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One Shots

Why Does Everything Happen So Much?

“I don’t know about this, Cap. This isn’t me.”

Claude seemed baffled by what Sean was saying. “What the hell are you talking about, fucking beautiful women isn’t something you enjoy?”

“No, it is. It’s just this…with you there…”

“Hey, I’m not gonna touch you, you’re not gonna touch me. There will be a naked woman between us at all times. Don’t worry about that.”

“Yeah, but, I mean, how is this even gonna work?”

Claude flashed a wicked grin as he slapped Sean’s shoulder, a smile looking even more mischievous due to his missing tooth. “However you want, my friend. You can fuck her and then I will, or I will and then you can, or she can suck your dick while I fuck her and then we switch.” He shrugged as if these decisions were commonplace in his life. “The point is, this works how you want it to work.”

Sean didn’t remember verbally agreeing, but he was by then being pushed back into the hotel room where Sasha was lounging on one of the queen sized beds in just a purple g-string. She smiled at Claude, but said to Sean, “Everything cool?”

Giroux answered, looking at Sean. “Yeah. We’re good. Right?”

Sean let out a breath was half a sigh, bordering on a stifled moan. “Yeah. All good.” Still he wondered how the hell this had even happened.

It started, as these things often do, with a few drinks. To make a long story short, Sasha was in her last year at university, always adventurous, up for anything, and she would never have missed an opportunity to hit on an NHL player when she happened upon one in a bar. Not that she was looking for fame or fortune, it was just that she knew those big bodies could be useful for more than just winning hockey games.

Giroux was sweet, made her laugh, and she would have dropped to her knees right there in public if he had told her to. Instead, he asked her, very nicely, if she wouldn’t mind switching her attention to Sean Couturier. Apparently, it was the kid’s birthday and he was recently dumped. Sasha took one look at Sean, then another at Claude, and she made a suggestion that made Claude’s cock jump in his pants.

“Why don’t I give you both some attention tonight?”

Giroux had grabbed her hand, then Sean, and got them into a cab to go back to the hotel. As evident when this story began, Sean needed a little convincing, but not much. Sasha meanwhile had a half second of hesitation when she found herself alone in the room while they had the chat in the hallway, but all she had to do was think of the insane orgasms these towering hockey players were going to give her and she was all in, not to mention practically oozing arousal already.

So, when they are all the same page, Sasha got up and walked towards them. Sensing that Sean would need to be eased into his, Claude took action first, coming forward to meet Sasha in an embrace and kissing her slowly as her hands pressed against his chest.

Sean shifted where he was standing, but managed to kick off his shoes, probably because it allowed him to avert his eyes for a moment and enjoy a moment of calm before all hell broke loose. When he saw Claude toss his shirt to the side, Sean followed suit, figuring now was as good a time as any.

Sasha was still naked but for the tiny triangle of fabric covering her pussy and Sean was nearly drooling at the sight of her body, so much soft skin, nicely sized breasts, great ass, long legs. She stood a few inches shorter than Claude and thus several inches shorter than Sean. And when Claude moved behind her, Sean got an eyeful of her. Bless his heart, no matter how uncomfortable he might have felt, he couldn’t look away.

He watched Claude move her dark blond hair to one side and then kiss delicately up her neck as his arms wrapped around her body, his hands cupping her breasts. Sasha met Sean’s look with an intense stare that almost had him running for the hills. Almost.

Claude looked up now as well and saw Sean watching. Still kissing Sasha’s neck and now her upper back, he undid and pulled down his pants leaving him naked and hard. Seeing his Captain’s dick was not a big deal, happened all the time in the locker room. Only this time, flushed with blood and standing at attention, Sean spared a passing thought that Claude was well-endowed indeed.

Nudging Sasha from behind, Claude moved them closer to Sean and when they were within touching distance, she reached out towards his belt. Unsure if he should help or just stand there, Sean opted for the latter, watching as her long fingers freed him of his pants and exposed his cock, also rock hard and throbbing.

Sasha, feeling Claude’s cock pressed against her back and seeing Sean’s generous portion in front of her made her pussy pulse. Oh, yeah, this was going to be good no matter how things went down. And maybe this made her shitty person, but Sean’s nervousness was turning her on even more. While Claude could be sweet when he wanted to, he was also bossy and rough, whereas Sasha thought Sean was probably an angel all the time. One she couldn’t wait to corrupt.

Claude’s voice was deep next to her ear. “Tell him you’ve done this before, that you’ll take care of everything. Lie to him if you have to.”

Sasha told a partial lie, a partial truth. “You don’t need to worry, I’ve done this before. I’ll take care of you both.”

She let Claude continue to work his mouth along her skin and she took hold of Sean’s cock in one hand, causing him to groan and take a step forward.

Claude noted his quick reaction and pushed him in the right direction. “You want her to suck your dick?”

Sean only managed a nearly silent whisper in response. “Yes.”

“Ask her, tell her to suck your dick.”

With her hand still pumping his cock and two sets of eyes watching him, Sean started, “Sasha…”

Claude filled his pause. “If you don’t ask for what you want, I’m gonna make you leave.”

Speaking quickly, actually terrified that Claude would keep his word, Sean finished, “Please, suck my dick. If you don’t mind…”

Sasha let go of his cock and turned to shove Claude gently off of her until he hit one of the beds. Turning back towards Sean, she gave him a gentle smile that would have been reassuring to him if they were not currently in the most awkward, but incredible sexual moment of his young life. She put her hands lightly on his biceps and curled her fingers around them softly.

“Don’t worry about Claude, right now it’s just you and me. And we can do whatever you want.”

Sean nodded and when she inclined her head, he came down to meet her lips with his. Emboldened by the contact and her comforting words, he put his hands on her hips and then shoved his fingers under the band of her g-string there.

Sasha licked playfully at his mouth and then grinned. “If you want me naked, just ask, Sean.”

His light brown eyes were serious when they met hers and he spoke with marginally more confidence, only a slight quake in his voice. “I want you naked when you suck my dick.”

Claude wanted to slow clap it out for his young friend finally finding his voice, but he held back, reclining on his side to watch the show with a silent smile instead.

Sasha happily complied, pulling her g-string down and off before coming to her knees in front of Sean. She worked him with her hands at first, waiting for him to look down at her. When he did she asked, “Do you want me to finish you like this?”

Yet another thing Sean had not considered and at first he wasn’t sure if he wanted that or not, but her gaze gave him clarity. “No, later.”

Claude murmured, “Good choice,” just as Sasha licked the underside of his cock from base to tip.

As his cock disappeared into the wet warmth of her mouth, Sean closed his eyes, reaching back with one hand to brace himself against the wall. Surprisingly, he had no trouble forgetting that Claude was there and he was able to just enjoy the feeling of her lips wrapped around his base as her tongue suctioned his shaft, the tip of him buried deep.

Sasha let out a moan as he was slipping down her throat, but unlike Sean, she was fully aware of Claude and the idea of him watching was intensely erotic. As she worked Sean from her knees, she rubbed her thighs together, trying to create some friction on her aching cunt.

Claude, who now had a hand wrapped around his cock, watched her move with amusement. She was making happy, muffled sounds around Sean’s dick while the receiver was trying and failing to keep his breathing steady. Claude released his cock and came to sit on the edge of the bed, not two feet away from them.

“Sean, I think Sasha is getting off sucking your dick. Aren’t you?”

Without stopping she answered, “Mmm-hmm. Mmm…”

Her agreement made Sean’s head spin and he braved a look down at her only to see her smile around his dick. It nearly finished him, but she must of known this because she backed off with her mouth and just teased the tip of him with her tongue.

Claude, distracted for a moment, came back to the moment and said, “Tell her she can touch herself while she sucks you.” He reached out and petted her hair kindly. “You want to come with his dick in your mouth?”

Sean felt her huffing breath cooling his heated cock when she spoke. “Yes.” She looked up at Sean. “Can I, please?”

As if he would have ever said no to this woman, to anything she asked for. “Of course.”

Hungrily, she used her tongue to pull his cock back into her mouth just as she slipped a hand between her thighs. He felt the tension of her building orgasm in the way she gripped him tighter, how she forgot herself and let her teeth scrape along his shaft a little more harshly, and in the vibrations of her throat as she groaned as best she could with a mouth stuffed full of him.

Jutting her hips, thrusting her pussy against fingers that were massaging her clit, Sasha released her mouth from Sean’s cock to cry out. When she rubbed herself through the orgasm, her hand pressed against his pelvis and he covered it with his, telling her how beautiful she looked when she came.

With her body weak from coming down, Claude easily lifted her with a hand under each arm, hauling her onto the bed. Moving back, he let her rest between his spread thighs, his cock pressed against her ass, his hands delicate on her skin.

Sean stood there watching again, enjoying the contented little sounds she was making as she relaxed in Claude’s arms. While Sean was appreciating the view, Claude saw something else in him, a little jealousy. Sure, Sasha had just sucked his dick and came from it, but Sean hadn’t done much touching of his own.

“Come here. Take my place with her, mon amie.”

They switched, Claude sitting on the side of the bed, Sean settling back against the pillows, Sasha between his thighs. She rubbed against him like a cat on a tree and he returned the affectionate gesture, twirling her hair and brushing his beard on her shoulder.

Claude smiled at the two of them enjoying a quiet moment. “Lovely, both of you. Spread your legs for me, amoureux. Let me see how wet you’ve gotten from all this.”

Sasha bent her knees and put her feet on the bed outside Sean’s thighs to open herself up. Claude moved quickly, laying on his stomach, his face inches from her pussy. He dipped two finger inside her, pulling them out with strings of clear arousal dripping from them.

“Hmm, very nice. Let’s see if I can do better.” His head lowered and his tongue licked through her wetness, drawing it from her entrance and swallowing down what he didn’t spread through her folds.

For Sasha, this was a dream come true, lying in the arms of one man while another laved at her pussy. “Fuck, Claude…Sean…you’re both fucking incredible.”

Claude hummed against her and started flicking her inner lips with his tongue before licking long strokes through her center. Sean’s hands were on her knees, squeezing, trying to stay clear headed as Claude went to town between her thighs and she writhed against him. Sasha took hold of his wrists and moved his hands to her breasts, whispering, “Touch me, touch me while he does this, Sean.”

Sean’s fingers found her nipples and rolled the hard peaks around. Arching her back, pressing her breasts against his attentions, Sasha fought to take it all in, the sensations from two different men given all at once. She whimpered when Sean went from pulling her nipples to kneading her soft flesh with his palms. And when he bit down on her neck just as Claude’s teeth found her clit, she practically shouted.

Her whole body undulating, rising and falling faster than even her breathing, Sasha grabbed a handful of Claude’s hair with one hand and then reached back to do the same to Sean. The man between her thighs responded by speeding up and Sean started sucking a hickey below her ear.

Bucking up to rub her pussy against Claude’s mouth, Sasha came for the second time in about twenty minutes. Claude’s was the first name to fall from her lips, but it was swiftly followed by Sean’s.

As Sean watched her come and heard his name moaned out, he wanted to high-five Claude for this tremendous idea. But that could wait, because he had something else in mind. Finding even more boldness, Sean told her quietly, “I wanna fuck you like this. I wanna fuck you first.”

Claude, who was rubbing his wet beard with his hand, overheard and laughed. “Good, good. You should have her first, my birthday gift to you.” Sasha smiled at Claude and turned her head to open her mouth to Sean’s brief, but wild kiss. Claude continued while their lips were still together. “Fuck her, but don’t finish. I want her to taste herself on your cock. Then I’ll fuck her and she can taste it on me. Then we can all come.”

Without acknowledging his instructions, but agreeing nonetheless, Sean lift her hips and let his cock press between her folds and into her pussy that welcomed him with slick wetness. Still, he was big and she was a tight fit, so when he bottomed out and her ass hit his pelvis, Sasha gasped at the feel of him.

As she reclined against Sean’s chest and started to move, Claude came to kneel between both their spread legs. Running his palms along her flexing thighs, his voice was even more demanding, more desperate, as if watching Sean claim her first, even with his blessing, was a test of his patience.

“Amoureux, you better let him stretch that pussy out good, because as big as he feels, I’m liable to break you in two if you’re not ready for me.”

Sasha tried to focus on his words, but Sean’s cock was rubbing her g-spot perfectly at this angle and her mind was clouded over with bliss. She managed a nod. “Yes, yes, Claude.”

He squeezed her thighs and it made her downward strokes on Sean’s cock sloppy. Her mouth was gaping and her eyes still looked hazy from her orgasms. Claude asked, “Is this what you had in mind when you suggested this to me? Or did you think that we would take turns?”

“I…I don’t know.”

Claude’s hands moved up her body and found her breasts as he smiled sweetly. “You seem overwhelmed, all this happening at once. Should we ease off a little?”

“No! No, please, don’t.”

Claude grinned and Sasha felt Sean smile against her neck at her emphatic protest. Sean was back kissing the bruised skin of her neck, telling her, “I know you can take it, tell Claude.”

All three of them were shocked at his command, but his full engagement in this now made Claude proud and caused Sasha’s pussy to clench around him as she was pushed towards another wave of pleasure.

“I can take it, Claude. I want it.”

“You want even more, amoureux?”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

With Sean thrusting up, Sasha shifting her hips down, Claude stood, pulling her head away from Sean and towards his cock. As it passed through her lips, she sobbed out a breath. Claude was thick and he filled her mouth even more than Sean had. When she choked slightly, Claude pulled back, making shallow thrusts to contrast with how deep Sean was buried in her pussy.

She whined and found the strength to reach up and grab Claude by the base, slipping his cock free of her mouth. “Can I touch myself again?”

The Captain’s smile was naughty, almost mocking as he looked down at her. “You want to come again already?”

“Yes, please.”

Claude looked to Sean. “You see how nice they can be once you get them off a few times?” He cupped her jaw and ran his thumb along her open lips. “Asking so politely even when she’s about to burst. Aren’t you? Just so close?”

Sasha whimpered with need. “Yes, yes…Claude…”

“Don’t ask me, ask Sean. He’s the one fucking you, he can decide if you get to come.”

Sasha turned, grabbing the back of Sean’s neck to force his mouth against hers. Their hips nearly stilled completely, but Sasha kept them going. She muttered against his lips, “Please?”

Sean agreed. “You can, but put Claude’s cock back in your mouth and keep it there until I let you take it out.”

Sasha turned back towards the chuckling Claude and forced his cock back into her mouth with both hands on his ass. She dropped one hand to find her throbbing clit and rubbed hectic circles.

Sean felt her fingertips grazing his cock as it worked in and out of her rapidly tightening pussy. That was too much. He released himself from her with an audible pop just as Sasha came, tears breaking free from her eyes that had sprung from her lack of breath due to Claude’s wide cock and also from the sheer force of her orgasm.

As she came down once more, Sean rubbed her back and Claude used his thumb to brush away the wetness at the corners of her eyes.

Sean gently pulled her head back to free Claude’s cock and she collapsed into his arms. For a split second the boys thought they might have pushed too hard, asked too much. However, just as Sean was about to suggest they take it easy for a while, Sasha turned to face him and sunk down until she was eye level with his dick.

Smiling, regaining some semblance of control, she told him, “I still need to taste my pussy on your cock.”

There was no opportunity for protest as she went right to work. Claude was then immediately kneeling behind her and pushing his massive cock into her already exhausted pussy. And yet, she was still in the mood for more. Three orgasms and she was still lifting her ass and pushing her hips back to meet Claude, moaning around the cock in her mouth.

When Sean tucked her hair behind her ear so he could see her better, she rubbed her cheek on his palm and winked at him.

Claude, burrowing home in her warmth, let out a groan. “Amoureux, sweetheart…you feel like nothing else in this world.”

On her hands and knees, Sasha used her swollen mouth on Sean and watched him watching Claude fuck her for a while. Then, those serious eyes were on her, his mouth forming a one-sided smile.

Claude could see his friend’s cock disappear into her mouth and it drove him on. He snapped his hips roughly, forcing her body into a hard rocking motion that had her pulling back from Sean’s cock just as his dick was jerking back along her walls. Then, all at once, she was filled again from both angles as Claude’s hips forced her body forward and her mouth further onto Sean’s cock.

This time, she didn’t even have a chance to ask to come. Claude’s masterful strokes, his thickness caressing her g-spot, Sean’s look of awe, it sent her head first into another orgasm more insane than the last three.

Letting go of Sean’s cock, she braced her hands on the bed and made quick pumping motions with her hips, extending her pleasure until she saw stars. She was practically hoarse, but still sputtering out profanities and a series of thank yous to both of them.

Claude pulled out and sat back on his heels, breathing heavily and looking to Sean. “Your turn.” As Sasha laid back on the mattress, Claude brushed his fingers across her stomach. “He can come in your pussy, yeah? That’s ok?”

“Yes, whatever he wants.”

Her smile at Sean was sleepy, delirious even, and he was grateful Claude had asked, because at this point he wanted to make sure she was still a willing participate in all this. They had both used her hard, but she still opened her legs and her arms to welcome him home when he laid down on top of her and filled her pussy once more.

She murmured unintelligible things as he started to fuck her and leaned her head towards Claude, reaching out for him. Tenderly he placed her hands on Sean’s shoulders.

“You’ve done enough, amoureux. Let him finish, I’ll come just watching you fuck.”

He sat cross legged near her face and began to jerk his cock with his fist, letting out soft grunts as he went. Sasha was captivated by his show, unable to look away until Sean forced one leg to bend at the knee as he went deeper still.

Her eyes shifted to his and they smiled together. He bent to kiss her collar bones for a while and then sat up, still fucking her at a smooth pace but now opening up her breasts for attention. Claude came to his knees as well, still jerking himself off, but cupping one breast and then the other with his free hand.

Sasha put a hand on his thigh. “Come on me, Claude.”

He nodded, pulled faster at his cock and then leaned forward, shooting out lines of hot come onto her breasts that dribbled towards her neck as her body shook from Sean’s thrusting. Sasha looked up at him as Claude fell backwards, spent. “You’re next, baby. Let all that go in my pussy.”

“Shit, Sasha. Are you gonna come again?”

Though she would have said it was impossible, her body disagreed. She swallowed, told him, “Put your thumb on my clit and I’ll come with you.”

He listened, gave her what she needed, and when he couldn’t hold back any longer, he released inside her suddenly. When Sasha felt the warm bursts of his come along her walls she held Sean’s hand where she needed it and let him stroke his thumb on her clit until she came again as well.

Claude was still recovering to her left as Sean fell back against the pillows. For a good long time, no one moved, no one spoke. There was nothing really left to say, anyway.

Eventually, without comment from anyone, Sasha got dressed and kissed them both on the cheek before she slipped out the door, back to reality.



So it would be nice to have a sequel to this!

Polarvortex Polarvortex

If you decide to do these again, can you have a Braden Holtby story? Name: Kelly, Premise is that she gives him an X-rated surprise when he gets home from winning the cup in Vegas. Rough and filthy please!

hockeyyy hockeyyy

Can you write a chapter with John Tortorella and any player

Lmarina2000 Lmarina2000

damn that was hot

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

if you are still doing requests

Kris Letang Pittsburgh Penguins to this song http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/elliegoulding/lovemelikeyoudo.html


TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58