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Short Stack Reporters and Towering Goalies

Shoot the messenger

When i woke up i heard nothing but my dog barking and the sound of thunder at my front door. I rolled out of bed in an oversized tee shirt and purple laced underwear. Answering the door I came face-to-face with Oliver.

Sliding through me and the door AND Pepper -the dog- Oliver walked into the kitchen without saying anything. Not mumbling a rhythm not humming a chime.

“When you said it was important I believed the arrow was involved.” i said, He glared at me and i chuckled.
“You know with anything i do-”
“The arrow is involved with this ‘so important’ thing” I cut him off waving my hands in the air.
“The Arrow is important Tara!” Oli raised his voice slightly. Coming close enough to smack i hissed;
“The arrow isn’t welcome. Neither are you. Call me when the Arrow left and we’ll talk.”
“Just because i killed your fiance doesn’t mean he was a great guy-”
A noise tripped off our argument. I looked at the space where the noise came from to see a near seven foot benjamin bishop in the corner of my kitchen.
“Hockey player?” Oli chimed, I glared at him. “Aren’t you a little short for him?”
“She's the perfect size.” Ben groaned his voice husk from sleep it made me blush.

Oli looked at me.
“You’re with the arrow? What's the arrow?” Ben sighed i had not realized i was staring at Ben until Oli nudged me.
“Ughh.. Ugh it’s on a need to know basis?”
“And let me guess i don’t need to know-”
“Not really.” Oli sighed and left, Pressing my lips into a fine line i sighed and walked to my room. Not knowing exactly how long Ben had been listening or even if he heard any of it. Scratch that he asked what the arrow was so i guess he heard quite a bit.

Plopping down in my bed i shoved my head under my pillow and sighed. Pepper had trotted in and curled up right under my butt.
Then a small teeny tiny knot was heard at my bedroom door.
“Tara.” It was Ben. Biting my lip i felt the bed dip as he crawled onto it and moved the pillow from my head.
“Will you at least talk to me?”
“No and you should probably leave Ben. Don’t you have a game tonight?”
“Leave please.” He sighed and left with his clothes.
Now i'm alone with pepper the husky and nothing and nobody else.
I’m alone. I’ve pushed everyone away now.
I’m safe.
Am I safe?
I don't know.


how do you feel about this?


<3 Love the new update!

KitoftheKat KitoftheKat

Please keep writing, it's really good.

Sydthekid Sydthekid

Please keep writing, it's really good.

Sydthekid Sydthekid

Great start