Canada

Thank-you:) happy writing<3
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87
Thanks I love your stories they give me inspiration to write!
Chicago Canada Chicago Canada
Good start so far:) Interesting storyline!
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87