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This is bad, right?

“What do you mean we're in 1949?” Tuukka asked.
“I mean that we somehow got sent back 67 years,” Corey snapped.
“But...how?” Carey asked.
“Well, that's up for debate,” Petr said.
“Why Toronto. What the hell happened in Toronto 67 years ago?” Henrik asked.
“Why March 29?”

“Are you gentlemen lost?” A man asked coming up to group the goalies.
“You must be from Boston, they never knew how to take a loss.”
“I take offense to that,” Tuukka muttered.

After much talking to the man the group of goalies found two rooms in a nearby hotel where they could stay. At least until they figured everything out, which hopefully would be soon. There was just one thing that wasn't sitting well with Carey.

“Guys, something doesn't seem to add up,” he said. Carey was currently sitting on one of the two beds that occupied the room he was sharing with Jonathan and Corey.
“What, Pricer?” Corey asked, struggling to get comfortable on the bed of pillows on the floor.
“Mostly how all six of us we transported back to 1949 Toronto, but also my mom always told me this storming growing up.”
“What?” Jonathan asked, tossing Corey another pillow.
“Basically is was about this man you had the ability to travel through time and change the past. He would be able to change one thing, one monumental event that altered the future and make it better. What if us being put here is like in that story, we are suppose to change something.”
“That's ridiculous Price, that's just a tall tale,” Jonathan said.
“Yeah Carey, don't scare yourself too much.”
“I guess you guys are right.”

What Carey didn't know was that Petr was having those same thoughts, he just didn't bring them up to Henrik and Tuukka. His mom also told him stories about a hero that could travel back in time and change the future.

The difference between the hero in his mother's stories and Petr was that the hero knew why he was back there. He already knew what he was going to change and it all made perfect sense. Petr on the other hand didn't have a clue as to why the six of them landed in 1949 Toronto.

No one had any clue as to why the six of them, and just the six of them they think, were placed in this time period. Three of the group were from Europe, which didn’t help to explain why they were in Toronto.

It only confused everyone even more.

“Guys,” Tuukka broke the silence.
“This is bad, right?”
“No shit sherlock.”



All right, let's kick some ass

Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran

Wow, that sounds awesome. Can't wait to read more

Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran

Thank you. I look most of it up once I get an idea

PuckLuck PuckLuck

Wow, that is awesome. You really know your hockey history.

Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran

*fangirls for some awkward reason*
I'm not the only one who wrote about him, omg omg omg!! 8,)
I love how you included the founder of the NHL in here, it's amazing! Enjoying this story so far, can't wait to see why Gorman brought these goalies to 1949! :)

A Shruinger A Shruinger