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The other Gally

Chapter Four

"What do you need to tell me?" asks Brendan as we sit down at the table. He has a concerned look on his face as I have a guilty look on mine.
"You promise not to freak out? In my opinion, this is nothing bad. I'm not sure if you would feel the same way," I say as I try to get some sympathy from my brother.
"Well, I can't promise anything, but I will try to understand the best I can," says Brendan trying to sound like he would put in his best effort to understand what I have to say.
"Okay, first, let me just say that what I have to tell you makes me very happy. I feel like I have to tell you because I was and still am scared that you would hate me if I didn't," I start. Brendan looks down at the table. "I'm dating Carey."
Brendan perks up with a disobeyed look on his face. I turn my head away as I am ashamed of myself for putting my relationship with my brother in jeopardy.
"You and Carey are a thing!?" asks Brendan surprised. "Sorry, I didn't mean so sound that surprised, it's just that I never expected you guys to be an item."
"No, it's okay. I thought you would react bigger. Only Alex knows. He has been chirping at Carey, which it's hilarious," I say as I try to hold in a chuckle.
"Yeah, Alex is a funny guy, but tell me more about you and Pricey. How long has this been going on?"
"Not long. A few days."
"Well, I am happy that your happy. Just, if he hurts you..."
"Brendan, he won't hurt me," I interrupt as I put an arm around his shoulder.
"I will be looking out for you. Especially after your very first boyfriend."
"He was horrible to me, but that doesn't mean that every guy is going to be like that. Carey is such a gentleman, unlike Richard who only wanted me for one thing."
"I'm glad that you and Pricey are both happy. He's our goalie, we have to trust him."
"At least you aren't mad at us."
"Stacy, all I want is for you to be happy. If Pricey makes you happy..."
"Oh he makes me real happy," I interrupt with a smirk growing across my face.
"YOU SLEPT WITH HIM?" shouts Brendan as he jumps out of his chair.
"Brendan, calm down," I demand.
"You to dating is one thing, you two having sex is another," says Brendan as he heads out the door. I pick up my phone to call Carey thinking that Brendan is going after him.


Carey's POV

I hang up the phone. Stacy had told me that Brendan left in rage so she thinks he's coming after me. Why wouldn't he? I don't blame him. I crossed the line last night with his sister and now I'm gonna pay. I can't hide forever seem how we play for the same team. I need to run. He can't get me during practices or games. But I need somewhere to hide. I can't go to Stacy's considering that Brendan will be near. I grab my car keys to head out to Alex's. I head to my car and quickly head down the road of where Alex Galchenyuk lives.
His car is here so he must be home, I say to myself. I get out of my car and he up the steps to his front door and I knock hoping that he will answer quickly. Alex opens the door and I brag in.
"Dude you got to help me," I say quickly.
"Why? What happened? Is it Stacy?" asks Alex concerned. He sounds like he was sleeping. It is late at night.
"Well, yes and no. She told Brendan about us and she told him that we had sex and now he's pissed and Stacy thinks he's coming for me."
"Alright, go put your bags upstairs. You can stay in the guest room," says Alex as he leads me up the stairs. He points the guest bedroom and he heads into his room to go back to sleep. Alex always has been a nice guy. Always helps his teammates. I set my bags down in the guest room and I change into a pair of shorts. I crawl into bed as my phone rings. I check the number and a chill goes through my body. It's Brendan Gallagher.
Should I answer or ignore? I ask myself. I think about it for a minute, then I answer the phone.


I need suggestions! I don't know what I should have happen after their phone conversation! I know the beginning of this chapter may have been boring but the ending...OH MY!


@Ellice Simpson-MacGillivary
I need ideas lol. Major case of writers block thats why I haven't updated in so long

brandi bradley brandi bradley

any suggestions? this is probably the best story i wrote

brandi bradley brandi bradley

Please update! This is amazing I want to know what happens next!

Please update! This is amazing I want to know what happens next!