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Skinner Family Vacation

Walk on the Wild Side

“It looks great, Mrs. Skinner!” I dropped into the chair, smiling at the spread of food in front of me. Jeff took the seat next to me and set his hand on my knee, squeezing hard as Ben sat down across from us.

“Smells good too! What is it mom?”

“Chicken breast.”

Ben’s head shot up at the word ‘breast’ and he blushed, eyes meeting mine as I tugged the zipper of my jacket a bit higher. Jeff giggled, trying it to cover it with a cough and failing miserably as Ben started laughing too.

“What?” Beth asked, eyes dancing between the three of us. “What’s so funny?”

I rolled my eyes and shrugged. “Who knows?”

Mr. Skinner joined us and we all dug in, eating quietly for a few minutes and savoring the meal. It was Jeff who broke the silence when he asked, “When are the girls getting here?”

“Tomorrow afternoon. They’re driving in together after they pick up Jill from the airport.”

“Any big plans set for this week?” He followed, eyes shifting towards me. I took a sip of wine and focused on my salad, ignoring his hand sliding up my thigh and the tension in his fingers. “And where’s everyone gonna sleep?”

She shook her head and chewed thoughtfully, eyes darting to her husband before settling on Jeff and I. “Well, it’ll be Jen and Andrea in the back bedroom. Erica and Jill in the one they were in last year, you and Ben can share, and Marie,” she looked at me with a grin, “you can take the sun room.”

I saw Jeff’s face fall in my peripheral vision and his hand dropped from my lap in defeat, fork stabbing pieces of chicken haphazardly while Ben kept his eyes on his own plate.

"Is that okay?“ Beth asked. I nodded and everyone else followed suit, continuing to eat and then clear the table. She and Ben busied themselves in conversation and I leaned over to kiss Jeff on the cheek.

"What’s wrong?”

He gave me a weak smile, returning the gesture before planting another kiss on my lips. I could taste the beer he’d been sipping and I savored it along with the stubble on his chin, brushing against my skin in a quick moment of romance. “Nothing. Want to go for a walk?”

I nodded and he took my hand, mumbling to his family before pulling me out of the room and down the hallway. We stepped into the cool air and he tugged me out of the yard, his hand tight around mine as we made our way down the road.

"Hey, slow down!“ He turned and his gaze softened as he slowed, dropping into a lazy pace. I wrapped my arm around his waist and pulled him flush against my side, feeling the warmth of his muscles through his thin t-shirt. "What’s wrong baby?’

He let out a sigh and frowned. "I just thought we’d be sharing a room.” He frowned and I reached out, brushing the curve of his jaw. “It just… when Ben brought his girlfriend a few years ago they shared a room.” He kicked a rock and I couldn’t hold back a grin, the pout on his face too cute for words. “They just… they treat me like a kid sometimes.”

“Just because we’re not sharing a room?”

“You don’t get it. She put you in the sun room! It faces the lake, windows on all sides, no door. And it’s right next to my parent’s room!”


“So? So? How are we supposed to- you know, with my parent’s next door?”

I stopped walking and stifled a laugh, his eyes widening when I tugged him back to me. “You’re mad because we can’t have sex?” He nodded and dropped his head, fingers knotting in mine as I stepped closer. I reached up and ran my fingers down the dip of his collar bone, goosebumps raising under my fingertips as I reached his shirt and started unbuttoning it.

“What are you doing?”

I looked both ways before pushing him against the tall oak behind us, my lips finding his chest as he pulled my hips closer. We were alone on the path he’d led us down and I intended to take full advantage of the privacy we had, finding his belt buckle. The sun was setting behind him and I closed my eyes, tucking my head into the crook of his neck.

“Baby, what if some-ohhhh!” I wrapped my fingers around the base of his shaft and he melted, shoulders falling as I sucked the corner of his jaw. His hair was so soft and I brushed my nose through them, the smell of his cologne and sweat intoxicating. “God Marie, you’re gonna kill me.”

I slid to my knees and pulled him free, taking a moment to kiss his hip. From there, I licked a stripe up the bottom of his hard-on, savoring the taste of his skin and the moan on his lips. He slid the tip onto my tongue, a bead of pre-come resting on it like a pearl, and I suckled softly. Hollowing out my lips, I grabbed the back of his thighs to pull him deeper. My nose brushed his stomach, heat blooming from his dark curls and his abdomen clenching.

I pulled him free from my mouth and pumped him with my hand, watching his eyes flutter shut behind his dark lashes. The clench of his jaw, his chest heaving unevenly while his thigh muscles sat hard as rock under my fingertips, it was all so mesmerizing.

“Oh, don’t stop! Marie- oh shit!” He grabbed my ponytail and guided me back to his cock, the soft skin pulled over his rigid erection so sweet in my mouth. I traced his head again and sucked him as he released on my tongue. His head fell back and his and fell, taking my jaw between his fingers and pulling me up to look in his eyes.

Nothing but love met my gaze and I stood, pulling him into a hug.

“You still bummed?” He kissed my forehead then lips, tasting him on my tongue and humming with a hand on the back of my neck. I smiled and pulled away, brushing a strand of hair back and giggling. “Take me back, Jeff? Show me my room.”



Love This! Can't wait for more. One of my favorite stories on here! I love Jeff!!! Heart

Canesfan31 Canesfan31

Please update soon

Canesfan31 Canesfan31

Yay!!! Can't wait.

Canesfan31 Canesfan31


Hoping to post soon darling!

Joah Louise Joah Louise

❤️ This can't wait for another update.

Canesfan31 Canesfan31