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A Shruinger

A Shruinger

A Shruinger

An inspirational quote by my favourite historical figure, Sir Winston Churchill ^^^
Also, the design is inspired by Five Second Of Summer's new album cover "Youngblood"
Featuring Nolan Patrick and Carter Hart, a few of my favs of '98 *thumbs up*
I'm not a Flyers' fan. Just a 98ers fan.
I'm actually more of a Pens fan. But I'm actually, truly a Sharks fan.
Wow, this is a load of confusion.

Hello, fellow citizen!

I see that you had stumbled upon my account! Good pick, I should say! I applaud for your choice *claps*

So you want to know a bit about me? Sure, I don't mind telling a bit about myself! I mean, who doesn't mind talking about themselves, hahaa--

I write. Of course, I do, that's why I'm on here. I've been writing since 2010. Oh, and I read too! And draw! And compose songs!

I am a massive hockey fan. In passion, that is. You will find me loyally rooting for the Sharks, my favourite team I will always be loyal to until I fall off the face of this earth from too much fangirling. I also have soft, oh-so soft spots for the Flyers, Ducks, Coyotes, Maple Leafs, and Penguins. I will only tolerate two guys in particular from the Flyers.

I also do play hockey, ice hockey that is. I'm a backup goalie for my league at the moment.

I am open to other hockey leagues too, as you will notice if you read my newest stories: AHL, ECHL, NWHL (#ForTheGame atm tho), and CHL (mainly WHL). I am obsessed with my year of hockey players at the moment, so don't mind me as I write about them for the 1000th time...

I also like other sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer... You will find writings about those in some of my stories!

My icon is a relatable picture of Carter Hart, prince of funny faces! #FunnyFacesForLife

It would be a great idea to tell you what to expect from my stories. Well, first off, expect fiction. I only write fiction; the closest I get with non-fiction is real fiction and the wonderful hockeyfanfiction.com guide. Fiction is my cup of tea.

I actually do like tea.

Fiction includes science fiction, fantasy, animation, action, adventure, and some romance and drama.

If you were looking for a romance story of an OC and your favourite hockey player or an imagine of you and your favourite hockey player, you have come to the wrong place.

If you were looking for a romance story between any 98er and me, you have come to the wrong place.

If you were looking for a story about hockey players turning into cats, you have come to the right place!

Yes, turning hockey players into cats is my specialty. *sips on ginger tea*

As you read my stories, you might find some errors. This is a sign that I am human. A good sign, right? Well, if you do come across these pesky mistakes, please comment about them. I will get back with you and fix them up with a grateful thanks.

I also do accept requests for my collection of mini stories. If you want me to write about you and your one and only, come back later and try again.

Everything you do is swapped for a piece of your life (that is called a "trade-off" for you economists). Including writing. With that said, I take hours from my busy schedule to write just for you! Please take this into consideration while reading and not take any of my ideas without my permission.

I accept constructive criticism, not hate. There is a line between the two. I know you're smart enough to distinguish the differences between the two.

If you want to have a small chat about how to T-push, the similarities between Nolan Patrick and Joseph Cramarossa, or really anything, do not hesitate to comment on any of my stories or private message (PM) me. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I believe that is all! Have a lovely time reading my stories! If that's what you plan on doing. Well, I hope you had a lovely time reading my profile description. Pleased to meet you!

Stay this awesome, okay?
-Katt :)

Story I am working on at the moment: Who Framed Carter Hart
-updating every Saturday 7-11pm PST

Watch the 2017-18 NHL season pump-up video made by @lazyisscoreee and me!

NHL Goalies that are in my stories:
-Jonathan Bernier (Jo)
-Sergei Bobrovsky (Bob)
-Martin Brodeur (Marty)
-Ben Bishop
-Corey Crawford (Crow)
-Marc-André Fleury (The Flower) I put him in my stories as "Fleury"
-Jonas Hiller (Hillsy)
-Jonas Gustavsson
-Jimmy Howard (Howie)
-Carter Hutton (Hutts)
-Kari Lehtonen
-Henrik Lundqvist (Hank)
-Roberto Luongo
-Ryan Miller
-Antti Niemi (Nemo)
-Carey Price (Pricer
-Jonathan Quick (Jonny)
-Tuukka Rask (Tuuks)
-Pekka Rinne (Peks)
-Tomáš Vokoun I put him in my stories as "Vokoun"
-Cam Ward (The Warden)

NHL Skaters that are in my stories:
-Beau Bennett
-Jeff Carter
-Sidney Crosby (Sid [the Kid])
-Drew Doughty
-Alex Galchenyuk (Chucky)
-Claude Giroux (G) I put him in my early stories as "Giroux"
-Roman Josi
-Patrick Kane (Kaner)
-Tyler Kennedy
-Ryan Kesler (KesBoss)
-Anže Kopitar (Kopi, The Raccoon)
-Chris Kunitz
-Hampus Lindhom (Hampu)
-Olli Määttä
-Nathan MacKinnon
-Evgeni Malkin (Geno)
-Connor McDavid (M'David)
-Brad Marchand (The Honey Badger)
-Patrick Marleau
-Auston Matthews
-James Neal (Lazy)
-Alex Ovechkin
-Rickard Rakell (Ricky, Rik Rak)
-Andrew Shaw
-Steven Stamkos (Stammer)
-John Tavares (JT)
-Jonathan Toews (Tazer)
-Shea Weber
-Nikita Zadorov

AHL/ECHL Players that are in my stories (from 2015-16):
-Stu Bickel (Pickle Stew)
-Joseph Cramarossa (Joey, Cram, Crammer, Cramberry)
-Reid Duke (Duke Reid, Duker)
-Ryan Faragher (Fedz)
-Max Friberg (Maxi)
-John Gibson (Gibs)
-Matt Hackett (Matty Hack, Hack, Hacker)
-Ryan Haggerty
-Anton Khudobin
-Slater Koekkoek
-Kalle Kossila
-Jaycob Megna
-Curtis McKenzie
-Michael Mersch
-Brandon Montour (Monty, Monty Muffins)
-Bryan Moore (Mooresy)
-Stefan Noesen
-Joe Piskula
-Nick Ritchie (Ritch, Big Ritch)
-Dylan Strome
-Shea Theodore
-Dustin Tokarski (Tikker, Dece)
-Corey Tropp (Troppster)
-Harry Zolnierczky (Harry Z)

98ers that are in my stories:
-Jake Bean (Beaner)
-Connor Bunnamann
-Kale Clague (Claguer, Kale Chips)
-Dante Fabbro
-Carter Hart (Hartsy, Carts)
-Brett Howden (Howdy)
-Tanner Kaspick
-Jack Kopacka (Packs)
-Casey Mittelstadt (Mittens)
-Jake Oettinger (Jake Dog)
-Nolan Patrick (Pat, Doctor Pat)
-Matteo Pietroniro
-German Rubtsov (Rubtsy)
-Stuart Skinner (Skipy)
-Jeremy Swayman (Sway Baby, JSway, Brick Wall)
-Kailer Yamamoto (K-swizzy, Yamma Mamma, Yams, Yammer)

Collegiate Players that are in my stories:
-Michael Cramarossa (Mikey, Wild Mike)
-Sam Ehlinger
-Maddie Rooney
-Logan Thompson (LT)

Women Hockey Players that are in my stories:
-Hannah Brandt
-Dru Burns
-Julie Chu
-Katie Fitzgerald (Fitz)
-Erica Howe
-Hilary Knight (Knighter)
-Emily Pfalzer (Pfalzy)
-Natalie Spooner
-Nicole Stock
-Claudia Telléz
-Jessica Vetter

Football Players that are in my stories:
-Tom Brady I put him in my story as "Brady"
-Drew Brees
-Victor Cruz
-Jay Cutler
-Joe Flacco
-Colin Kaepernick
-Andrew Luck
-Peyton Manning
-Philip Rivers
-Tony Romo
-Michael Vick

Baseball Players that are in my stories:
-Chris Davis
-Bryce Harper
-Buster Posey

Soccer Players that are in my stories:
-Gareth Bale
-Vincent Enyeama
-Tim Howard
-Thomas Müller
-Guillermo Ochoa
-Bryan Ruiz
-Alexis Sánchez
-Luis Suárez
-Juan Zúñiga

-AShruinger's Other Profile Links
Tumblr (Art)

-Jeopardy Templates
NHL (Warning: made in the 2013-2014 season and has very odd questions. Better know the day of the week Dustin Brown was named captain of the LA Kings)
AAOOOSC! The Movie
How AAOOOSC! Got Started!
AAOOOSC! Playoffs
AAOOOSC!: The Mission
AAOOOSC! Universe!
AAOOOSC! Future!
AAOOOSC! & Beyond
AAOOOSC!: Gulls' Adventures!
AAOOOSC! Rivalry!
AAOOOSC! Junior Powers!
AAOOOSC! Wheatie Bits!
AAOOOSC! Exposed!

-Personality Quizzes
AAOOOSC!: Gulls' Adventures!
AAOOOSC! Wheatie Bits!

-AAOOOSC! Main Series (AAOOOSC! is pronounced like: AH-OOO-SK)
Logline: A society of professional hockey players with supernatural abilities defend their precious league from another society of supernatural hockey players desiring to take over it.
1. AAOOOSC! #1® (completed; to be edited)
2. AAOOOSC! #2® (completed; to be edited)
3. AAOOOSC! #3® (completed; to be edited)
4. AAOOOSC! The Movie! (completed; to be edited)
5. How AAOOOSC! Got Started! (completed; to be edited)
6. AAOOOSC! Playoffs (completed; to be edited)
7. AAOOOSC!: The Mission (completed; to be edited)
8. AAOOOSC! Universe! (completed; edited)
9. AAOOOSC! Future! (completed; edited)
10. AAOOOSC! #10 (completed; edited)

-AAOOOSC! Spin-off Series
"Because the ideas just keep rollin'"
  1. AAOOOSC! & Beyond Screenplay Version (completed)
  2. AAOOOSC!: Gulls' Adventures! (completed)
  3. AAOOOSC! Rivalry! (completed)
  4. AAOOOSC! Junior Powers! (completed)
  5. AAOOOSC! United (completed)

-Bonus AAOOOSC! Stories

-Extra AAOOOSC! Material

-MIT Series (MIT is pronounced like 'mitt')
Logline: A young man encounters the supernatural in search of his missing friend.
1. Make It There (completed)
2. Through The Dark (completed)

-Stand-Alone Stories

-Other Works
*Dates, stories, and titles of stories are subject to change
**to find all AAOOOSC! stories on one page, just type 'sci-fi' in the search bar of this website and voilà! :D

2017 AAOOOSC! Series Poster*

In poster (reading left to right):
Top Row: Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, Matteo Pietroniro, Hilary Knight, Brandon Montour, Joseph Cramarossa, Nick Ritchie
Bottom Row: Jonathan Toews, Jonathan Quick, John Tavares, Kale Clague, Ryan Faragher (merged with Matt Hackett), Nicole Stock, Brett Howden, Kailer Yamamoto, Reid Duke, Max Friberg (no, I didn't include myself in this poster XD)
*Exhibited at my college's art show

Fine print:
© All Rights Reserved (except for characters, team names, and leagues used in these stories of mine, of course; now those are the NHL's, AHL's, ECHL's, CHL's, USHL's, NCAA's, NWHL's, CWHL's, NFL's, NBA's, MLB's, MLS's, and FIFA's!) But the stories ideas itself are mine. Any story I find that runs dangerously close to my story's plots, I'll come knocking at your story's door (in other words, commenting on your story about the issue). All drawings and edits are also mine, please do not take them!

*®: The original versions of AAOOOSC! #1, AAOOOSC! #2, and AAOOOSC! #3 and 19 Favours have been registered under the Writers Guild of America. Definitely all rights reserved.


Who Framed Carter Hart

Who Framed Carter Hart

PG-13 Drama Mystery Crime

Based off of Disney's "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1988)


Have Some Cake

Have Some Cake

PG-13 Comedy Thriller Drabble

a one-shot collection of hockey players born in 1998


19 Favours

19 Favours

PG-13 Sci-fi Thriller Teen

That's All It Takes To Get A Life (Alternate Universe Fanfiction)


Completed ✓
AAOOOSC! Exposed!

AAOOOSC! Exposed!

PG Action Adventure Sci-fi

BREAKING NEWS: The Supernatural Is Now Known To All


Completed ✓
AAOOOSC! Mini Stories!

AAOOOSC! Mini Stories!

PG Comedy Sci-fi Drabble

Little Short Stories/One Shots of AAOOOSC! Characters


10.0 11 Votes
AAOOOSC! Wheatie Bits!

AAOOOSC! Wheatie Bits!

PG Action Sci-fi Teen

AAOOOSC! miniseries featuring the three famous Brandon Wheat Kings musketeers...


Completed ✓
The Ultimate AAOOOSC! Guide

The Ultimate AAOOOSC! Guide

G Sci-fi Teen

Your Guide to the Supernatural Side of the AAOOOSC! Hockey Universe


Completed ✓
- 1 Vote


PG Action Adventure Sci-fi

United to Battle One Force


Completed ✓
Deleted Scenes of AAOOOSC!

Deleted Scenes of AAOOOSC!

PG Adventure Sci-fi Autobiography

The Scenes, Episodes, and Stories That Never Made It To The Final Series of "AAOOOSC!"


Completed ✓
10.0 5 Votes
AAOOOSC! Junior Powers!

AAOOOSC! Junior Powers!

PG Action Adventure Sci-fi

A new and young society forms in the AAOOOSC! Universe to defend their own tier.


Completed ✓
- 1 Vote
AAOOOSC! Rivalry!

AAOOOSC! Rivalry!

PG Action Adventure Sci-fi

One rivalry in the AAOOOSC! Universe intensifies when two similar leagues clash for one title.


Completed ✓
AAOOOSC!: Gulls' Adventures!

AAOOOSC!: Gulls' Adventures!

PG Action Mystery Sci-fi

AAOOOSC! takes a new twist when the San Diego Gulls have problems of their own.


Completed ✓
10.0 4 Votes
AAOOOSC! & Beyond

AAOOOSC! & Beyond

PG Action Adventure Sci-fi

Discover the other side of the AAOOOSC! Universe with new hockey power players!


Completed ✓
- 2 Votes


PG Action Adventure Sci-fi

The Grand Finale of AAOOOSC!


Completed ✓
10.0 6 Votes
AAOOOSC! Future!

AAOOOSC! Future!

PG Action Adventure Sci-fi

15 Years Ahead! (AAOOOSC! #9)


Completed ✓
10.0 5 Votes
AAOOOSC! Universe!

AAOOOSC! Universe!

PG Action Adventure Sci-fi

Power Players of the World Unite! (AAOOOSC! #8)


Completed ✓
10.0 5 Votes
Through the Dark

Through the Dark

PG-13 Romance Action Sci-fi

I Can Make Things Happen (Sequel of Make It There)


Completed ✓
10.0 6 Votes
Hockeyfanfiction.com Tutorial

Hockeyfanfiction.com Tutorial

G Teen

Your Guide To Hockeyfanfiction.com


10.0 3 Votes
AAOOOSC!: The Mission

AAOOOSC!: The Mission

PG Action Adventure Sci-fi

Only One Can Save... (AAOOOSC! #7)


Completed ✓
10.0 6 Votes


PG Romance Adventure Fantasy

What do you get when the NHL goes Disney? What if the players were introduced to fairy tales? And what if a diabolical princess was involved?


Completed ✓
7.5 6 Votes