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One Shots


This is the collection of short (and usually smutty) fiction that I write during my free time. Most will be NC-17, but I'd be happy to write fluff if someone requests it.

I will take requests, but I do reserve the right to say no to a player if I don't feel up to it for some reason. Also, be warned that I tend to take a long time to write because life (and writer's block) get in the way.

You can either send me requests by commenting here or sending me a message!


  1. The 26%

    In which Johnny Gaudreau attempts to prove a point to his neighbor

  2. Four's a Party

    Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins foursome.

  3. Empire State of Mind

    Elevator sex with Carl Hagelin because why not?

  4. Winter Wonderland

    PK Subban Christmas smut...well 95% fluff and 5% smut because I just want nice things for him, okay?

  5. Christmas Spirit

    @Kay_18 asked for a James Neal and Roman Josi threesome, so here it is!

  6. Cooking Lessons

    Morgan Rielly smut because I just want nice things for him

  7. How Not To

    Alex Galchenyuk Valentine's Day smut (please be warned, this is short and angsty and not cute and fluffy)

  8. Consolation Prize

    I was sad about the Leafs losing and somehow it turned into this. If group sex is not your thing, this is probably not for you.

  9. Blueberry Pie

    Colton Parayko is adorable and we all know he has a dirty side, even if he acts all sweet.


I really need some Sidney Crosby porn! Could you please write a one shot about Sidney doing it on the ice of PPG Paints Arena!? I WOULD DIE!!!

Chasity Rider Chasity Rider

Hello! I want to request a one shot.

Player: Rickard Rakell
Team: Anaheim Ducks
Characters Name: Jayda "Jade"
Scenario: No much of one, but something cute and fluffy, since thats all Ricky is

Not a problem! I'm just a slut for Claude giroux lmao

kreiderrrrrrrr2 kreiderrrrrrrr2


Thanks! I had a lot of fun writing the Leafs one.


I can try! I've been struggling to write rough smut (my mind is 90% fluff right now) but I'll give it a shot!

jodrouin jodrouin

If you ever have a chance, can you do a Claude Giroux one shot? Make it long, rough, and sexy if that's okay lmao