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“I am still so sorry about that,” Patrick sighed as they walked down the street.

“It’s fine, it’s actually kind of funny,” Gabby shrugged as she peered down at her ruined dress. Patrick managed to stand up as a waiter was walking by, knocking the trey of drinks out of the waiter’s hands and into Gabby’s lap.

“I’ll buy you another dress, I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life,” he sighed.

“I think it’s funny. And don’t worry, the dress wasn’t too expensive,” she winked and grabbed his hand. He looked down as she laced her fingers with his. Gabby had a wonderful night, despite Patrick’s epic fail at the end.

“I still feel bad,” he pouted and Gabby giggled.

“Patrick, chill. Why don’t you come home with me so I can change? We’ll pop in a movie, drink some wine, and salvage this night,” she pressed up against him slightly and he grinned down at her. He couldn’t help wondering, how could she still be into him?

They finally found his SUV and he took off towards her apartment. Samantha was supposed to be spending the night out so the only roommate they had to worry about was Benet. Patrick wrapped an arm protectively around Gabby as they walked through the parking garage to her apartment building. The elevator ride to her apartment was incredibly awkward, neither of them entirely sure of what would be appropriate.

“Here we are, home sweet home,” Gabby said as she finally opened the door to her apartment. She slipped off her heavy coat and hung it on the coat stand; it was only October and already Gabby was freezing.

“I didn’t mention this earlier but this is a really nice place,” Patrick complimented.

“Thanks, I actually just moved in about a week ago,” she shrugged and headed towards the kitchen. “I’d offer you a beer but I’m afraid my friends have recently dried me up. All I have is wine and like, three drops of bourbon,” she shrugged as Patrick leaned on the counter.

He smirked, a smartass comment obviously on his mind. “I’m fine, thanks.” It was the exact same face she made when she was keeping something sarcastic to herself. Gabby raised an eyebrow at him: she wasn’t sure what it was but she couldn’t help being totally attracted to him. Despite how completely immoral the situation was.

Gabby moved towards Patrick with a seductive look in her eyes, “So, couch?”

“I kind of like it right here,” Patrick smirked and took her by surprise by pushing her up against a counter. Gabby gasped Patrick leaned in slowly, teasing her, before finally crashing his lips on top of hers.

Gabby wrapped her arms around Patrick’s neck as his hands traveled down to grip her hips. He deepened the kiss as she pulled playfully on his hair. She couldn’t lie: he was doing absolutely everything right to get her turned on. Patrick’s hand gently grazed the small of her back and Gabby pressed against him.

The front door opened and the couple broke apart to look towards the sudden interruption just as Samantha walked inside. She clumsily closed the door with her hip as Benet enthusiastically greeted her. Samantha’s head snapped towards Gabby and Patrick and an amused smile immediately grew across her face.

“Hello, children. Having fun?” Samantha asked, amused.

“Sam, this is Patrick, you interrupted us when we were talking the other night but you were probably too wasted to remember,” Gabby shot back. It was now time for Samantha to be embarrassed.

But like the classy lady Samantha was, she sucked up her embarrassment to hold her hand out for Patrick to shake. “Nice to meet you, I’m Gabby’s roommate and agent,” Sam smiled.

“Likewise,” Patrick nodded politely.

“I’m just going to take a bath and go to bed. C’mon Benet, come with me so Mommy can be a slut,” Samantha cooed and the dog obediently followed behind Sam as Gabby turned bright red. Gabrielle: 1; Samantha: 3.

“That wasn’t awkward at all,” Patrick whispered to Gabby and the two giggled like a pair of high schools kids caught by a parent.

“Sorry about that,” Gabby laughed, “Sam and I have this competition to see who can be the biggest smartass. It’s been going on since high school.”

“Well, I’m rooting for you but I’m pretty sure she won that round,” Patrick laughed as Gabby pouted.

“Not nice,” Gabby stuck out her bottom lip.

“Yeah, but I know how I can make up for it,” he smirked and leaned down to capture her lips in another passionate kiss.

“That was pretty good Kane but you’re going to have to do a lot better than that,” Gabby smirked as they broke apart.

“Oh, I was planning on it,” he grinned and before she even knew what was happening Patrick had thrown her over his shoulder and was carrying her out of the kitchen.

“Patrick!” Gabby whined, “This is so not fair!”

“Hush and enjoy the view!” he laughed as Gabby slapped his ass. Patrick dropped her on the couch and she looked up at him while laughing. Patrick climbed on top of her and kissed her roughly. Gabby immediately stopped laughing: her back arched and she grabbed the back of his head. It had been too long since Gabby had gotten any attention and she wanted Patrick with every fiber of her being. Patrick was doing absolutely everything right, touching and kissing her in just the right ways to drive Gabby crazy.

Gabby gently pushed against his chest and the two broke apart. “I think we should stop,” she whispered before placing another quick kiss on his lips, “I have work tomorrow morning.”

“Shit, that’s right, I have an eight A.M. practice,” he cursed.

“I had fun,” she smiled as he stared down at her.

“So did I,” he gave her a soft sideways smile and she couldn’t help thinking about how adorable he was. “This is the most fun I’ve ever had on a first date,” he added.

“Well, I could’ve done without the trey of drinks in my lap but besides that I’d say it was pretty perfect,” she smirked and kissed him again. He groaned into the kiss; it was taking all of his restraint to not drag her into the bedroom right then and there. Patrick gently broke the kiss and forced himself off the couch before gently helping Gabby off the couch.

They walked silently to the door, holding hands slightly. They both stopped in front of the closed door and Gabby sighed as she looked up at the boy before her. Gabby reached up to kiss him softly one last time.

“I’ll call you,” he breathed as they broke apart.

“You better,” she said smugly and winked as he slipped out the door. Patrick shot her a sideways smile before closing the door behind him.

Gabby pressed her back against the door and groaned. It had been too long since she had any sort of sexual contact and breaking away from Patrick was painful if nothing else. Gabby glared at the doorknob before locking up for the night and trudging towards her bedroom. Too lazy to change, Gabby simply slipped out of her dress and crawled into bed knowing she would be exhausted at work the next day. And for the first time in several months, her ex-boyfriend was the furthest thing from her mind.


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