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Skinner Family Vacation

Drunk in Love

"Can you pass the wine?"

I turned to Jeff and shook my head, the blush on his cheek and the grin on his lips a sure sign that he'd had enough. He stuck his bottom lip out in a pout and I couldn't help but chuckle, taking his face in my hand and feeling the warmth against my palm.

"Baby, you're drunk."

"No I'm not!" His voice was louder than he intended and his eyes grew wide as the table grew quiet.

"Jeff," Erica started, "you alright?"

"He's just feeling a little... yeah. We're going to go lay down."

Jeff shook his head but I grabbed his elbow, pulling him from his seat and wrapping my arm around his waist. He stumbled on his feet and looked back to his family, blowing a kiss to his mom and dad before looking back at me.

"Can we go lay down baby?"

"Yep! That's a good idea." I told his family that I'd be right back and turned down the hallway towards his room. Jeff leaned in to kiss my cheek and I shied away, kicking open the door. "Here we go buddy."

He spun me around and pushed my back flush against the entryway, a small click sounding before he bit down on my neck with a laugh.

"Honey, not here."

I led him to the bed and he dropped down, letting out a heavy 'oomph' as he fell onto his back. His chest heaved under the fabric of his shirt and he reached up to toy with the buttons. "This is too tight!"

"You need help?" I asked, pushing off of the door frame and leaning over him. He grabbed my wrists as soon as I touched his body, pulling me on top of him and capturing me into a hot kiss. I tried to pull back, to stay focused on getting him into bed, but the soft give of his lips and his arm wrapped around my waist kept me in place.

He moaned into my mouth as my teeth grazed his bottom lip, one hand sliding over the curve of my ass.

"Fuck, Marie, I need you!" I clapped a hand over his mouth and sat up, siting still on top of hip and listening for any movement in the hall. He licked my palm after a moment of silence and I groaned, pulling away and wiping it on the comforter.

"You're so fucking loud when you're drunk!" I whispered, moving to climb off of him. He grabbed my thighs and squeezed, chuckling as I playfully swatted him. "Jeffrey, stop it!"

He ignored my weak protests, leaving kisses on my thighs as he tugged me up and over his chest. The feel of him, the heat of his breath between my legs as I scooted closer to his face, had me breathless in anticipation.

"Babe, y-your whole family is in the living room."

"That's why I locked the door."

"I don't think this is a good idea."

He slid a finger over the small strip of fabric covering my pussy, pressing a kiss to my clit before pulling my panties to the side. I reached down, taking a fistful of his hair and holding tight as he spread me open.

"Tell me if you want me to stop." Another kiss as his hands slid over my hips, tracing the dip where they met my lap before pulling me flush against his face. My head fell forward as he sucked me harshly, humming at the apex of my thigh.

"J-Jeff, god dammit!" My voice was louder than intended and he pulled away, tucking his mouth into the curve of my hip.

"You have to be quiet baby, my whole family is in the living room." He lifted his chin and kissed my clothed mound, a dopey smile on his face and his hair sticking out at odd angles. Jeff had kept a hand tight against my heat and I cooed as he slid two fingers into my channel.

He shifted beneath me and I felt myself stretch around him, fighting a groan as he leaned froward to kitten-lick me again. His big brown eyes met mine, hooded as his tongue worked torturous circles, and I nearly came then. The tightening of my thighs had him moaning and a sharp vibration rolled through my body.

"Breathe, Marie, breathe."

Jeff reached up to cradle my back, my whole body tensing above him as I fell apart. His other hand moved to brush my hair from my face and I took his fingers into my mouth, licking the two digits clean as soon as I could breath again.

"I'm going to get you some water. Do you need anything else?


"What you need is to rest. You're drunk."

"I'm sober enough!"


Sorry it's been a million years! I've had papers and projects and anxiety so...


Love This! Can't wait for more. One of my favorite stories on here! I love Jeff!!! Heart

Canesfan31 Canesfan31

Please update soon

Canesfan31 Canesfan31

Yay!!! Can't wait.

Canesfan31 Canesfan31


Hoping to post soon darling!

Joah Louise Joah Louise

❤️ This can't wait for another update.

Canesfan31 Canesfan31