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The War Against Buttons

[b]Sarah’s Point of View [/b]

I was finding it really, really hard to unlock my door. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the alcohol, or because Carey was kissing my neck and playing with the hem of my dress. Every time his fingers brushed my thighs, I went weak at the knees.

Focus Sarah.

The little green light finally showed and I pushed the door open. I spun around, kissed Carey, and pulled him into the room. After a few steps he picked me up and carried me to the bed, sitting me down. The door swung shut, leaving only the lights from the city outside.

I pulled Carey’s tie off before beginning to wage a war against the buttons on his shirt. Why did they have to be so small? Carey deftly found the zipper on my dress and let it fall around my hips.

“Jesus, Sarah.” He groaned, looking at me. “What is it with you and lace?”

I innocently looked down at my black lace strapless bra. “Don’t you like it?”

He responded by deftly undoing the clasp and tossing it aside, and starting to gently massage my breasts and thumb my nipples.

I finally got his shirt undone, tugged it off him, and then helped him pull his undershirt over his head.

“Good God, I love hockey.” I breathed when I saw his muscled chest.

Carey smirked, grabbed me and pushed us both up on the bed before kissing me again, this time gently squeezing my breasts. I reached for his belt and tugged it apart. Before I could start on his pants, his mouth was on my left breast and he started to suck and tongue my nipple, continuing to squeeze my right. I let out a low moan and I felt him smirk confidently into my skin.

Carey let his mouth trail to the center of my body and I whined. “Carey, more.”

He laughed and started planting kisses on my stomach, his fingers tugging at my lace panties. I arched my back so he could slide them off, but when he did he teased me more by kissing my hip and then my thigh as he pulled my panties and the dress that was now around my ankles off. Then, kissing the inside of my thighs near my knees, he started to pull my shoes off my feet.

I propped myself up and looked down at him. “I’m drunk, but if you have a foot fetish, leave.”

He smirked, finished taking my shoes off, and then stood up. He pulled a condom out of his pocket, tossed it on the bed, and proceeded to pull his pants down.

Instead of cutting to the main event, Carey knelt back on the bed and decided to yes, tease me even more. He began to kiss all the way up the inside of my thigh before beginning to tongue my clit. I fell back onto the bed with a moan as he slipped one, two, then three fingers inside me and in a smooth rhythm moved them in and out. With each slow and synchronized movement of his tongue and fingers, I shuddered.

I then decided I was too impatient, and whispered, “Wait.”

Carey froze and looked up at me. “What?”

I smirked and grabbed him, pulling him towards me and then flipping him under me, smirking even wider at how easily he came. I reached down and pulled his boxers off and ripped the condom open. I gently put it over his hardened length, before positioning myself and slowly sliding myself around him. I moaned again at the sensation of being filled up, before I began to move up and down on him.

Carey’s breath came in bursts as he reached up and felt me everywhere. “So…tight…” he breathed. “Fuck…Sarah….”

I cried out as he began to play with my clit again, and I felt myself tightening even more around him. Then he grabbed me and rolled us over, starting to quickly move in an out of me.

“Harder.” I begged. “Oh God, harder Carey!”

He began to ram himself into me, making me shriek in pleasure each time. He attached his lips to my collar bone and sucked as he moved. I cried out and dug my nails into his back as I felt an orgasm blossoming down below, and it just made him go even faster. I closed my eyes and my hips bucked as I came, but he kept going, lining me up for another. He threaded his fingers through my hair and moaned my name into my neck.

Again, I felt myself tightening, and this time I knew Carey was getting ready to finish. I ran my fingers through his hair and moaned his name. His fingers dug into my back and then released as we both came. We both took a moment to catch our breath before he pulled out and climbed out of bed to get rid of the condom. When he returned from the bathroom, he began to pick up his clotes.

“Where are you going?” I asked, staring up at him from the bed.

He paused.

“Stay with me.” I whispered.

He looked into my eyes before nodding. “Okay.”

He climbed back into bed and pulled the blankets up around us. I snuggled right up to his chest and he uncertainly wrapped his arms around me.

We were asleep within minutes.


I really like this story it`s really good!!
CatrinaMarie CatrinaMarie