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rock me like a hurricane

Is this real?

We are standing right outside the UC. Jeff looks down at me and slowly presses his lips against mine. He pulls back and smiles and looks at the giant arena in front of us. "In there was the first time I have ever laid eyes on you, and I love you even more today." he says to me and looks so happy when my eyes start tearing up. We walk down the street and he says he wants to meet my parents. He says it has been 3 weeks since we first met, he needs to meet them. I agree. I am slightly nervous considering my dad is a very chill guy, but not when it comes to his baby girl. Being the fourth child and the only girl, he is terrifyed whenever I brought a guy home. My mom, on the other hand, is very sweet and makes sure my dad doesn't kill the guy I bring home before he can get in the door. Then there are my 3 brothers: Joe, Dan, and Nick. They protect me like a bear does to her cubs. They wouldn't let anything or anyone hurt me, besides themselves. ---------- I bring Jeff home and my mom meets me at the door. She hugs me and I walk in to my dad and brothers sitting on the couch watching hockey. I introduce Jeff to everyone and my dad looks him up and down. I see the sweat coming off Jeff's forehead because he is scared to meet my parents. Jeff takes an open seat in between the 2 oldest brothers I have, Dan and Nick, right across from my dad eyeing him. I go into the kitchen with my mom and turn on the hockey game also. I hear from the living room "YOU'VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!" and run into there to see Joe screaming at the TV. Jeff looks terrifyed and I start to tell my dad and brothers how Jeff is a hockey player. They all laugh and say he is "too pretty to be one." He laughs with them, then shows pictures of him with the Staals. All their mouths drop and my dad starts talking to him. My dad finally loosens up and realizes Jeff is perfect for his baby girl. He starts talking to Jeff more and by the end of the night I breath a sigh of relief that my dad warmed up to Jeff. He wants Jeff to come back so they can go get drinks soon. As we walk out my brothers ask if Jeff wants to play football with them next week. Jeff says yes to please them, but they were being serious and told him they would call me. I said bye to everyone and we get in the car and I hear him say "Next, my parents." ---------- My brothers and their friends take Jeff to go play football. Jeff calls in Jared Staal to help and Kasey comes with. We sit in the stands and talk as Jeff and Jared get tackled by my brothers and their friends. After the game, Dan and Joe go up to Jeff and pull him aside. He looks like he just saw a ghost when he comes over. He tells me Dan and Joe told him that if he hurts me, he will have to deal with them because they are the reasonable ones. Dan is the one that resolves all the problems and cares for me the most, after my dad. Joe is just a giant jock that could knock out a 6'7, 270lbs man in one hit and I have seen it done. He is my protector when it comes to other guys. Nick is just a giant sweetheart except when you throw sports in or get him angry. He can carry a tree out from the woods by himself, on one arm while the other has a deer he just shot. He doesn't drag either on the ground. I see Nick talking with Jared and them laughing like they are the best of friends. Jeff looks at me with confusion. "What?" I say as he waves his hand in front of me. "I asked if you wanted to leave yet. We can go get Jared to bring him back to my house to take a shower." I realize Jeff looks as he first did when I saw him in the locker room. There is sweat clinging to him back, forehead and chest. He pours water on himself and shakes his head back and forth letting the little droplets of water slowly jump off his hair onto the ground. I look at him and and automatically want to rip his clothes off. We leave, but the feeling for ripping his clothes off doesn't. ---------- We get back to Jeff's apartment after we drop off Kasey and Jared at their hotel room. The feeling is still there and I go to take his shirt off but he does like he was reading my mind. He throws it on the ground and walks toward the bathroom. I run to him and stop him in the doorway and make a cute smile at him. He bends down and kisses me. I pull him closer and trace his muscles, every indent and vein. He grabs my sides and brings me to the couch. He lays me down and kisses me all over. He starts at the lips and goes to the neck, my weakness. He looks at me and slowly tries to get up, but I lace my legs around him. He opens his brown eyes and looks at me with the sweetest look anyone has ever looked at me with. He pleads for me to let him go take a shower because he smells like he just went into the locker room. I tells him I love it then smack his ass as he walks away. I lay there for the next 10 minutes. Then I hear him get out of the shower. I look up and see his towel almost fall as he walks down the hall. I drop back on the couch before he comes out and kisses me again. We talk about our next trip, to go meet his family. I am terrifyed but with the sweetest hockey player next to me when I meet his family, I think I will be OK. He comes up and kisses me. I wish he was still in his towel, so I can pull it down from him. He gives me a look with those brown eyes that makes me want to never leave his arms again, but I restraint myself even though it hurts to think about losing him.


I love this story! Please hurry up and update soon! It's awesome! <3