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Jonathan Toews had the perfect life.

He had a wonderful apartment, great friends, a beautiful fiancée, and a career in full bloom. However, rarely did he ever want to do anything but play hockey anymore. It took Kaner, Sharpie, and his fiancée to get him out of his apartment. And finally, when he’s enjoying himself for the first time in three months she walks in the bar.

It was ironic, the exact movie she made him watch was the one that came to mind. “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world she had to walk into mine,” Rick echoed in his head. He scoffed as he watched her interact with her friends, so carefree. Was she not hurting everyday like he was?

That was a stupid question. He saw her on TV, in her show, in interviews. He couldn’t escape her or what she did. The irony? The woman he cheated on adored her and her show. As if he could handle any more irony in his life.

“Babe, you okay?” Stacey asked, picking up on Jon’s behavior.

“I’m fine,” he smiled in an attempt to reassure her. She let him believe she bought it.

Jon continued to watch her out of the corner of his eye as she laughed and drank with her friends. He watched as she sandwiched her friend with another friend. Her smile made his stomach contort like it had all those times before. He never wanted to leave her, he was only doing what he was supposed to do; what everyone expected him to do. Jon felt a slight resentment towards himself; why couldn’t he be that guy who just didn’t give a shit what others thought?

“Whoa, do you see that girl over there?” Kaner nudged Sharpie and nodded in the direction of her sitting at the bar. Toews felt his insides tighten as he envisioned his worst nightmare taking place.

“Nice,” Sharpie nodded and his girlfriend, Morgan, elbowed him in the ribs jokingly. “Hey!” he whined and everyone but Jonathan laughed.

“She looks really familiar,” Kaner said thoughtfully once the laughter died down.

“That’s because you’ve probably already boned every girl in this city,” Morgan laughed and once again everyone but Jonathan joined in. The thought of his best friend and her rolling around together like they used to killed him.

“I’m going to go give it a try,” Kaner said, finishing off his beer before sliding out of the booth. Jonathan watched as Patrick leaned against the bar casually next to her and his insides began to twist. He couldn’t believe the scene that was unfolding before his eyes.

“Looks like Kaner’s doing well,” Sharpie scoffed as she leaned in closer to him with a smirk on her face. Jonathan knew that look well. He knew she was interested.

Jonathan met the girl of his dreams eight months prior. She was a small, brunette, southern bombshell that completely blew him away with her big green eyes and her no-shit attitude. She never beat around the bush, was always honest, and had a smile that made his knees turn to jell-o. Never in a million years would he expect to fall in love with someone like her: she didn’t speak French, she was a total party girl, and hardly took anything seriously. She was his complete opposite and he loved it.

Jonathan watched as his best friend moved closer and closer to the girl who brought him to his knees. Patrick had his hand on the small of her back and she was leaning into him flirtatiously. He took a sip of his beer bitterly as he suddenly felt nauseous. Finally, one of her friends pulled on her drunkenly, trying to get her away from her obviously flirty conversation with Kane. Just before Jonathan could sigh thankfully, she grabbed a pen and wrote something down on Patrick’s hand.

Patrick looked like he was on cloud nine. Jon felt like he was about to die.

“Oh my God! I just recognized that girl that Patrick was flirting with!” Stacey gasped.

“What are you talking about?” Jonathan asked, playing dumb.

“That was Gabrielle Savedra! Oh my God, I can’t believe I didn’t get her autograph! I love her show,” Stacey continued to gush and Jon felt horrible. Patrick slid back into the booth with a shit-eating grin on his face.

“Do you realize who you just hit on?” Stacey asked.

“Yes I do,” he smirked, “I also charmed her into giving me her number.”

“Oh my God! That’s great!” Stacey congratulated him. Jon stayed silent.

“I cannot wait to call her,” he sighed and looked down at his hand.

“Can I come on your date?” Stacey laughed.

“What’s the big deal? She’s just an actress,” Jon shrugged, hoping the conversation would drop.

Just an actress? I love her! She’s amazing!” Stacey gushed. Jon couldn’t help agreeing with his fiancée.

“I’m going to head home, see you guys later,” Patrick smiled, sliding out of the booth and going home.

“Did Patrick just go home without a puck slut?” Stacey asked in mock shock.

“Looks like it,” Jon shrugged. He couldn’t believe it took the woman he was in love with to convert his best friend from his man whore ways.

“What do you say we head home?” Stacey asked as she rubbed her hand along his thigh sensually and suddenly Jon snapped back to reality. Stacey was his fiancée: the safe choice.

“Sure,” Jon smirked and gave Stacey a quick kiss on his lips.

Jonathan Toews’s life was perfect. Except for the one thing he could never have: Gabrielle Savedra.


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