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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 11 - Marriage Announcement

Jordan, James’s mom, and Leslie are at the house. They’re kind of nervous cuz they have no idea why James and Maddie have called them to their house.

James - I bet you’re all wondering why we called you all here.
Deborah - What’s this all about James?
James - Maddie and I spent a week in Hawaii. While we were there we got married.
Deborah - Aww, sweetie that’s wonderful.
James - So you aren’t mad?
Deborah - Aww, of course not.
James - So you’re going to tell everyone else when you go home?
Deborah - You bet I will and I’m so sorry that Maddie lost your baby.
James - Thanks Mom
Deborah - Any plans on trying again?
James - We’ve already been trying.
Deborah - Aww, I hope it happens this time and that she stays pregnant. Where is she?
James - She’s napping. She isn’t feeling very good.
Deborah - I’m sure she’s just a little jet lagged.
Jordan - Could she be pregnant?
James - It’s possible that she is. I will take her to the doctor in a few weeks to have her tested.
Leslie - I know her better then anyone. She would tell me if she thought she was pregnant and she hasn’t yet. I do know she’s due to have her period in the next couple days.
James - That’s right and she’s pretty regular. We’ll wait to see if it comes and then worry.
Deborah - That’s all you can do sweetie. Why don’t you go check on her?
James - I think I will.
Deborah - When she wakes up I’ll make her my chicken soup that I would make you when you were sick.
James - Ok

Jordan and Leslie leave. James goes into the bedroom to check on Maddie. He sees that she is sound asleep. He goes over to the bed and lays down beside her. He wraps his arms around her so that they’re spooning with one another. He is asleep a short time later until later that night. Maddie wakes up when she feels James holding her. James then wakes up and starts nuzzling and kissing Maddie’s neck. Maddie turns over so that she’s now facing James. They begin looking into each others eyes and begin to kiss. James runs his fingers through Maddie’s hair as they kiss.

Maddie - I love you James.
James - I love you too sweetie. Are you feeling any better?
Maddie - I think so.
James - Are you up to having something to eat?
Maddie - I think so.
James - My mom is going to stay with us so you don’t have to cook since I know you haven’t been feeling that great.
Maddie - James, I think I might be pregnant.
James - You positive?
Maddie - I feel exactly like I did when I was pregnant with the baby I lost. Though the symptoms are worse then normal. It’s too early to test me though.
James - I’ll take you to the doctor in a few weeks, ok?
Maddie - Ok
James - Mom made you some soup to eat if you’re feeling up to it.
Maddie - Aww, she didn’t have to do that.
James - She’s worried about you sweetie. You’re like a daughter to her.
Maddie - Aww, that’s sweet.
James - Lets go eat sweetie.

James and Maddie get out of bed. They go into the kitchen to find James’s mom making dinner for the three of them.

Deborah - You feeling better dear?
Maddie - A little bit.
Deborah - You look kind of pale. You should eat something.
Maddie - Maybe I should.
Deborah - Here’s some soup for you to eat.
Maddie - You didn’t have to go to all the trouble for me.
Deborah - I want to cuz you’re the best thing to happen to my son.
James - That’s right babe. If you hadn’t moved to the neighborhood I wouldn’t have met you. Hey Mom can I have some soup too?
Deborah - Of course you can sweetie.
James - Thanks Mom

James’s mom dishes up soup for the three of them. They go over to the table and sit down. As they’re eating James and Maddie start holding hands. James’s mom smiles seeing her son and Maddie holding hands.

Deborah - You two are so cute. I can tell you two are so in love.
James - We are in love Mom. It killed both of us when we were apart for about a month.
Deborah - It’s so sad that Maddie’s mom can’t be accepting of the two of you. You’re prefect for one another.
James - Did we tell you that Maddie has a tattoo with my name on it?
Deborah - Aww, you have to show it to me Maddie.
Maddie - I’d be glad to

Maddie stands up and turns around. She lifts up her shirt revealing the tattoo.

Deborah - That’s really pretty. So are the branches for your babies?
James - Yes, each time we have a baby Maddie is going to have their name and birthdate put on the branch.
Deborah - Aww, that’s a cute idea.
Maddie - Thank you for saying that.
Deborah - You’re welcome
Maddie - The soup tastes really good. Thank you for making it for me.
Deborah - It’s no problem.
Maddie - I’m going to head to bed.
James - Ok babe I’ll be in soon.
Maddie - Ok

Maddie gets up from the table. She gives James a kiss and then goes into the bedroom to get ready for bed. James and his mom talk some more.

Deborah - That poor girl really doesn’t feel very food does she?
James - No, she thinks she’s pregnant.
Deborah - Aww, that would explain the paleness.
James - I really want her to be pregnant Mom.
Deborah - Aww, I know you do.
James - I want a family with her. I was heartbroken when she told me the night we got back together that she lost our baby.
Deborah - And I’m so glad you two found your way back to one another.
James - I should go check on her.
Deborah - Ok, good night Son.
James - Night Mom. I love you.
Deborah - I love you too sweetie.

James gets up and gives his mom a hug. James goes into the bedroom to check on Maddie. He sees that she is sound asleep. He goes over to the bed and lays down beside her. He wraps his arms around her so that they’re spooning with one another. He is asleep a short time later until the next morning. A few weeks pass. James and Maddie are at the doctor to see if she’s pregnant. Her mother also finds out that she and James are back together, married, and pregnant. This is going to be ugly.



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