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One Shots


Welcome to the world of random one shots that I write when I have the time. All are NC-17 because I'm a pervert and don't care at all. Some have more plot than others, some are longer than others.

I take requests, but I'll probably only do them if I'm into the player as well, which is pretty likely since I'd happily fuck more than half the league. I also maintain the right to do things I want before any requests and to do requests out of order if the feeling moves me because this is supposed to be fun, not work. I am not a little writer monkey just here for your amusement. I am also a grad student who works full time so sometimes you might get three stories a week, other times it might take me a month to get through one.

Requests currently pending [(!!) means I'm really excited and might do those sooner]:
Evgeni Malkin
Tanner Glass
Crosby/Giroux threesome (girl named Emily)
Olli Maatta
Mike Richards
Ondrej Pavelec
Brayden Schenn
Eddie Lack
Justin Faulk
Brandon Bollig (high school reunion, one that got away)
Dylan Larkin (intern, Larkin is an asshole)
Dom! Aaron Ekblad
Steven Stamkos
Jakub Voracek
Roman Josi (tropical, drinks, dinner, dancing)
Teuvo Teravainen
Johnny Gaudreau
Monahan and Gaudreau in love with each other
Marc-Andre Fluery
Sean Monahan
Vladimir Tarasenko
Viktor Stalberg
Adam Henrique - Krista
Gabe Landeskog (gets a new neighbor and he helps her move)
Connor McDavid (he's nervous)
Crosby - HANDS
Charlie Coyle
Jordie Benn in a car/truck
Artemi Panarin
Jaromir Jagr
Auston Matthews
Max Domi Part 2
Rubenesque Part 2
Colin Wilson Part 2
Brandon Saad Part 2 - jealous at a party


  1. Cole Harbour Boy

    I needed some Nathan MacKinnon porn and I hope you do to. (Cyra is pronounced sear-rah.)

  2. Just Do It.

    Jessie teaches Jamie a lesson and he proves his point. AKA Benn needs to eat pussy and like it.

  3. Italian Battalion

    A little requested Tyler Seguin for @Tsegs92 who gave me some inspiration. Thanks for all your ideas and I hope you like it!

  4. Drunken Giggles

    More Nathan MacKinnon porn inspired by a Tumblr NHL confession blog suggestion about having drunk, giggly sex with Nate, which is pretty much all I ever want in life.

  5. Mon Amour

    Claude Giroux speaks French and my panties just evaporate. TW: breath play/choking.

  6. A Lifetime

    A little cute, but sexy Jeff Skinner as requested by @SkinnerGoldenGirl53. I hope you like it, it was super fun to write.

  7. Thank Me Later

    Marco Scandella porn for me and @Feeshwas, because holy fucking shit he is so beautiful and fluent in three (3!!!!) languages - just fuck me up, Marco.

  8. Nice to Meet You

    I was in the car for four hours this weekend and started having really vivid sex daydreams about Antoine Roussel, they went a little like this...

  9. Fucking Right

    @addiegregory asked me for Corey Crawford a while ago, so here you are!

  10. Don't Be Shy

    @tvr57 asked for some Trevor van Riemsdyk so here it is. I changed my mind and decided he needed a girl who totally embarrassed herself in front of him.

  11. Sunday Funday

    @Hawks65 asked for James van Riemsdyk, so she shall receive. There is no plot because a. I know nothing about him, but mostly because b. as I was trying so hard to come up with something the only thing popping up in my mind was just having great sex on a lazy Sunday. Hope that's ok!

  12. The Babysitters Club

    This is some requested Sean Couturier that is being done out of order because I got lost in his tag on Tumblr and was filled with emotions I had to let out. The buildup is pretty long because he’s just so fucking cute I couldn’t help it.

  13. Why Does Everything Happen So Much?

    Alright, y’all, I’m gonna get back to requests right after this, but that last one put me in the mood for some straight up porn with Sean Couturier and Claude Giroux. Warnings (?): threesome (non-slash), Giroux dirty talking through the whole thing, I guess light Dom/sub stuff, no plot, no feelings.

  14. Sharp Dressed Man

    Some requested Pekka Rinne. I'm sorry this is short, but while Pekka is a cutie, he's not in my regular fantasy rotation so I had a hard time thinking of a story for him! I hope you still enjoy it.

  15. Make Me

    Sorry, this is not a request, but here is some Michael Raffl porn, because I’ve been wanting to write a hate fuck story and last night my brain decided it would star Raffl because apparently I’m a Flyers fan now???? IDK, but I’d fuck that whole team, #bless

  16. Friends Helping Friends

    Shayne Gostisbehere as requested by a couple people I think and needed by me.

  17. No Time

    A little request Max Domi that I know is out of order, but I had a thought about him and a doctor and I ran with it.

  18. Papa Shea

    This is some requested dominating Shea Weber. Warnings: Dom/sub, forced deep throating, restraints, orgasm denial, anal play, come play, a little bit of verbal degradation (but not overly mean because I’m not into that), bit of dirty talk, idk probably other things that might upset someone!

  19. Fool's Gold

    Request Tom Wilson that I wrote at about 2 a.m. last night when I couldn't sleep. I suppose I should issue a warning for slightly dubious consent.

  20. Rubenesque

    A lovely lady requested some Michael Del Zotto when I was in the middle of writing this one ft. a voluptuous woman. Definitely written more for myself, but I still hope you like it!

  21. Sorry Motherfucker

    Requested Jason Spezza and the first playoff porn for this season! <3

  22. Call Me Captain

    A Sidney Crosby one shot that I had posted separately before I started this series, so I decided to move it over here!

  23. I Wish They All Could Be California Girls

    Requested Darcy Kuemper and a HUGE shout out to EveryoneHatesRefs for telling me about this dork blaming CA girls for his success on the road trip!

  24. Give It To Me

    Requested Justin Abdelkader playoff porn: short and to the point because I wanted to get it posted before the Red Wings's next game so it was still relevant!

  25. Banana, Coffee, Smile

    Dylan Larkin, done to the tune of a special request by eilishfitzgerald that he hook up with his neighbor named Saoirse.

  26. White Knight

    FLYERS WIN!! So I'm treating myself to some Ryan White porn. LOL JK, I was going to write this even if they lost, because I fucking needed it, ok?

  27. Friends Helping Friends Part 2

    AKA Shayne Gostisbehere is so fucking cute it makes my loins ACHE just looking at him.

  28. Italian Battalion Part 2 (This is an awful name, btw, sorry.)

    Tyler Seguin continuation, requested by pretty much everyone. Special shout out to my darlings who blow up on my inbox here and on Tumblr with love and ideas for this one.

  29. Philly Loves You

    Michal Neuvirth request post-playoff comfort; short and sweet.

  30. Game Seven

    Yo, Ryan Johansen/James Neal playoff porn, requested and needed by everyone. Non-slash, anal, dirty talk; James Neal eats ass, please fight me on this, I will win.

  31. Let Them

    Requested Acutal Male Model Roman Josi done out of order because I needed this so bad and that turned out kind of soft and mushy, but eh.

  32. Mommy Dearest

    Requested Michael Del Zotto with Michael Raffl's mom. Yes, I know, this is terrible, but Lord how I love it.

  33. Czech Yourself

    Requested David Pastrnak. And someone could have told me that he is literally a CHILD, barely legal. I hope I don’t go to prison for this, but here you go…

  34. Bored

    Requested Brandon Saad where his love is bored and she spices it up for them!

  35. White Knight Part 2

    I did so many requests, that I'm being selfish and giving myself a part 2 to this because Ryan White might be the real and true love of my life.

  36. Yes, Dear

    Requested Duncan Keith, inspired by actual events and his lovely hair.

  37. Everybody Wins

    Requested Michael Del Zotto/Tyler Seguin (ft. Michael Raffl) See Note for details. Be warned, this got pretty long and really smutty.

  38. Work Out

    Requested Colin Wilson because me and the Preds fam need a pick me up after that loss...RIP playoff Preds.

  39. For Jordie

    Jamie and Jordie Benn threesome, a little softer than my other ones because I just want nice things for Jordie.

  40. Kiss Cam

    Requested Luke Schenn ft. requested kiss cam action.

  41. Little Girl

    Ryan Reaves that I needed ft. a chubby woman. Warnings: Dom/sub relationship, spanking, belt beating, age play. Very long, very nasty, very much for myself, but enjoy.

  42. Blind Date

    Requested Derick Brassard because I was in a New York state of mind this weekend.

  43. Escape

    Requested Jamie Benn - 3 people asked for this, 2 wanted him in a tub, 1 wanted in a cottage in British Columbia and this is both of those. No plot, they're just fuckin. Enjoy

  44. The Man, The Beard, The Legend

    An ode to Jordie Benn's beard, because I am in love.

  45. Tyler Seguin

    If you care...

  46. Champion

    Requested Sidney Crosby post-Cup victory sex. A short one, because I have so much going on this week!

  47. I Hope Not

    Requested Kris Letang hate sex.

  48. I Hope So

    Requested Kris Letang part 2 because like you I was sad at how the last one ended.

  49. Sexy Stranger

    Requested Jonathan Toews in a bookstore. TBH, I don’t even like him that much, but this was fun. Shout to my lovely Tumblr lady who requested it.

  50. Florida Nights

    Requested Jason Demers, see note at the end for additional useless information.

  51. Well, This is Awkward

    I live! And I bring Wayne Simmonds porn because I love him.

  52. Waking Up In Vegas

    In celebration of my Vegas weekend coming up, enjoy some Mark Streit porn that got really sappy at the end. Warnings(?): massive age difference, insta-love

  53. I Told You So


  54. Nashville Ain't for Everybody

    PK Subban sappy smut for me because Christ do I love him. (And I'm so happy he's a Pred and the Habs can go choke.)

  55. The Huntress & The Ghost

    As promised, Ghost Bear for my sweet darling angel of a friend. I hope you love it; you deserve the very best.

  56. A Very Kinky Christmas

    Sean Couturier Christmas porn! Warnings for anal play and riding crops.

  57. Annoyed


  58. Just a Taste

    I promised tkuhnhackl some Kuhnhakl porn, BUT I just had a craving for Bryan Rust instead. More Christmas smut, woohoo!

  59. It's Christmas

    Tom Kuhnhackl Christmas porn, because why not. Just a shorty, because I'm pressed for time this week!

  60. Relax

    Duncan Keith on Christmas morning for the sweetest little peach I know.

  61. Two Options

    I am back from the dead with Ryan Getzlaf filth and plans for playoff gang bangs! Sure you guys missed me?

  62. Preds Gang Bang Part 1

    This thing is ridculous. And the title says it all.

  63. Preds Gang Bang Part 2

    I can't believe any of you are reading this filth.

  64. Preds Gang Bang Part 3

    The end! But, I think I need a sequel...


So it would be nice to have a sequel to this!

Polarvortex Polarvortex

If you decide to do these again, can you have a Braden Holtby story? Name: Kelly, Premise is that she gives him an X-rated surprise when he gets home from winning the cup in Vegas. Rough and filthy please!

hockeyyy hockeyyy

Can you write a chapter with John Tortorella and any player

Lmarina2000 Lmarina2000

damn that was hot

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

if you are still doing requests

Kris Letang Pittsburgh Penguins to this song http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/elliegoulding/lovemelikeyoudo.html


TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58