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Short Stack Reporters and Towering Goalies


I woke up with a stinging feeling in my toes that spread to my head, and a spotted vision. Filled with black, blue and purple dots clouding a room. The room empty and dank. The coldness sent shivers down my pained spine. Once my vision began clearing I seen a giant man he look as if he’d been shot with a couple thousand rounds of steroids and sent into a superhuman gym for the super fit.

Easing back onto the chair as much as I could I let out breathy groan. In all honesty I was praying for my brother to find me. I’ve never liked the thought of the arrow but I suppose it helps in some cases.
The next thing i heard was clicking. The clicking of heels against the cement floor, We were in a warehouse it seemed at least. A woman about my height, such a small height about 5’3.
“Do you know who I am miss Queen? Or why you’re here?” She asked her pearly white curls dangling off her shoulders. I pressed my lips together feeling the gash in my lower lip and copper seeping into my mouth.

“If this happens to be about The Arrow I have no idea on the fucking earth. Why am i here? Who are you? What is he? I’m so confused. I’m probably going to die today right?” I started babbling nervously, I felt how my arms were tied behind me and was sitting in a steel chair that had been melted to the floor by something.

“Miss Queen. You won’t die. We know who ‘The Arrow’ is.” She said with air parenthesis. I rolled my eyes and shifted my head back.
“No you won’t die. Gallagher here is a metahuman.” She went on I went through everything that had happened before I woke up. The car crash, me meeting with Oli, I told him I didn’t want him around. Will he really come to help? Is Ben okay? Oh my god my anxiety is spiking.

“My name is China White. Also known as the woman without a heart. Ring a bell?” She said I looked at her and smiled.
“Yeah, wait no. See i’m merely Olivers sister I’m not one of his goons. I don’t know why the hell I’m here now. I have work at 6:30 and I intend leaving by then.”
“Miss Queen you’re not leavi-”
“My name is Tara Queen. I have no affiliation with Oliver Queen so ple-” As I cut her off I started talking only to be broken off by glass shattering and several men crashing through the windows. There they stood all of them.
“This Miss Queen is why you’re here.” China grinned, my eyes met Thea’s and Oli’s.
“Don’t just stand them dumb ass.” Thea stated as she ran over gliding under Gallagher's left hook.



<3 Love the new update!

KitoftheKat KitoftheKat

Please keep writing, it's really good.

Sydthekid Sydthekid

Please keep writing, it's really good.

Sydthekid Sydthekid

Great start