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One Night and One More Time


Get me out of my mind
Get you out of those clothes...

James waited. Hannah didn’t call, didn’t answer her phone, she didn’t turn up at his house the way he’d hoped. If she needed some time, he was willing to give it even though it might kill him. The taste of her was still on his lips, the feel of her body in his hands. His cock throbbed in sympathy for missing her body - once, just once he’d had her and James felt like he’d never want anything else. That scared him almost as much as the fear of never having her again.

He only meant to drive by. If her car was at her house, he’d turn around. Go home and wait. If it wasn’t there... he squeezed the steering wheel till his knuckles were white. She’d better be home.

James didn’t hate Sidney. He envied him - everyone did. On the ice was one thing. It drove James to work harder, practice longer and improve his own game. Since coming to the Penguins, it had driven him to be a star. He was now the elite player everyone had expected. What James hated was envying anyone off the ice. He had personality in spades over Sid, had more fun and more friends. But Sid had Hannah.

Not anymore.

Her car was in the driveway. He breathed a sigh of relief, pulled in next to it and parked. As if he would ever have been able to drive away.

He rang the bell. Ten seconds later, his phone buzzed.

Up in her room, Hannah heard a car pull in. She was in bed, inappropriately dressed for company. It hardly mattered, considering the only two people that might come over were both men who’d already had their ways with her today.

The doorbell rang.

James. Her heart squeezed. Sid had a key, or he’d rip the fucking door off. James would ring the bell. Still, she’d been crying and didn’t think she could handle seeing Mr. Tall, Dark and Hold Me Up Against the Wall. So she texted him.

Hannah: Not tonight.

James: Come down here and tell me that.

Hannah: No.

James: I want to see you.

Tears welled in her eyes. Hannah didn’t even want to see herself after what she’d let happen, maybe even wanted to happen. She should’ve known James wouldn’t go down without a fight.

She got out of bed, dried her eyes and did a one minute fix in the mirror. Her long, dark blond hair was a tangled mess, but boys liked that. She was wearing a soft blue t-shirt, cut wide at the neck and slipping off one shoulder with a little pair of white pajama shorts. The heat was on despite the down comforter she’d been snuggling under.

James rang the bell again.

She steeled herself against the sight of him but that was useless. James stood in the dusk, hooded sweatshirt on and baseball cap pulled low over his curls. His hand were stuffed into the pockets of jeans that were already a shade tight around his strong thighs. His eyes were bright and that soft mouth wore a tight, flat smile.

“Wanna come over?”

Hannah shook her head. His gaze was hot, rolling over her body. She sensed it along the exposed skin at her shoulder, the shape of her breasts beneath the flimsy material. She felt it rise up her thighs to the spot where she’d let him in so easily before.

“I’m not leaving without you,” he said.

One look at Hannah and James knew: she’d been with Sidney again. Makeup and tissues only went so far. The realization slapped him in the face - he had assumed Crosby couldn’t, or wouldn’t. Rage and shame battled for space as both emotions swelled in his chest. James had left Hannah to handle Sidney on her own, sending her to fight a battle that should have been his. Or at least theirs together. Seeing the hint of red around her eyes, the tiredness they held, James promised himself it would be the last time Hannah cried over a guy.

He stepped into her house and folded his arms around her - a proper hug. He’d never done that before. In fact, there were a lot of normal things, or first steps and starting points, that he had skipped with Hannah. James told himself it had been necessary. This was good for her, she just needed to be told. She came willingly enough into his embrace, settling her small body against his. The urge to protect her nearly subsumed his anger.

Start again, he thought.

The lights were off, so James wove his fingers into Hannah’s and led her toward the only room with a glow. It was her bedroom - the bed that so recently held her just waiting to welcome her back. Hannah followed without a word. It was almost more compliance than James wanted. He sat her on the edge and unzipped his sweatshirt, set his hat went on her dresser. James kicked off his sneakers and didn’t stop. The zipper of his jeans ripped loudly through the silence. He pushed his jeans away, leaving just his t-shirt and boxer briefs, and climbed around behind her on the bed. Hannah lay down, back to him - willing to be held but wanting to face away. That wasn’t good enough. James gently rolled her to face him, then settled in with his chin above her head. Hannah sighed as she curled into his chest. Her top leg went over his, James reached an arm around her back and pulled her another inch closer.

Stay calm, James instructed his body. Laying half-dressed in Hannah’s bed was a fantasy he’d played many times in his head. In real life it was better. She was smaller but less fragile, she was warm and soft. Of course in his dreams there was more kissing, more moaning and begging and banging the headboard off the wall, but the quiet now went a long way toward making James feel like he’d done the right thing.

Hannah reached behind and turned off the light. When her hand came back, it rested against his heart.

It was so dark that Hannah didn’t need to close her eyes. She couldn’t see James in front of her face; his thin, worn t-shirt the only thing keeping her lips from his skin. That was good: a small reminder that the things between them were both real and manageable.

She hadn’t expected what happened at Sidney’s. Now Hannah realized she’d been a fool - Sidney had more pride than anything. Leaving him was one thing but humiliating him was another. Still, he had insulted and embarrassed her too, now in a way they were even. As if it mattered. Hannah had walked off that playing field only to find herself immediately on another.

James was different. He was taller and rangier, he even breathed differently. Hannah hardly knew him at all, except that she knew he’d always wanted to be here. From the moment they met, she’d been aware of James’ eyes on her, the heat of his attention. She assumed it was competition - these boys couldn’t turn it off. Yet here he was, finally in her bed, and James was pretending to sleep.

She smiled to herself. At least he was trying.

Hannah lifted her head from the pillow, blinking against the weak light that shone on the wall above her bed. She surveyed the bed and found she was on her back, twisted up in James’ long arms. One of his legs was under hers, his big foot hanging off the side of the bed. She followed the long line of his body up to his face. That long hair was a mess but his blue eyes were wide open.

“Hey,” James said.

He expected surprise, maybe a flash of panic as Hannah woke up and realized what yesterday had wrought. Daylight had a way of making things new. He’d been laying there for half an hour, watching her breathe through slightly parted lips, trying not to let his gaze wander any lower. His arms were securely around her just in case.

“Hi,” she smiled.

His heart thumped. James let out the breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding. They were face to face, tangled together and Hannah was happy. A simple shift of weight and James’ lips found hers.

He’d kissed her before, but those had been stolen kisses. Ones he took from her. Now Hannah met his mouth with another kind of kiss. Her tongue slid eagerly along his, her hands raced up his back and held him close. Every engine revved. James tipped father over, guiding his hands down under her ass and lifting their bodies into each other. Her thigh went between his leg, pressing his cock just as the blood began to surge.

“Baby,” James whispered as if asking permission. His fingers were already pushing at her waistband. Soft terrycloth slid over the rise of her backside - nothing underneath, as James had guessed. She arched, helping him. More than anything that made James’ hard-on quicken. She tugged his shirt up his back. James reached both arms overhead to help her, yanking the shirt free and throwing it away. Hannah’s eyes rolled down his bare chest, her teeth sinking into the ripe curve of her bottom lip. James paused, flexing just a little.

Hannah’s eyes swam. She knew James was beautiful, but something about him shirtless in her bed took the view to a whole new level. He was kneeling between her thighs, she was already stripped from the waist down. Yet her fingers slowed, moving lightly over the colored lines of the tattoo that wrapped his left bicep, tracing the crease of his elbow to where the ink ran out a few inches onto his forearm.

His body wasn’t huge. He wasn’t... like other guys, she thought, refusing to let one name in particular creep to mind. Instead Hannah admired James for what he was - something new.

Something mine, Hannah knew. It was time to act that way.

She sat up. When James was on his back Hannah swung a knee over and straddled his lap. The long, thick bulge in his shorts settled right into the groove of her naked body and James groaned. She slowly lifted the hem of her own shirt, inch by inch until it tangled in her hair and came free, landing near their other clothes. James reached for her breasts, but she caught his hands and pressed them up over his head, leaning down, bringing one taut nipple to his lips. His mouth turned greedy, rolling it like a pebble between his soft lips then raking it gently with his teeth. Hannah moaned quietly. Still restraining his hands, she offered him the other breast. He licked and sucked until she pulled away, only to find his mouth with her own. Their tongues twisted together, James’ wrists pinned and Hannah rolled her hips against his cock.

He moaned, she caught it with the kiss and did it again. James lifted his arms playfully, just to prove he was letting her win, then dropped back where Hannah wanted him. She gave another stroke along the length of his shaft, the soft cotton doing little to hide either of their excitement. Hannah tilted her hips down until the head of James’ dick caught her clit.

“Fuck, baby,” he said, tearing his mouth free.

The day before, as he’d been holding her against that wall and taking the same reaction from her lips, James had told Hannah something true. Something obvious that she needed to hear. A whole world of trouble waited outside this room - worse for him than for her. But in here everything was right. She looked into his wide, soft eyes and smirked as she told him the same thing.

“I’m worth it,” she promised. “You know what I can do to you.”

Hannah released his arms, letting her hand drag over the name tattooed underneath his other bicep on the way down, over his chest, the light sprinkling of hair and a few freckles between the swell of his pecs and down to the flat slope of his abs. Muscles tensed and relaxed in order on her way to his waist. Beneath his navel, a soft trail of his disappeared into the band of his shorts. Hannah’s fingers carefully peeled them away. James hissed as his cock sprang free, swollen and ready.

She reclaimed her spot astride his body, brushing her slit along the head of his cock. It caught, parting her entrance, and Hannah slowly lowered herself down his length.

James focused on her face as she slowly screwed herself onto his cock. Judging by the way her head fell back, spilling that dark blond hair, it felt as good for her as it did for him. No way the view was better though. He tried to memorize every part of her - the dark pink of her nipples, flushed from his biting, the hollow at the base of her throat. The moment Hannah’s ass settled onto his thighs, James thrust slightly and gave her the last quarter inch. She gasped; he smiled. No way he’d let her have all the fun.

They fell into pace together. Hannah rocked back and forth, working her hips to match the pressure of James’ fingers at her waist. The tight fit of her body made every push and pull equally incredible. The way she leaned over, hands on either side of his head, and twisted fistfulls of sheet to get leverage made it even better. Her arms and shoulder flexed, using her weight and his length to ride. James got harder, then harder still, his body rioting as she wrung him out.

He pulled her into a kiss, wrapping his arms low around her waist and holding her down as he slammed upward. She cried out in surprise, then on the inhale said, “Do that again.”

James did as he was told. Hannah bounced along his length like the strength game at the fair - all he had to do was hit it hard enough and he’d ring both of their bells. Once or twice he came close, forcing himself to stop short. Hannah kissed him hard and pushed herself back up to sitting. She took one of his hands with her.

Using her own fingers, she guided his thumb to her clit. The side of James’ hand touched his own stomach as she came down hard on his dick. Hannah moved his thumb against her hot button at the same moment and her pussy clenched, rippling along his dick as the movement forced him through her quickening body. He almost came. She cried out.

James did it again. He fought the throb of his own orgasm and flicked her clit until she was panting. Then he lightened up, going softer and softer, until she dug her nails into his thighs. He changed to a circle, then flicking back and forth, until her body was pulsing so hard he could barely slide in or out. All he felt was her squeeze. So James gave in and rubbed hard, fast, catching the spot that made her moan and not stopping until she broke.

Hannah’s back arched as she came, lifting her hips. James took the extra fraction of space to thumb her clit even harder, right through the initial feeling, until the orgasm burst inside her. Hannah’s body grabbed his dick so hard and deep that he saw stars.

“James, James,” she whispered. Her pussy softened and that was all he needed.

James wrapped her back into his chest as he came. A groan tore from his throat, matching the force of the load after load he pumped into her. His mouth found her skin and kissed, whispered anything that came to mind. Her skin was salty with exertion. It was the way James always knew Hannah would taste.

When they were spent, he rolled onto his side, taking her with him. She looked into his eyes, expression turning serious though his cock was still fitted inside her.

“You have practice,” Hannah said.

James pressed a sure, strong kiss to her mouth. Whatever happened later he already had what he wanted right here.

“And you, don’t practice anything until I get back.”

James was early. It had been tough to tear himself free of Hannah’s warm bed and body, but if he did this right he’d only have to do it once. Predictably, Sid was early too. He looked over his shoulder as James entered the otherwise empty locker room, then stood and turned.

James knew he was crazy to go up against this. Crosby could very well bring him down. He thought of Hannah: the way she’d looked up at him from her back, sprawled against white sheets; the way she’d twisted her fingers into his hair when she kissed him goodbye; wishing luck with her eyes but using her lips for something else. It was worth it, James was sure.

A hundred comments came to his mind - about winning, about taking, about getting what he wanted. None of those things did Hannah justice. He stood there waiting for the Sidney to bring the fight to him, but to James’ surprise Sid just shook his head. The captain had dark circles under his eyes and a dry patch on his lip where he’d been worrying it with his uneven teeth. His posture was wrong. The fact he hadn’t torn James a new one or straight out attacked him was wrong too. The lack of response from his captain failed every argument James had in his own defense. Except one.

“I love her,” James said suddenly. As soon as he did, he knew it was true.

Sid’s shoulders dropped another inch. “So do I.”



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