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One Shots

Mon Amour

(FYI, I don’t mention it, but I always imagine Claude with his missing tooth because I think he looks super innocent without it and I like the idea of this sweet little ginger being nasty as fuck. That being said, picture him however you like.)

He had one hand wrapped around my throat, the other pressing his palm against my pussy over my cocktail dress. My own hands clutched at the folds of his suit coat as I panted under his gaze, just waiting, trying to recover from the kiss he had just administered that had me feeling nearly faint.

His voice was deep, his smile one-sided and playful. “Avez-vous faim?”

Despite the length of time we had been together, I had still never bother to learn French and I think half the time he babbled at me in the language only because he knew how much it turned me on. My lust addled brain tried to piece together what he was asking, but all I could think about his hard body pressed against mine, the murmur of the crowd just beyond the thin wall of the coat check room where we currently hiding out, the heat of his eyes, the wetness between my thighs. I licked my lips and Claude just watched, smiling again.

Tisking sweetly at my lack of response he then said, “Oh, oui, mon petit chéri a faim, je pense.”

“G…you know I love it when you go on French, but have no fucking idea what you’re saying.”

He chuckled knowingly and as usual the sound made my knees weak. He brought both hands to my throat now, squeezing gently. His lips came against my ear. “I said I think my little darling is hungry. Ravenous, in fact, oui?”

A tiny whimper escaped my lips when his tongue flicked against my earlobe. I felt my throat struggling to expand under his palms and the denial of a full breath had my pussy pulsating with arousal. I told him quietly, piecing together my agreement with a terrible accent, “Oui, j'ai faim.”

“Mmm, laissez-moi vous nourrir. Let me feed you, mon coeur.”

His lips touched mine tenderly at first, his tongue slowly parting my lips as if we had all day to get this done and it took everything in me not to moan out loud. It was the Flyers Casino Night and we both should have been somewhere else, anywhere but buried in the back of the coat room making out and feeling each other up. Yet the thought of mingling with the other wives and girlfriends paled in comparison to being manhandled by my beautiful ginger man at the most inappropriate time and place imaginable.

He kept his mouth working mine as his hands came down to unbutton his suit pants and free his cock. Whispering against my mouth he said, “Goûte moi.”

This one I recognized and I pressed one last kiss against his lips before sinking to my knees. That lovely cock of his extending from a mass of reddish blond curls was flushed pink and throbbing with blood. Licking up his shaft I felt his hand come to rest delicately on the back of my head and I spared a thought of gratitude that he had enough wherewithal not to muss my hair up too much.

The saltiness of his precome spread across my tongue as I licked and sucked the tip of his cock between my lips, humming around his hardness, loving the taste of him. With his cock halfway down my throat I heard him groaning softly and he pressed his hips forward.

The linoleum was harsh and unforgiving on my bare knees, but the fullness of him in my mouth and his increasingly heavy breaths made it worth it. He cupped my jaw with one hand and thrust his hips against my face a few quick times before he gently pushed me back.

“C'est assez, assez.”

Knees even more wobbly, I stood in front of him and this time his kiss was desperate, demanding. My back was returned against the wall and he slipped one bulky thigh between mine, shoving my dress up as he went. When my pussy covered by a thin piece of lace came in contact with the expensive wool of his trousers, I did let out a breathy moan after breaking my lips away from his.

I caught myself, remembering where we were, and bit my lip, trying to prevent any other unauthorized sounds from escaping. Claude simply smiled and rubbed his thigh against my dripping pussy. His tone was soft, admiring. “Tellement chaud, tellement belle.”

Grinding my hips down I told him, “I only got beautiful out of that.”

His hands cupped my face, thumbs stroking my cheeks. “Your pussy is so hot, you’re so beautiful. The other women must hate when I bring you to these things. They can never compare to you.”

“G…thank you, but speaking of, not that I’m not enjoying this…”

“You think we need to go.”

“I know we need to go. Don’t you think?”

“You make it hard for me to think about anything but pleasing you, mon coeur. Very, very hard.”

He pushed his thigh further between my legs and his raging erection rubbed against my mound. I let out two quick breaths as I reached down. His pants were still undone, his cock exposed and suddenly I also found it very hard to care about anything other than pleasing him, least of all keeping up appearances.

Claude had started to pant right along with me when I gave him a few tugs. I told him, “You better make it fast, because I’m not gonna last and someone is bound to come looking for you soon.”

He nodded. “Bien sûr…naturally.” In a hurry now, he pulled his thigh free and pushed my dress up around my waist. Before I could help, he had my panties off and faster than you can say ‘totally inappropriate’ he hooked one leg over his forearm and shoved his cock inside.

I forgot myself and as I felt my body stretch around him I practically shouted, “My God!”

Claude was almost bursting with laughter. “Shh shh shh shh shh, s'il vous plaît être tranquille. You’re going to get us caught.”

“Sorry, sorry. Oh, God…G…”

He returned to what had started this, a painfully erotic kiss that set my blood boiling even more. His hips worked quickly, but smoothly, pressing his cock deep and then dragging it along my walls until he nearly slipped out, then beginning all over again.

Hooking my knee over his hip, he kept fucking me and I found the strength to hold my leg up and against him so my pussy remained open, my hips wide enough to hold him. Claude grabbed both my hands in his, interlocking our fingers and elevating them until my arms were straight, the backs of my hands being pushed against the wall. He thrust his tongue between my lips in time with the pumping of his cock in my pussy.

With each thrust, my bare ass hit the cold surface of the closet wall and between that and the chilled air, I felt goosebumps rise on every inch of my skin, which contrasted so sharply to the heat radiating from between our bodies.

I was so close already; I had been close before he even started fucking me, but as he released my hands and wrapped his fingers around my throat again, I nearly exploded. When I went to yell again, his mouth covered mine, swallowing down the sound as he kissed even more of my breath away.

My hips started bucking against his, my pussy clenching and pulling him deeper. When I gave him a little twist, his mouth came away from mine gasping. I could barely breathe and just as I was feeling actually faint, his hands eased back. He always did know just what I needed.

His forehead resting on mine, his hips sped up even more and in between breaths huffed out an inch from my lips, he murmured to me in French. It was a mess of nothingness, “Parfait…mon petite chérie…délicieux…ne me quittes jamais.” I understood none of it, but that hardly mattered. His voice, that accent, the sentimentality of it all, his hard cock working so well within my folds, it sent me spiraling, spinning out of control until I gasped out his name.

As I came, his kept one hand around my throat, the other covered my mouth as I whined against his palm. My eyes squeezed shut and I felt my entire body shudder and then still. He must have come along with me, but I didn’t even notice, momentarily lost to my own bliss.

Claude held himself up with both hands against the wall on either side of my head. When I finally opened my eyes, he was grinning like fool and then kissing me while tugging my dress back down.

When he backed away and started tucking in his shirt and buttoning his pants, I immediately thought of my hair that was now officially ruined. I gave him a stern look, but he just laughed. Shooing my hands away, he pulled out the few bobby pins that had held strong and shook out my now wavy locks. “You look better with your hair down anyway.”

“I’m sure I also look like I just got fucked in a coat room.”

He considered me for a moment and agreed. “Well…yeah, you do.”

I smacked his chest and went to hit him again when he grabbed my hand to kiss my knuckles. I asked him, “What did you say, right before I came?”

He kissed my knuckles again as he looked at me through heavy eyelids. After he released my hand he gathered my hair to one side of my neck, stroking the now exposed side with his fingertips, his eyes fixed on mine. “I asked that you never leave me.”

My smile felt so electric it could have powered the entire city of Philadelphia. “You’re getting sappy in your old age, G. I like it.”

He took hold of my hand and pressed a soft kiss on the back of it before he started to lead us back to the party. I stopped him at the door. “Wait, where are my panties?”

I was treated to another sly smirk as he pulled them out of his pocket for just a moment before shoving them back in. “You can have them later. I want to see you making small talk while I think about your bare pussy catching a breeze under your dress.”

I fought back laughter and told him quietly as we walked down the hall together, “You can only say nasty shit like that to me in French.”

“Mmm, alright, my little darling. Vous pouvez les avoir -”

“Not now, G, you don’t have enough time to fuck me again and if you keep talking like that I’m going to make you.”

As Wayne Simmonds came hustling toward us looking annoyed, Claude, now fully resigned to returning to his duties, pressed a kiss to my cheek and whispered, “Then I’ll tell you at home, mon amour.”

I returned the kiss on his prickly cheek. “Yes, my love, at home.”


@amr10299 requested some Flyers and I have a mad lady boner for Giroux speaking French, plus I have million things to do this week that I don't want to do and I procrastinate with porn, so here we are.


So it would be nice to have a sequel to this!

Polarvortex Polarvortex

If you decide to do these again, can you have a Braden Holtby story? Name: Kelly, Premise is that she gives him an X-rated surprise when he gets home from winning the cup in Vegas. Rough and filthy please!

hockeyyy hockeyyy

Can you write a chapter with John Tortorella and any player

Lmarina2000 Lmarina2000

damn that was hot

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

if you are still doing requests

Kris Letang Pittsburgh Penguins to this song http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/elliegoulding/lovemelikeyoudo.html


TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58