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Listen To Your Love

Chapter 1

"Ms. Richards, Mr. Murray is ready for you." The receptionist said to me pointing to the office on her left. "Thanks." I said I stepped into his office. "Hello Nicole." he said extending his hand which kindly shook. "Hi Mr. Murray." I replied, smiling. "Please call me Brian." He said. "So, after looking at your resumé, I think that you are a excellent choice to give the job of personal assistant to. So my question to you is will you accept my offer." "Yes, of course I will!" I said not trying to sound too eager. "Ok then, you can start Monday morning!" He stated rather professionally. "Great!" I said. "Good meeting with you, see you." "Ok, thank you very much." "No problem." he said smiling.


Hi, so I know that this was really short but, this is my first story and that personal assistant to the players probably doesn't exsist but whatever this is non-fiction, fanfiction. Anyway, I do not own the Sens or anything of that association. Please subscribe and comment and like or whatever you do on this place lol. Ok cool, bye :P


WOOO! Finally! A fanfic about my favourite team!