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Gabrielle Savedra was on top of the world.

She had her dream career, her dog, her family, her best friends, her beautiful apartment, and half the country was in love with her. Gabrielle was an up-and-coming star in a new TV show based in Chicago called Life in Motion; a Friends-esc comedy show commenting on the life of local artists as well as life’s common issues. The ratings were growing quickly and so was her salary.

Gabrielle was a tiny girl from a small town outside of Houston, Texas with a Spanish mother and a Cowboy daddy. She grew up riding horses and herding cattle after school, in school she was a giggly cheerleader and sorority girl. Never in a million years did she think she would be an actress--or a celebrity no less.

Today was an especially good day. Gabby had just moved in to a brand new penthouse apartment on a beautiful side of town with her dog, Benet, and best friend, Samantha. She received the pictures from her recent magazine interview and photo shoot with Vogue and they were stunning. And now, she and her friends were celebrating at a very popular club in Chicago.

Several high school and college friends were in town to visit Gabby and her best friend, Samantha, who lived together. It was a fairly large group of eight people drinking and reminiscing about their best times shared in college. Gabby enthusiastically danced into the club, ready to get crazy like she was still in the sorority house.

“Gabby!” Olivia giggled and hugged Gabby around her shoulders, “This place is so cool!”

“I know! Can you believe I got us in?” Gabby added and Olivia rolled her eyes.

“Always bragging,” she joked and the pair laughed. Brad, Olivia’s fiancé, grabbed her from behind and pulled her away from Gabby.

“I’m ready to get my Jack and Coke on!” Courtney shouted and Gabby smiled.

“Let’s go get fucked up!” Gabby giggled and pulled Courtney towards the bar, everyone following behind.

They were loud, they were having fun, and everyone was taking turns taking shots of whiskey. Gabrielle dragged Samantha and Ryan out on to the dance floor and started a Ryan-sandwich as soon as she was drunk enough. But when Ryan and Sam started making out (probably to relive their couple of one-night-stands) Gabrielle ran back to the bar by herself. Courtney was with some guy and Brad and Olivia were occupying themselves with each other so Gabrielle sat there and simply caught her breath, refreshing herself with a beer.

Gabrielle looked around the club as she sipped on her beer and simply people watched. Couples making out, guys making fools of themselves to try and get women, women acting way too slutty in attempt to score some penis, etc. Some guy stood next to her and leaned on the bar to get the bartenders attention. Gabrielle looked him up and down before smirking to herself. She liked what she saw.

“Excuse me, I’m your biggest fan!” a girl to her side gushed and Gabby’s head immediately whipped in the girl’s direction.

“Awesome,” Gabby and the guy next to her spoke at exactly the same time. They turned to each other and exchanged a confused look.

“I was actually talking to her,” the fan said awkwardly. Gabby burst out laughing as the guy turned bright red. Gabby did notice those golden locks and blue eyes looked familiar but she just couldn’t place them.

“Do you think I could get your autograph?” the fan asked, handing Gabby a paper napkin and a sharpie.

“Sure thing,” Gabby shrugged and wrote a quick note and signed it at the end.

“Thank you so much!” the fan gushed and clutched the napkin to her chest.

“No problem,” Gabby winked and the fan ran off, leaving Gabby to her beer.

“That was embarrassing,” the blonde guy shot her a sideways smile as Gabby turned towards him.

“Well, that’s what you get for making assumptions,” Gabby shot before taking another long sip of her beer.

“I’m Patrick Kane,” he held out his hand and Gabby shook it.

“Gabrielle Savedra,” she smiled. “So what do you do to make you so unpopular, Patrick Kane?” Gabby teased.

“I play for the Chicago Blackhawks,” he grinned and Gabrielle’s eyes went wide. “What do you do to get to sign autographs?” Patrick asked and Gabrielle snapped back from her daze.

“I play Taylor in Life in Motion,” she smiled.

He nodded in recognition; “I knew I knew you from somewhere.”

“Same goes for you,” she winked and her eyes began searching the bar. Gabby knew from experience that athletes rarely traveled alone and Patrick would probably have teammates with him.

That’s when he caught her eye.

He was sitting in a booth looking at her interaction with Patrick with a sour look on his face. He watched her intently as a petite blonde held on to his arm, smiling. Gabby felt dirty for looking at them, dirty for flirting with his friend, and dirty for what she did; so she quickly looked away.

Gabby talked with Patrick for a while until he finally convinced her to give him her number. She kissed his cheek before being dragged out of the club by a giggling Samantha and left him with a goofy smile on his face. But before leaving she shared one last glance with the man who broke her heart.

Gabrielle Savedra’s life was perfect. Except for the one thing she could never have: Jonathan Toews.


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