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Listen To Your Love

Chapter 2

I walked confidently walked through the doors of The Scotiabank Place. I approached the receptionist. "Hi, I'm Nicole." I said "Hi Nicole, here is your security pass. Go down the hall to your right and you'll find the lockeroom." She said "Ok thanks." I said Once I found the lockeroom, I was greeted by Paul McLean. "Nicole! It's nice to meet you! My name is Paul McLean." he said. "Hi, it's nice to meet you too Mr.McLean." I said extending my hand which he kindly skook. "So do you want to introduce yourself?" he asked. "Sure." I said. I shifted my body so I could face all of the players in the room. "Hi guys, my name Nicole Richards and I am going to be your brand new personal assistant. So you guys can come to me with any questions, concerns or if you need anything." I said proudly with a confident smile on my face. "Great, ok so you can go do your job now." Paul said laughing. I walked around the room all of a sudden someone approached me. It was Mika Zibanejad. "Hi I'm Mika." He said with a smile "Hi I'm Nicole." I said "So, your the new personal assistant. Where are you from?" He asked. "Ottawa, actually." I said. "That's cool, so what are you doing tonight?" He asked. "Um." I said laughing. "Nothing. Why?" "Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place, I bunch of the guys are gonna be there." He said. "Sure I would love to. What time should I come over at?" I asked. "6:30." He said. He wrote down his address and phone number. Overall I had a pretty good day at work.


Heyyyy. So there is Chapter 2 your welcome. So let me know what you think and subscribe and stuff. Btw, either the next Chapter or the one after that may have a sex scene so im warning y'all. Ok byeeee


WOOO! Finally! A fanfic about my favourite team!