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The other Gally

Chapter Two

Carey wakes up and notices that Stacy isn't next to him. He gets out of bed and puts some clothes on and he goes downstairs to find Stacy making breakfast. She is wearing a shirt and a cute pair of shorts. She didn't fix her hair yet and she is wearing a nice pink robe. Carey still can't believe what happened the night before. What if Gally somehow finds out? What will happen to their friendship? Carey can't risk that. Stacy turns to see Carey standing there and she jumps in his arms and kisses him deeply.
"Don't worry, no one will find out," says Stacy going back to making breakfast.
"How did you know I was thinking about that?"
"Well, you had that look on your face. I already told Brendan that I was out with some friends. I hate lying to him, but I don't really need him knowing about this," says Stacy as she puts two plates on the table. "Sit, we need to eat before we go to practice."
Carey takes a seat at the table and Stacy starts to eat. Price can't stop thinking about how beautiful she is and he definitely can't stop thinking about last night. Brendan would be pissed if he found out. Carey snaps out of his daze and starts to eat.
"You are still thinking about my brother, aren't you," says Stacy.
"Yes and no. Well, I thought about last night then my mind drifted off to thinking about what Gally would think," says Carey.
"I told you to let me take care of him. He thinks I'm with a friend," says Stacy eating her breakfast. Carey barely touched his food. Out of nowhere, there is a knock on the door. Carey gets up and Stacy runs to the bedroom with her breakfast to hide and keep out of sight. Carey waits until she is out of sight and he opens the door to see Gally standing right there.
"Hi Gally. What's up?" says Carey gesturing for Gallagher to come in.
"Well, I just came by to see if you wanted to hang with me and Galchenyuk before practice. He's sitting in the car," says Gally stepping into the house.
"Oh, I would love to, but I have stuff I need to do today," says Carey.
"Oh, okay, well you go do whatever it is you need to do and you should meet us later. The team has an event tonight. Something to do Max's birthday," says Gallagher as he opens the door to leave.
"Right, yeah I remember one of the guys saying something about that," says Carey as Gally leaves. Carey shuts the door and goes up the stairs to find Stacy.
"He's gone," says Carey.
"I guess he didn't see my car or anything," says Stacy.
"Well, that's why your car is parked in my garage with my car. Your brother just stopped by to see if I wanted to hang. I told him that I got other plans. Oh and Max's birthday is today. The team is getting together for a surprise party."
"Okay what should I wear?" asks Stacy getting ready for practice.
"Just anything I guess. It's not fancy or anything."
"You ready for practice?" asks Stacy as she gets her car keys off the table.
"Yeah, I'm all set," says Carey grabbing his keys off the counter and heading out to his car. Stacy gets in hers and they leave. Stacy arrives at the rink before Price so that no one would guess that they spent the night together. They head to the locker room at different times too. Carey goes to his locker too start getting suited up and Stacy goes to her own personal locker room, since she's a woman. She starts getting her gear on. Soon, the team heads out to the ice for practice. Carey and Stacy keep glancing at each other.

Carey's Point Of View

She's so beautiful when she plays hockey. She's the most beautiful girl in the world. She's definitely the one for me, but Brendan won't allow it. I'm so worked up thinking that someone is going to find out and tell him or he will find out and our friendship would be over. There are a ton of scenarios to consider though. We just got to be very careful not to get caught.

3rd Person POV

Carey snaps out his daze when Gallagher approaches him. Did he find out?
"You must enjoy staring off into space. What's been going on with you lately?" asks Gallagher seeming a little worried.
"Oh, nothing. I just met someone," says Carey forgetting that he is speaking to Gallagher.
"What's she like?" asks Gallagher not knowing that it's his sister. Carey then comes back to reality.
"Oh, uh, she's just a girl that I met at a coffee shop. She wants to go to dinner so I said 'yes'. She's a nice, beautiful girl," says Carey not liking the fact that he has to lie to his best friend.
"That's cool. Do we get to meet her?" asks Gallagher with a smirk.
"When I figure out if this is going to work with her. I'm not sure if she's my type," says Carey as the coach blows the whistle for practice to start. The skaters all do skating drills as the goalies warm up at the other end of the ice with the goalie coach.


Practice ends a few hours later. Carey takes off his gear and heads to his car to leave. Stacy is there waiting for him by his car.
"What? Are you crazy? What if someone sees?" asks Carey shocked that she would stand that close to his car waiting for him.
"We are the only ones here. No one will find out," says Stacy looking around to see if any teammates are near.

Stacy's POV

He is just so cute I can't resist. I have to though cause someone could walk in any second. He looks like he feels awkward just standing there. I know he wants to kiss me, but he's resisting for the same reason as me. We just look at each other not knowing what to do next. I look around again to make sure no teammates are near and I wrap my arms around his neck and catch him by surprise as I kiss him. We just standing there making out when I hear footsteps walking towards us.


This chapter is kind of short, but this is the only spot where I can end it. I hope you like it! Leave comments and suggestions for the next chapter!


@Ellice Simpson-MacGillivary
I need ideas lol. Major case of writers block thats why I haven't updated in so long

brandi bradley brandi bradley

any suggestions? this is probably the best story i wrote

brandi bradley brandi bradley

Please update! This is amazing I want to know what happens next!

Please update! This is amazing I want to know what happens next!