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One Shots

Let Them

It started innocently enough: his long fingers resting on her bare knee, discreetly concealed by the white linen table cloth. It was a hot summer’s day, the outdoor wedding now in full swing, and her skin sporting a thin layer of sweat. He used the pads of two of his fingers to lightly swirl in the moisture springing from her knee cap. Despite the heat, she shivered and tried harder to concentrate on the speech being given at the banquet.

Suddenly, Roman’s touch was no longer chaste, but rife with desire and possibility. The warmness of his palm rested on her thigh, just above her knee and then pressed upwards, running along her thigh under her thin cotton dress. When he reached the thickest part of her leg, she reached under the table to encircle his wrist with her hand. Inclining her head, she whispered without looking over at him, “What are you doing?”

His answer came mere inches from her ear, hot and breathy. “Nothing, häsli.”

His hand moving still higher marked him as a lair. Elia clamped down harder on his wrist to again halt his progress, a laugh threatening to explode from her lips. “We are at your best friend’s wedding. You need to give a speech in -”

“Less than a minute. We better hurry, then.”

In spite of the death grip she had on his wrist, his hand moved higher still. Those damn fingers of his drummed on her mound over her panties, but Elia kept her thighs firmly shut. That didn’t mean she was unaffected. Her breathing quickened, her skin flushed even more, and she reached for her water to rinse away the excitement caused dryness of her mouth.

She felt, rather than saw, Roman grin and inch closer. He said nothing, just let his breath fall on her neck, his fingers beating out a slow rhythm on the flat triangle of her pussy. Elia looked to her right, to her left passed Roman, no one was watching, all eyes firmly fixed on the maid of honor currently standing and toasting the bride and groom.

Closing her eyes, Elia relented, widening her thighs just enough for his hand to dip lower, covering her vulva over her thong that was wet and sticky. He wasted no time, creating a V with his fingers and then working them under both edges of her panties until they came together over her clit.

A tiny gasp forced its way from her throat and she finally turned to look at him. “Roman…”

His smile was slick, his eyes sparkling with mischief. He loved this more than he would ever admit, the cad. As if nothing were amiss, he looked away from her eyes and let his fingers go to work.

The causal circles they made had Elia already nearly twitching. She felt her knees widen, welcoming his touch even as her mind was still protesting. He went a little lower, tracing the line of her center until he hit the bottom of her chair and then he rose again.

Her little clit, already so swollen and wet gleefully rose to greet his return. Elia put a hand on the table to steady herself, but when she saw herself forming a fist in tense anticipation, she returned it back under the table, resting it on Roman’s massive thigh.

He flexed under her palm, simply to let her know he loved her attention there. Then, his mouth was back next to her ear as his tortuous fingers went on taking her apart under the table. “Häsli…kiss me.”

“People will notice.”

“Do it anyway.”

Such a simple command she could never resist. She turned her head, their lips met in a sweet kiss until Elia felt her orgasm build to the point of bursting and she bit his lip to keep from screaming. Her thighs came together, trapping his fingers between her lower lips and over her clit where they continued to squirm as much as they could manage.

She was still panting into his open mouth when she heard the applause from the rest of the guests. As if woken from a dream, the two of them pulled it together and started clapping as well. Elia took a steadying breath, looking over at Roman’s smile.

“And now, if we can beg your attention for just a few minutes more, the best man will give a final toast and then we will eat! Roman?”

He stood, brushing a hand down the front of his suit as he did so. A normal gesture, but one that sent Elia grinning like a mad woman when she realized it was the same hand he had just quite inappropriately pleasured her with at the damn table.

He winked at her, sharing her amusement, and then pulled out his notes. “Uh, thank you. Well, what can I say about this guy…”

Roman’s speech was typical: bad jokes, embarrassing stories, well wishes for them both, a lifetime of love and happiness, and so on. Elia more so noticed how everyone reacted to him, listening with rapt attention, laughing when they should have, all eyes admiring him. He was lovely, but also magnanimous, you couldn’t help but notice him when he came into the room. And he was all hers.

They ate, Roman making it look like another round of seduction the way his tongue came out from between his lips, licking a spoon or fork or knife, anything. By the time the cake was finally served, Elia was about ready to take a bite out of Roman if he didn’t knock it off. When he cut a piece of her cake with his fork and then used his fingers to feed it to her, she nearly came out of her skin.

The soft cake crumbled on her tongue and the frosting was just sweet enough. Elia groaned, both from the delicious pastry and from the taste of Roman’s skin when he let his fingers linger along her lips.

She spared a glance across the way and saw James Neal watching with amusement. “Mmm, people are staring.”

He didn’t even bother looking up, just cut another piece and fed it to her. “Let them. It’s a wedding, for God’s sake. Here of all places romantic displays can be forgiven.”

She swallowed down the sweetness and opened her mouth for another taste. “Is that what you’re feeling, romantic?”

“I’m feeling many things for you, my love, romance just one of them.”

He fed her yet another piece and her hand found his thigh. “When can we leave?”

He chuckled quietly. “Not for a long time. I have duties to attend to.”

When she took the next bite of cake from his fingers, she pulled his thumb into her mouth and sucked at it. Roman groaned and removed his hand, quickly replacing it with his own mouth, tasting the sweet frosting still lingering and also Elia’s rising passion.

When she broke from him, she only left an inch between their lips. “Roman…I have duties for you to attend to as well. When? Please.”

His amusement lost, replaced by lust matching hers. “Soon. I promise.” He kissed her again, the cake forgotten.

He was stolen from her soon after, off to organize some silly game or another. She cursed his best man status for making this more a business evening than anything else. Elia did her duty as well, meeting up with the other wives and girlfriends to fawn over the bride and the whole set up, which was admitted quite wonderful.

Finally, the dancing started, which would at least allow her to capture Roman for five minutes at least. She stood on the hardwood floor laid over the grass and under a pale white canopy that was glowing from the candle lit lanterns strung above them. Night had fallen and everywhere outside the cocoon of the wedding was dark and unseen.

Elia’s eyes ran over every face she saw, but none of them were the one she wanted. Starting to get frustrated, she felt an arm snake around her waist and haul her against a warm body. His teasing voice was back against her skin. “Looking for someone?”

She leaned back into him and jokingly replied, “Yeah, maybe a handsome hockey player who actually has time to dance with me unlike my current lover.”

His laugh was genuine as he spun her in his arms, pulling her against him tightly as he repositioned his hands in the appropriate dancing formation. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Why not? I hear Josi’s single, maybe I’ll enjoy a piece of that beautiful Swissman for myself.”

He pulled her a little closer as they started to sway in time with the music. “You heard wrong, his heart is very much taken. A lovely girl, a little vulgar, but she makes him smile like nothing else.”

“Vulgar, he says. The nerve of this man.”

“Mmm, I love it, that filthy little Elia that only I get to see.”

“Hmm, well, when you put it like that…” She rested her head on his shoulder and he used both hands to hold her body against his, one on her back, the other on her hip.

Once again, it started innocently enough, her mouth found the little bit of skin between his shirt collar and jawline. His skin was hot and damp, becoming even more so under her attentions. His hand went lower, grabbing her ass and forcing her hips against his so she could feel what she was doing to him below his belt line.

He heard the little moan so close to his ear and then she was saying, “My God, can we please leave? I want you so much.”

“Not yet, but come on.”

He took her hand, leading her through the crowd of other dancing couples, who luckily were so involved in each other that they hardly noticed them. He jumped down into the grass from the elevated platform that was the dance floor and then held her hips as she leapt down with him.

He had her hand in his again and he was pulling her along as she tried her best to run through the grass in her heels. Giggling, she asked, “Where are we going?”

He turned around just long enough to put a finger against his lips to shush her, then he tugged her behind him. The location of the wedding was a garden assembled to imitate the grandeur of Versailles on a smaller scale, with rolling hills of perfectly sculpted greenery, marble statues, and even a short, simple maze.

This is where he took her, finding his way in the dark, using the light from the party behind them to guide their path. He didn’t want to get lost, so once they rounded the first corner of the high bushes trimmed neatly, he pulled her against him and kissed her.

Her lips smiled against his. “This is where you brought me for this? And you called me vulgar.”

He laughed and broke from her to shed his suit coat. “What are you talking about? A clandestine meeting in a garden, lovers escaping a tedious party to revel in each other instead? That’s pure romance.”

Alright, she thought, that was hard to argue. She simply pulled him closer, kissing him again as his wandering hands found her thighs once more, sliding up the outside of them until he reached her hips and he let her dress bunch up there against his forearms. His long fingers groped back for her ass, digging into her soft skin there as his tongue made her dizzy.

Elia moved her hands between them, started to unbutton his dress shirt quickly. Roman helped, pulling the ends free and then reaching behind her for the zipper of her dress. As he did this, he took advantage of their closeness and kissed along her neck up towards her ear.


He had her dress undone and she peeled it off, letting the slightly cooler evening air caresses her hot skin. He could barely see her form in front of him, all the light from the party perfectly block by the topiary they hid behind. Still he told her as he palmed her hips, sides, and bare breasts, “So beautiful, häsli. You are all I ever want.”

“You too, darling. Please, kiss me.”

He did so, hauling her once more against his gorgeous, thick body. Elia’s hands found his broad shoulders, stroking the soft skin there before forcing the stiff white shirt from his body. His kiss got sloppy when he reached for his belt, the sound of which sent her heart into overdrive and she moaned.

He blew a laugh out his nose and kissed her harder, his needy little Elia. His pants dropped to his ankles and he pushed her panties over her hips before she shoved them off. He lifted her, legs wrapping around his waist as his cock drove instantly home. She cried out in shocked pleasure and then bit her lip to quiet herself.

Roman grunted, coming forward to press her against the maze wall, which did not work as well as he planned. She sunk into the soft leaves and would have fallen straight back had he not had such a strong hold on her.

They starting giggling at each other, interspersed by gasps of delight as his cock was still deep inside her. Elia reach back and pushed her herself up and back closer to Roman. Her hands found a sturdy branch within the bush and she held on, leaning her torso recline back against her arms and jutting her hips forward.

Roman moaned his appreciation for her ingenuity and grabbed her hips, dropping his before thrusting back into her.

“Oh, fuck, Rome…”

“Mmm, yes, häsli.”

With her holding on for dear life, he fucked her there in the dark, the sounds of the party still reaching them, the songs still slow. The whole thing made her feel wild, the rough bush scratching her skin and Roman’s almost feral claiming of her out here in the open as if they were no better than animals.

It made her want to scream, let their wanton sounds echo out into the night until they reached the moon that was just beginning to hover above them. She wanted to make the stars jealous with how brightly they burned they together. And she wanted to feel this treasured and desired forever.

Roman was merely trying not to come too soon. Elia might have been the one begging for this, but he had been hard all day. Rock hard since he saw her come out of their shared bedroom in that light and airy dress practically begging him to rip it off and ravage her where she stood in the kitchen. He had grown even harder feeling her wet slit under the table as he make her come in full view of his closest friends.

Now, he was almost too hard, the skin of his cock pulled so tightly and feeling like it was going to tear against the silky friction of her pussy. Her quiet moans, muffled as her teeth closed on her lips drove him even closer to the brink. He wasn’t going to last, he needed a minute. He tapped her hip with one hand. “Put your legs down.”

She did as he asked, started to question him before he came down and licked through her. Then, she groaned happily and lost her fingers in his tight curls.

Squatting there, his cock still wet from her bobbing between his thighs, he licked at her clit and hooked her thigh over his shoulder. She went back to holding the bush behind her to keep from falling over and he did his best to calm himself. She tasted so good, open from his cock and dripping that sweet arousal just for him.

“Roman, Roman, God, you’re a wonder.”

That undid all the work he had accomplished in trying to tame his cock. Her breathy praise made him even harder and he felt the member twitch between his abs and thigh. He stood up, kissed her rapidly a few brief times and then grabbed her hips to turn her around.

Both of them facing the maze wall, he pulled her hips back and pushed in, sinking into her softness until his pelvis met her ass and then fucking her madly, not an ounce of patience left in him. He braces his hands on her shoulders, making her back arch even more as she pushed ass out and against him.

Elia felt her whole body shake, yet again grabbing whatever piece of the bush could offer some support. She had been close before, his mouth on her pussy had pushed her even closer, and now the feel of his frantic thrusting had her clenching, gasping, and moaning in on time.

His name was nothing put a whisper on her lips as she came, but hers fell out of his mouth as a shout when he filled her. This sent her into another fit of giggles, but Roman could only heave a few breaths and rest his forehead on her shoulder.

He turned her back around, kissing her slowly now. And kept kissing her when he could as they got dressed again. Reassembled, she asked, “You want to go first and then I’ll go a few minutes?”

Roman shook his head and lead her back around the edge of the maze so she could see his smile in the light of the wedding. His hand found hers and they walked back together. As they got closer, Elia told him, “People are staring again.”

Roman shrugged, kissed her cheek. “Let them.”


Bonus Content: Roman being an actual model...


So it would be nice to have a sequel to this!

Polarvortex Polarvortex

If you decide to do these again, can you have a Braden Holtby story? Name: Kelly, Premise is that she gives him an X-rated surprise when he gets home from winning the cup in Vegas. Rough and filthy please!

hockeyyy hockeyyy

Can you write a chapter with John Tortorella and any player

Lmarina2000 Lmarina2000

damn that was hot

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

if you are still doing requests

Kris Letang Pittsburgh Penguins to this song http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/elliegoulding/lovemelikeyoudo.html


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