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Short Stack Reporters and Towering Goalies

The Judge

As I drove to work I hadn’t but clue the guy behind knew who I am. I didn’t pay any attention until too late when said driver took an ally and T-boned me hard enough the car rolled several times.
My belt bruising my lap and air bags deploying straight to my face pushing the shards of my broken windshield into my collar bone and cheeks.

Not a chance in my thoughts allowed the situation to become any worse. But, it consisted.
With a toss of my car door and grunt, What looked like a human hulk knelt on the side of my now tossed and dead volkswagen.

“Tara Queen.” The hulk growled unbuckling me and pulling me out of the car by my arm leaving bruises as his gripped tightened while tossing me to the abandoned road. I turned over and started crawling away army style before he grabbed me hair and put me on my back. Before i was able to scream he put his boot over my mouth.

“Gallagher! That’s not needed.” I heard a female voice call, The ogre presumed as Gallagher grinned and pressed my jaw in a little more sending waves and blankets of stinging breaking crippling pain through my brain to the tips of my toes. Enough pain to make me black out without hesitation.



<3 Love the new update!

KitoftheKat KitoftheKat

Please keep writing, it's really good.

Sydthekid Sydthekid

Please keep writing, it's really good.

Sydthekid Sydthekid

Great start