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One Shots

Nice to Meet You

It was rare for Antoine to go to a bar after a game, but this particular night he had felt it was necessary. Not only did his team suffer a loss to the divisional rival Blackhawks, but he had been ejected for a game misconduct penalty in the second, an unnecessary call that was still irking him. To add to his annoyance, he then had to contend with some wannabe biker douche bag incessantly hitting on a woman a few stools over.

He listened to her politely refuse him several times and as he was finishing his drink, he happened to glance over just in time to see the rotund, leather clad man wind up and smack the woman across the face, sending her towards the bar.

Antoine, already agitated and almost grateful for another opportunity to fight, stood up quickly with plans to pummel the man senseless. However, the woman beat him to the punch, literally, as she pushed off the bar and landed a clean right jab followed by a stinging left hook that sent the man who outweighed her by about a hundred pounds tumbling to the floor where he stayed, knocked clear out cold. Only a few other patrons looked over as this was the sort of place where fist fights were the norm.

Alright, now he was impressed and his eyebrows shot up to reflect this. When he ran his eyes down her body that was heaving from adrenaline fueled breaths he was even more intrigued. In flats she was probably only an inch or two shorter than him, skinny trousers and blousy top read office day job. Her dark hair bounced around her shoulders in big waves, her pale brown eyes were intense, her lips plump and kissable and now being wiped with a napkin to remove the blood the oaf had drawn. She was average looking and had he caught sight of her anywhere else he would have hardly noticed her, but after this display, there was no question that he had to speak to her.

A few other men came to haul the downed man away and she was shaking out her left hand when he stepped towards her. “You throw a solid left hook.”

At first, she glared at him as if he would be the next man she punched, but in a split second, she changed her mind and a cool smile spread across her face. “And you have a thick French accent. Do you wanna keep playing the state the obvious game or are you going to offer to buy me a drink?”

Oh yeah, he liked this woman already. So, he sat down, ordered them drinks, and asked her name. “Flora, most people call me Lora.”

“Hmm, I like Flora better. Better still, flore or fleur.”

She met his grin with one of her own and then started laughing uncontrollably. She was laughing so hard that she was nearly choking on her breath. She waved the tears away and finally said, “I’m sorry, ha! God, is that how it normally works? You say a few words in French and women start throwing their soaked panties at you?”

Well, actually yes, but he couldn’t say that, so he lied. “I wasn’t trying to impress you.”

“Sure you weren’t.”

She wasn’t buying it, so he told her a truth, leaning forward as he spoke. “I really just wanted you to know what I’m going to call you after you come while screaming my name.”

Flora surveyed him and took a breath that shuddered through her lungs and tugged at her whole body. Even she had to admit that those words in that accent with his narrow, fierce eyes on her was pretty hot. She swallowed hard and said, “You haven’t even told me your name yet.”

“Maybe I won’t tell you until you’re about to come.”

Ok, now that was really fucking hot. Flora shifted in her seat and when the bartender set down their drinks, she finished hers immediately with a few massive gulps. He watched her intently with a smile plastered to his face and sipped his own drink slowly. She folded her arms and leaned back. “Alright, I’ll admit you’ve piqued my interest. Keep your name to yourself for now, but what do you do?”

“I play hockey.”

“Stars?” She pointed to his blackening eye. “And is that where you got the shiner?”

He nodded to answer both her questions and asked, “You follow us?”

“Not really, I check the scores every once and awhile, but that’s about it.”

“Hmm, good, then you still won’t know my name. Tell me where you learned to throw a punch like that.”

“Army brat, my sergeant father dominated the boxing program and taught me everything he knew starting when I was five.”

“Boys on the playground must have loved you. Where were you born?”

“Colorado Springs. You?”

“Roubaix, in France. You like cats?”

“They’re ok in my book, but I’ve never had one. You always pick up women in bars after they’ve been in fist fights?”

“Never. Spurs, Mavericks, or Rockets?”

“Spurs, Tim Duncan’s my favorite player though Kawhi Leonard is making a good case for himself.”

Antoine grinned, loving her answer, and pointed to himself. “Tony Parker.”

She chuckled softly. “Naturally, he’s French. Favorite city you’ve visited?”

“Rome. City you’d like to visit?”


“Good choice, it’s beautiful.”

“Alright, mystery man, tell me something no one knows about you.”

“I talk to my cat all the time in Dutch.”

A giggle threatened in her throat. “Why Dutch?”

“Because he doesn’t understand English or French.”

Flora now laughed loudly and Antoine joined her. It was rare to find a woman who could keep up with his repartee, let alone laugh at his admittedly dry sense of humor. He put his hand on her knee, delicately at first and then more firmly when she consented with her eye contact. He said quietly, “Tell me a fantasy you have.”

Flora took a breath that was partly to steady herself and partly to capture his lovely scent. She responded, “A gorgeous, yet rough around the edges Frenchman flirting with me in a bar and then fucking me senseless.”

“Leuk je te ontmoeten.”


“Leuk je te ontmoeten. That means ‘nice to meet you’ in Dutch, so you know how to greet my cat. Grab your coat.”

Twenty minutes later she said “Hallo” and “Leuk je te ontmoeten” to his cat when they entered his apartment in downtown Dallas. The open-concept living room was home to a circular grouping of simply designed furniture, but it was the floor to ceiling windows that extended across the far wall that caught Flora’s eye.

She left Antoine in the kitchen to feed the cat and went to look out over the city that was brightly light and still vibrant even at such a late hour. She felt him step up behind her, pressing his body only sightly against hers and grabbing her hands before positioning them with palms against the cold glass of the window. That done, he held her by the hips and rested his chin on her shoulder.

His lips made minimal contact with the side of her neck and she leaned towards the contact. “You have a very nice view of my office.”

“Which one?” Flora pointed out the building and indicated the darkened window that belonged to her. “Small world. What is your job?”

“Hedge fund manager.”

“Sexy, smart, know how throw a punch, anything you can’t do?”

“I’m a really bad bowler.”

She felt his lips smile against her neck as he paused to kiss her again. “Stupid American sport anyway.”

“As an American I should be offended.”


“But…” She pressed her hips back against his, feeling the pressure of his erection even harder against her ass. “You’re pretty distracting right now.”

“Mmm, you are as well, my sweet.” Antoine dragged his hands over her torso and then down her arms until his hands were covering hers on the window. All the while his open mouth worked along the skin of her neck, his nose nuzzling her behind the ears. When he stroked his thumb along the reddened knuckles of her left hand, Flora let out a breathless moan. Something about this rough and tumble hockey player paying such delicate attention to her own battle sores was incredible erotic and it was turning her on even more than she had been.

She started to pump her hips slightly back against his body as Antoine groaned in her ear at the sensation and then told her, “Don’t move.”

He released his hold on her hands and went about slowly and methodically undressing her, first couching down to remove her shoes and kiss her ankles. Next, the dress pants that he unbuttoned while kneeling in front of her and then peeled over her ass and down her legs. Her thong went next and with her hands still on the window Flora looked down and watched him admire her pussy that she could practically feel giving off humid heat.

He stood now and pushed her arms until they were straight up in the air before pulling off her blouse. That done, he stepped behind her to undo and remove her bra. He put her hands back against the window and then ran his palms down the sides of her now naked form that was made of feminine curves and silky soft skin.

Antoine wrapped one arm around her midsection to hold her body against his and used the other to toy with her breasts, drawing patterns with his fingertips and then squeezing her nipples until she gasped. Flora felt her heart nearly beating out of her chest and had he not been holding her up, she would have fallen to the floor as her knees were trembling.

The apartment was otherwise silent and the only noise to be heard was her heavy breathing and the faint sound of his hand on her skin. When he kissed at her neck again, she said to him, “You still haven't told me your name.”

This drew a slight laugh from him and he now put both palms flat on her stomach and caressed them down until they burrowed between her thighs, which she immediately widened for him. He whispered back, “Are you about to come?”

Christ Almighty, she practically was. His gentle touches, the feel of his warm and still clothed body against her naked form, watching all this in their reflection in the window, and his talented mouth on her, all this before he had decided to even touch her pussy or put his lips on hers had her going out of her mind. She responded, “Almost, a flick of your wrist and I’ll be done.”

He answered by cupping her pussy with one hand while squeezing her inner thigh with the other. “Almost…not quite. Come to bed, I want to see my sweet flower bloom open for me.”

In his room, Antoine stripped out off his suit until he was left in his boxer briefs and then he had her sprawled out on his massive bed, thighs spread wide as he nestled between them. Her head rested on a pillow so she could see every move he made and he continued his delicate touching that brought her body to life.

He gripped her inner thighs with both hands and then moved higher, leaving his palms against her legs as he used his thumbs to peel her outer lips apart. Flora knew she was incredibly wet for him and the sight of it made his mouth water. But he held himself back, simply stroking the inner fold of her lips with his thumbs and watching her reactions.

Flora tried to keep her eyes on him, but it was too much and she eventually closed them, losing herself in the faint stimulation he offered. When he inched his thumbs further, closer to her entrance, she whined a little and grasped the comforter in both her fists while trying to keep her hips still.

His voice came out soft, but demanding. “That’s right, open for me, let me see you blossom. Ces beaux pétales épais.” He tisked and then swore in French before continuing, “Right, no French for my jaded American, but your thick, beautiful petals here are just so lovely.”

Flora nearly choked out her words she was so anxious to please him. “Don’t…don’t stop. The French…it’s fine.”

Antoine’s face broke out in a delighted smile and he reward her by running his thumbs around the edge of her entrance without delving deeper. “Bonne fille, such a good girl, but I like that you’re not impressed by my language. It gives me a chance to win you over with my body. Are you going to come for me? Right now?”

“Yes, very soon. Your name?”

“Not quite, I don’t think, not yet.” With her pussy flexing and widening more and more every second, Antoine easily slipped both thumbs inside her. Flora arched off the bed, moved her hips down to try and get more of him to go deeper, but he resisted.

He grunted a little in amusement and said, “So greedy. Is this not enough?”

“No, please.”

“You want my cock?”

“God, yes.”

With his fingers resting on her mound he pumped both thumbs in and out of her several times, purposefully staying shallow and avoiding her clit with the rest of his hands. “Tell me.”

“Fuck, I want your cock, so bad.” Her breaths came in shorter and shorter gasps and she was writhing almost uncontrollably off the bed. Antoine knew she was close, so close now.

Moving his fingers out of the way he kept fucking her with his thumbs and then dragged his tongue over her clit, just once. She sobbed out a moan. “Are you going to come?”

“Yes, yes, please.”

He licked her again, twice. “Are you ready to scream for me?”

“Yes! God, yes!”

“Just before you come, ask me.” His mouth returned to her clit laving at the nub and drawing her sweet juices into his mouth. His thumbs kept at it for a while, but eventually he used two fingers instead.

She was so wound up, it didn’t take long for her be ready to come. Flora groaned, let out a gasping breath, then another. She arched off the bed and barely louder than a whisper, trying to hold herself back for one more second in order to hear his answer, she asked, “Your name? Please.”

Hardly lifting his mouth from her cunt, he answered, “Antoine.”

When he licked her again, she came, screaming out his name over and over in time with his lapping tongue. When she was done, her entire body felt sore from the tension she had been holding in through his seduction. But what a seduction it had been. Close to passing out, she laid there and let him come to her, laying at her side and then finally, kissing her lips for the first time.

Flora stroked her hand down his smooth chest until it landed on his cock. “Antoine.”


“You’re good. You’re really good.”

“I haven’t even fucked you yet.”

“I know, that’s probably going to kill me.”

Antoine hummed his agreement and languidly dragged his fingers across her skin. When he met her still hazing looking eyes he asked, “Comment voulez-vous me prendre?” He tisked again when he caught himself. “Sorry, it’s a habit to speak French to my lovers. How do you want to take me?”

Her first thought was “often,” and her brain made her mouth issue a simple, “Yes.” She elaborated when he smiled at her. “Anyway, however you’d like.”

“Roll onto your stomach, let’s start there.”

As she did as he asked, Antoine pulled off his boxer briefs before mounting her, straddling one of her thighs as she bent the other leg at the knee to open herself for him. When she felt his cock butt up against her entrance, she instinctively lifted her ass to facilitate him. He pressed into her slowly, filling her inch by inch as she pressed back against him, her mouth hanging open with her cheek against the bed.

When he started to fuck her, Flora saw stars, her vision blurring slightly as her body adjusted to and enjoyed his width. His hips worked steadily, slowly and he laid down on top of her, holding himself up with massive, flexing biceps, his sweaty chest against her back, his mouth kissing her upper back and neck. “Is my cock everything you hoped for?”

Her voice was soft, in awe of him. “Yes, yes, so much more. Feels so good, Antoine.”

“Mmm, I don’t know what’s better, you whispering my name or screaming it.”

“I’m sure you’ll have me screaming again.”

“Of that I have no doubt.”

He sat up, grabbed her hips, and thrust deeply at his unshakably smooth pace. He forced her hips higher and adjusting just a fraction of an inch started fucking her in such a way that made her entire body feel like it was quivering for release. Her voice was slightly higher pitched when she told him, “Fuck yeah, yeah, just like that. Jesus Christ.”

He let her enjoy this for a several minutes and when he felt her getting close he pulled back, pressed her hips flat against the bed, and then nestled between her spread thighs as he thrust in again, the pressure in her body subsiding. “Not yet, not quite, my sweet flower.” His arms planking his body over hers, his voice was back in her ear, his skin heating hers. “I don’t want you to come until you feel like you’re going to die without it.”

She turned her head to one side to eye him behind her. “That’s just mean, Antoine.”

With a small laugh, he kissed her cheek. “Trust me, I’ll make you come so hard you’ll be begging me to do it again. Now, relax and let me enjoy the way you feel, so soft…so wet for me.”

With his bulk hold her down, Flora had no choice but to lie there and let him almost systematically fuck her, pulling back just when she close to the edge, letting her body reset only to build her back up again. He was a master of sensations, giving her just enough and then not enough, too much, and then too little.

It was frustrating and yet so amazingly wonderful at the same time. Eventually, she gave up trying to fight anything and let the man work, which he did so well, adjusting them every few minutes, speeding up before returning to a leisurely pace, kissing and stroking her skin. She trusted him to guide her towards what she now had reason to believe would be the most incredible orgasm of her life.

When he knew she was ready, Antoine pulled her hips up again and sped up slightly. Bending over her, he turned her face back towards his to kiss her deeply. Then he pressed two fingers into her mouth, which she licked and sucked for him.

When he sat back up, Flora felt him circle her puckered hole with the wet digits and she immediately tensed up. “Antoine, I’ve never -”

His voice was soothing, reassuring. “Shh, relax and bloom for me. I promise it will change your world.” Flora nodded and tried to relax her body. He brought his mouth against her ear once more and his hips stilled. “If it does not make you feel like you’re floating away into a sea of bliss, just tell me to to stop, yes? I’ve brought you this far, let me finish you.”
Something about him, even though they had just met, made Flora trust him implicitly. “Yes, yes, please, finish me.”

Sliding his fingers back in her mouth he said, “Good girl.” He sat back up and just as he thrust into her again, he slipped one finger into her ass. And it was…good.

“Ugh, fuck. Antoine…”

He felt her clenching around both his cock and the finger wedged tightly in her other hole. “Yes, relax, relax.”

Flora took a deep breath, forced her muscles to release and allow more of him to move inside her. His cock in her pussy sped up and he worked the finger out, only to press again with two this time. As she moan and writhed against the bed, her rounded ass rubbing his pelvis, Antoine let her adjust to his fingers.

When she loosened and relaxed, he pulled his cock out as his fingers moved deeper into her ass and then pulled his fingers out as his cock surged forward.

Flora whimpered and thought that she was right, she was going to die from the pleasure of this. “Antoine…so good, so, so good.”

He saw and felt her bliss, but he teasingly asked, “You don’t want me to stop?”

“Fuck, no, please no. Fuck…”

“Tell me.”

“Please keep fucking me, please keep fucking my ass.”

He kept it up, alternating which hole he filled at a perfect rhythm that her hips rose and fell to. He asked sweetly, “You want my cock in your ass?”

She answered wantonly, “Yes, yes, I would.”

“Tell me.”

“God, I want your cock in my ass, please, Antoine.”

“Later, right now, I want to hear you scream again.”

He worked faster, harder, deeper, until Flora was panting uncontrollably and barely able to form a thought. She had no words, no sound forming on her tongue except his name that she screamed. She started to come, bucking wildly and being driven mad by the dual sensations happening below her waist. Never could she have imagined it could be this good and it made her understand how it truly felt to be filled.

And she kept coming from it, wave upon wave of pleasure that started in both her pussy and ass and that radiated under every inch of her skin and that made her scream until she felt she must surely sound like feral animal instead of a women. And still it kept coming, for what felt like hours.

Just before she finished, she felt him start to come inside her pussy and when he finished, she felt her entire world go black as she passed out.

When she woke a while later, Antoine had one arm holding her to his side as he twirled a piece of her hair around a finger with his free hand. His eyes were closed and he was singing to her softly, in French, and for the first time to her ear, the language sounded beautiful, rather than pretentious.

When he felt her shift, he looked into her eyes and smiled. “Hallo.”

“Antoine…Jesus. Will you do that again?”

“So you enjoyed yourself?”

Flora scoffed. “I fucking passed I came so hard. You are…really intense.”

“Thank you. And you are incredibly sexy. And I’d be happy to make that come hard again.” When Flora immediately and happily started to turn over, he stopped her. “I can do it in so many different ways, let me try something new. Trust me.”

With a smile, she let him do as he pleased and he was true to his word, her next orgasm was as good as the first, maybe even better.



So it would be nice to have a sequel to this!

Polarvortex Polarvortex

If you decide to do these again, can you have a Braden Holtby story? Name: Kelly, Premise is that she gives him an X-rated surprise when he gets home from winning the cup in Vegas. Rough and filthy please!

hockeyyy hockeyyy

Can you write a chapter with John Tortorella and any player

Lmarina2000 Lmarina2000

damn that was hot

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if you are still doing requests

Kris Letang Pittsburgh Penguins to this song http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/elliegoulding/lovemelikeyoudo.html


TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58