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One Night and One More Time


Thanks for the memories, even though they weren’t so great

He tastes like you, only sweeter...


“I’m sorry, WHAT?” Sidney turned around slowly. Instinct told him to be careful - but that’s all his instinct even said off the ice. Like a robot, his endless media training kicked in and his features schooled themselves into neutral, his heart rate slowed and his attention focused.

“We’re done,” Hannah repeated.

“All of a sudden?”

His pulse was rising. Sid hated that feeling - cold on the outside, hot on the inside, like he was sports cliche-ing a reporter to death when he’d rather use something sharper to do the job. Lisping through his shattered jaw only made it worse: he was comic relief, meant to look stupid. Hannah stood across from him in the kitchen, hands on her hips accentuating her slender waist.

“It’s March,” she said.

“Yeah, so?”

“Two months since the season started. Seven road trips. How many other girls have you fucked in that time?”

His mouth would have fallen open, if it wasn’t being held together by pins and string. Three days since he took that slapshot to the face. Two surgeries, countless pain meds. One night sleeping in his own bed.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” he hissed.

Hannah squared her shoulders. She hated seeing Sidney’s beautiful face so mangled but it would not stop her now. “Before you ask that, think very carefully about how much I already know.”

“What, someone told you I’m fucking around? You know better than that. You know how this works, Hannah.” Sid desperately thought back - who could have seen something?

“Apparently I didn’t.”

She couldn’t stop thinking about James. Except when she was thinking about Sidney with another girl. Did they really look like her? Was that more flattering or insulting than if he took home the first slut in the first bar in every city? Maybe it was a girl from the stands, the ones who always came down to the front for warm-ups, Penguins over their tits and his name already across their backs like an invitation. Maybe they did all look like her from behind.

“I can’t do this right now,” he said flatly. Sidney would not go into an argument without preparing, he needed to think.

“Then you can do it never, because it’s your last chance.”

He stared at her. Hannah was never like this - she was happy with him, he knew that. He took good care of her. Maybe he didn’t stay in every night on the road but who did? He was a high strung, high paid and high profile superstar. Sometimes he needed to take that out on a girl when Hannah wasn’t around. Now she was threatening to leave?

“Please go upstairs and calm down, Han. I’ll be up in a minute and we can talk.” Sid turned his back.

The corner of her mouth curled into a smirk. She’d be going upstairs - at James’ house. And if anyone went down anywhere there would be nothing calm about it. “Figures you’d have nothing to say for yourself.”

“What. Hannah. What do you want me to say?” He wheeled around. She wouldn’t be accusing him if she wasn’t sure. How she’d heard was another issue altogether, but that was for another time. He moved toward her. “A couple times, babe. I’m sorry. You know I don’t always... handle things well. Sometimes I just...,” he curled his fingers looking for the right word. I don’t always think, I don’t always try, I don’t always care enough about those girls to wait until I can get home to you. “I’m sorry. I know it’s wrong.”

The look on her face was pure shock. She had not been sure before, not really. Saying it was one thing but hearing it as a confession was something else. Sidney reached for her - she stepped back.

“They don’t mean anything to me, Hannah. They don’t even - I don’t remember them. I’m not thinking when I do it, I’m trying not to think. I’m trying to forget.”

Sid couldn’t make it sound like he felt. The words came out all jagged and he could see them cutting her, drawing blood from her soft, perfect skin. Her lip quivered. It reminded him how much he loved kissing her, how he hadn’t been able to do that in days. She’d sat by his hospital bed, never flinched at the sight of his busted face. This was her thanks.

“Please, Han. Don’t leave, I swear I won’t do it again. I can do better. I know....”

She whipped around and stormed out of the kitchen. He chased after her, catching her arm.

“I love you.”

Hannah’s vision blurred with tears. Sidney had never said that before. She wasn’t sure if he meant it as a flight or fight response but it still went through her heart like an arrow. Her guard dropped and his arms were around her, his fragile face as close as he could safely get.

“Hannah, I can’t lose you.”

Through the tumult of thoughts in her mind, one kept bouncing to the top. It was an angry one.

“You keep your personal life so private, but you’ll go and fuck whatever random girls you feel like? Girls with Facebook and Twitter and camera phones? Are you even careful when you’re with them?”

“Yes, yes, God.” Sid held her at arm’s length now. He might have done stupid things but that didn’t make him actually stupid. “I am. I mean, I was. And they don’t talk about it, or if they do, no one believes them. It’s not anything Hannah, and it’s over. I promise.”

She looked at him, big, unspilled tears caught in her lashes. Sid brushed one free with his thumb.

“Can you forgive me?”

Hannah knew that he expected her to say yes. Sidney Crosby got what he wanted. He wasn’t a spoiled brat but all his life he’d been people’s meal ticket, their saving grace. It wasn’t murder he got away with but a million little things that added up to it.

“No,” she said quietly.

For the first time, Sid really started to panic. He never should have slept around on the road but all the guys did it. Sid had enough trouble fitting in without acting holier than everyone. it was a weakness and he hated weakness but one Sid had always expected to be able to apologize away. Suddenly that wasn’t working.


Hannah was ready though, the words on her tongue. “You never take risks for me. You took risks for all those girls, big terrible risks that risked me too but you never once go out on a limb for me. I’m your dirty little secret, Sid. Not those girls - me.”

“Everyone knows about us! Everyone who matters, anyway. Fuck the rest of them. I thought you were with me because you love me, not because you want to show off,” he growled. Fear and fury were getting the best of him. Then Hannah flinched like he’d hit her and Sid was instantly sorry for that last part. “Sorry, baby, I’m sorry. I know you’re not like....”

It was all she needed to hear. Hannah would never feel secure in her place with Sidney - she was either a secret or a target. It wasn’t his life that put her that position - he did it himself.

“It’s too late,” she said.

“No, it’s not. Let’s start over again right now.”

She swallowed hard and spoke carefully. “I slept with James.”

Sid dropped his hands like she was toxic. “What?”

“I slept with James,” she repeated slowly. His face changed - one beautiful, it became ugly and twisted without really moving much at all. The look in his eye said it all.

“You whore.”

Finally, something Hannah could fight back against.

“So it’s fine for you to do it, to fuck whoever you want and I should just shut up and forgive you. But when I do it, I’m a whore.”

Red. That’s all Sid could see. “When?”


His fingers balled into fists - Hannah watched them carefully. He’d never raised a hand to her, but if ever he might this was the time.

“Today. While I was at the hospital you were with that piece of garbage? While I was at the hospital!? Jesus, did you stay there the night I got hit? Did he - did he stay here?!” Sid jabbed one finger toward the floor. If Neal had come into his house and had his girlfriend....

“Today was the first time.”

“The only time,” he hissed.

Hannah shook her head. “First of many. He promised.”

Sid grabbed her arm so hard she yelped. He was halfway across the living room before she stopped stumbling and into the ground floor guest bedroom before she could slow down.

“Get off of me!”

Sid pushed her toward the wall and let go, but he was between her and the door. Hannah’s heart raced - she was scared. Sidney was really, really strong. His eyes were black with rage. He stepped closer. She stepped back, pressed to the wall. Slowly, he reached out. Hannah batted his hands but that did nothing except make his dick twitch. His fingers slipped into the waistband of her jeans despite her best efforts. Hannah held her breath.

“Did you bring him here?” Sid asked, forcing his voice to be calm though his hands were shaking.


He thumbed open the button and held the zipper pull.

“Did you like it?”

Her eyes dropped. “Yes.”

The zipper fired it’s way down toward her crotch like a machine gun rattling. When it ran out, Sid worked his thumbs around the inside to her hips, then gently started pushing her pants off. Hannah wanted to tell him to stop, but she knew he wouldn’t. She’d have to beg, or plead. He wouldn’t stop. There was only one way out of this and they both knew it. Hannah would have to mean it enough to hurt him physically. Sidney had one weakness now, like Superman and kryptonite. He was testing her, using his shattered jaw as bait.

Sid’s fierce eyes burned into hers, daring her to back up her words with actions. Sidney certainly planned to do so. The situation had slipped so far beyond his control he hardly recognized it, or himself. Her pants slipped off, falling away and leaving him with only silky panties beneath his fingertips.

“Did you come for him?” Sid said quietly. Hannah’s chest was heaving, throwing her breasts in his face over and over and over again.

Hannah closed her eyes. “Yes.”

His hand followed the same path James’ had - quickly between her legs. She whimpered. Sid bit his lip - if she thought she was sore from James just wait until he was finished with her. At her hips, he twisted his fingers into the thin waistband of her panties and ripped them both open. Hannah gasped at the fabric raking her skin then falling away. Sid stepped on her pants and pulled each of her legs free in turn. He could have taken her there, standing against the wall half-dressed, but he had a feeling that’s what Neal had done. So Sid needed to do better. Hannah was clearly not about to protest now.

“Put your hands up,” he ordered. As she lifted, her t-shirt rode up over the flat plane of stomach he’d loved to explore. Sid whipped the tee off over her head, sending her dark blond hair flying. In nothing but her bra, breasts rising out of the flimsy demi-cups, Hannah was as hot as any chick Sidney had ever fucked on the road. She was worth a hundred of those girls, which was probably how many there had been over the years. Now she was the price he’d pay for them, but not without getting his money’s worth. He cupped her chin and lifted until she had to choice but to look at him.

There was only hate in Hannah’s eyes. Sid’s cock throbbed hard. He grabbed her long hair and tugged, tipping her head back to expose her throat. Very, very carefully, he touched his battered mouth to the spot where her pulse beat beneath the skin. The tip of his tongue brushed the flesh, leaving a tiny wet spot. He breathed across it as he spoke.

“Get on your knees.”


Hannah did as she was told, while Sidney unfastened his pants like he was opening a box and presenting her with a ring. His body was a gift in a lot of ways, and she had learned a lot of ways to please it. Part of her wanted to stop, but it was drowned out by the rest of her surging hormonal tide and the dark , twisted notion that she deserved this, and so did Sidney. Hannah wanted to leave him with a devastating, visceral memory that was almost good enough to block out the thoughts of her with James across town.

No one knew him like she did. Those girls on the road probably went to their knees even faster than this, begging like puppies for a lick of his lollipop. It almost made her laugh. They could work all night but she only needed minutes. If Sidney wanted it now, she’d give him her best.

She rubbed her palm along the smooth, taut skin of his erection; Sidney rocked on his heels at her touch. He was big and heavy in her hand. Hannah looked up to find him watching - he loved to watch. She circled lightly, the raised texture of her tongue catching ever so slightly against his tip, dragging just enough to shiver right down to his base. He groaned quietly.

Sid vowed that he would make Hannah stay. Whatever it took. One brush of her mouth was better than the combined attentions of every other girl he’d known. If he had to kill Neal and throw his body in the river, he’d do it for this girl. It was sick but Sidney wanted her now more than ever. He had always loved to win.

Hannah could tell when Sidney’s mind wandered - anything less than his complete focus meant his brain was somewhere else. She hoped it was thinking about her doing this for a taller, lankier ginger-bearded teammate. With a deep breath, Hannah leaned forward and pushed Sidney cock right down her throat.

He growled, snapping back into reality and away from his diabolical plan. His tip pressed the back of Hannah’s throat then slipped past, just enough to make her gag. He caught her by the hair and held on, making her fight for a second before letting go. A normal girl would back off, but not Hannah. Never her. She dug her fingernails into his ass and went deep again.

A drop of salty surrender landed on Hannah’s tongue as she pulled off the second time, letting his dick slide free with a wet pop. She licked her lips expertly, letting him see.

Three, two....

She landed on her back on the bed with enough practice to roll once and make sure Sidney landed next to, not on top, of her. Then she was on top of him. Silly boy, he always thought he was in charge around here. She pressed her hips low, catching his hard-on against the cleft of her body and rolling along that hard length. He was huge - thick, wide, long. She could forgive him a lot of things because of that cock.

“You’re not gonna find that anywhere else,” Sidney said in a low voice, enjoying the sight of Hannah’s breasts bouncing as she waxed his pole before the dance.

Hannah’s brown eyes flashed. “Well you’ll know right where to find this.” She rocked forward then pressed back over the tip of his cock.

Sid groaned. He would rather have told her to shut up and fuck him but the truth of the event was too much for a few words to express. There was no sliding into Hannah. Every time was like the first time - tight, hot and no matter how wet Sid still had to take every damned inch from that perfect little body. She swiveled and rocked, her eyes squeezed shut, but it wasn’t until Sidney grabbed her and bucked his hips had upward that his dick found the last few inches, like a cork going into a bottle. Hannah couldn’t stop herself crying out.

“Fuck,” Sidney said to himself. With one push he flipped Hannah onto her back and plowed in again, nailing that same spot that made her yelp. Only this time he caught the cry with him own mouth. They were always a zero-to-sixty couple. No slow, languid lovemaking for them. All the control Sidney had on the ice went out the door when he got inside this girl. Her ass bounced off his lap, skin slapping, as he pushed her knees up toward her chest and stroked again.

Hannah knew it would never be like this with any other guy. It could be a lot of things Sid didn’t provide, but for the all out ride, Crosby was the top pick in his class every time. And if this was the last time, she did not intend to miss a moment. Her fingers ranked down his back, muscle after muscle standing in perfect definition like soldiers marching into battle. She drew her hands back up his sides - directionals slide beneath her thumbs, abs taut and ripped as they worked together. In full flex, half-push up over her, there was no end of places to put her hands. Hannah paid for every inch with one of her own.

“Godohgod,” she whispered. Sidney shoved his hands under her ass, lifting it off the bed, arching her back. He fucked her like he was slamming the drawer on a cash register, a big sale every time. His hand roamed her body, tweaking one nipple then the other, rolling them under his palms. Just as she knew what he liked, Sidney knew every one of Hannah’s secrets.

Thinking the same thing, Sidney pushed Hannah up the mattress, right off his dick. Time to make her earn some of this.

“Roll over,” he said. She did, dark blond hair whipped and falling forward over one shoulder, landing on her stomach. Sid grabbed her hips and pulled her ass into the air like a target.

“Touch yourself.”

One of Hannah’s hands stayed down to hold her up, the other went obediently toward her hot button. Every part of her was on display for him now. Sid ran his hand over the perfect shape of her ass.

Hannah quivered as Sid’s thick fingers dragged along her throbbing slit. She wanted him - more of him, all of him - and hated that he knew it. She hated that he’d take his sweet fucking time just to make sure she knew it. Maybe if she gave in quickly.... “Please,” she said.

“Please what?” Sid asked, the smile obvious in his voice.

“Please fuck me.”

“Ohhhh no, I don’t think so.” Sid wanted to bury himself in that hole so hard he was faint, but he’d be damned if she got what she wanted so easily. He pushed one long finger into her pussy, felt it flutter.

“Come on, Han. Don’t tell me you come for just one finger now.” He brushed his fingertip over the raised, spongy spot that could make her speak in tongues. Her hips bucked. “Or is that all he’s packing, your new boyfriend? Lowering your standards so he can get you off?”

Hannah bit her lip. Any argument would only make this worse. Sidney pushed a second finger inside her. It came out glistening alongside the first, so he pumped again. It felt incredible, violating, all the things that made no sense together as Sidney fucked her into a trembling mess with nothing more than one hand. He moved in close, right behind her, and Hannah’s heart raced at the idea of him screwing himself properly back inside. Instead his free hand came around her waist and pushed her own out of the way.

“You’re taking too long,” he said. Her clit was slick beneath his fingers but Sidney knew how to fine tune his equipment. He circled against it, settling the rhythm to match his fingers plunging into her pussy. Within twenty seconds she was gasping, so he changed - side to side with his fingers. Her body bucked, twisting at his hand. He switched again, a light tapping motion. Hannah’s slit twisted hard against his fingers and she groaned. Almost there. Sid pressed his fingers hard against her clit and just rubbed, deep and slow, in time with his penetration. Hannah’s stomach got taut and her thighs wobbled, trying to stay up.

He leaned toward her ear. “Was there something you wanted from me?”

Hannah could barely stay upright with her lower body trying to levitate off the bed. The heat of Sid’s breath on her neck was the last straw. She whimpered as her pussy clenched. He slowed, fingers disappearing from her clit.

“No,” she gasped.

“No what?”

“Don’t stop.”

He lost it then, the way she knew he would. He pumped and worked until she was gasping, nearly pleading. Sid was hurt. His face pulsed, the throb of pain leaking in around the edges of his medication. This was definitely not a doctor approved activity. But it hurt less than thinking he’d lost Hannah, lost a good thing because he hadn’t worked hard enough to keep it. Unlike a trophy or a scoring title that depended so much on other people, this was Sid’s fault alone.

He flipped her onto her back. Hannah obediently spread her legs - she wanted him, even though she hated him, and that was something at least. Sid pulled her thighs around his waist and pushed his cock inch by inch into her core while he kept his eyes on hers, daring her to blink, daring her to miss a moment of the last time they would be together. He hoped she closed her eyes and saw this when she was with Neal, that she needed to think of right now to get off with another man. When he was in to the hilt, Sid thrust hard to make sure he had it all. Hannah’s head fell back, exposing her neck. Sidney very carefully lowered his battered face to her skin and kissed the spot where her pulse raced. Then he moved.

Hannah hated that he knew her. She hated that every stroke of his perfect cock was right on one of her many targets, his fingers digging bruises into her hips and shoulders. The sight of him was devastating but to feel him too was sensory overload. Sid grunted softly as he worked, trying to remember his injury while his body forgot everything else. It didn’t take long before she was panting.

No fighting, no biting, no need for touching or even kissing. Sidney fucked Hannah the good old fashioned way and she came, gasping his name, like the little earthquake that would demolish them for good.

Sid waited just that long. The telltale catch of Hannah’s breath, the way she always reached for his biceps to hold on when she came. A second later he slammed home one more deep stroke and roared. Everything still working in his body stopped for a moment as he burst, pouring into her, slumping over her prone body with the force of his own orgasm. His chest heaved against hers, their breathing matched.

“Don’t go,” he said quietly, really asking for the first time.

Hannah heard it in Sid’s voice - the fear of the unknown. It was his only weakness. He couldn’t lose her not because she was Hannah, but because he couldn’t face doing all this again. Meeting someone, getting to know and trust them; it was harder for Sidney than for normal people. Some of that was his celebrity, but a lot of it Sidney brought upon himself. His walls were high to keep people out, but they were also keeping him in. That wasn’t good enough for Hannah. She wasn’t some princess in a tower.

“I won’t cheat again.”

She knew she couldn’t trust him. He’d be on the road and she’d be thinking how stupid she was the first time around. She couldn’t exactly trust herself now either.

“”I’ll forget about James,” he added.

Hannah was glad Sidney couldn’t see her face, because she smiled. James was his own brand of trouble, no doubt. He’d had his way with another man’s girlfriend: even if she didn’t protest, that wasn’t very gallant. But he wanted her, enough to risk all that, and Hannah was thrilled, excited, flattered. Sidney had never wanted her like that.

“I won’t forget him,” she said.



soooo good!!!
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This is wonderful oh my god.
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