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“You’re a terrible person,” Samantha glared at Gabby as they heated up left over Chinese food. Their friends had all flown home with promises to keep in touch. Over all, it was a great weekend. Now Gabby had to sit through Sam’s scolding.

“What?” Gabby raised an eyebrow.

“You’re going on a date with Jonathan’s teammate!” Sam exclaimed.

“He cheated on me!” Gabby exclaimed defensively.

“Technically you were the other woman,” Sam pointed.

Gabby glared, “Thanks, that makes me feel so much better.”

“You know this is wrong,” Sam glared back.

“What if I’m actually interested in Patrick and the fact that it will bother Jon is just an added bonus?” Gabby asked emphatically.

“You don’t date your ex boyfriend’s best friend!” Sam sighed exasperatedly.

“Not completely true, not when he uses you and you find out he has a fiancée from a tabloid,” Gabby folded her arms over her chest and dared Sam to defend Jon one more time.

“This could come back to bite you in the ass and you know how public your life is. If this comes out it could completely discredit you as America’s Sweetheart,” Sam added and Gabby looked up in thought. Fame was still new to Gabby and she hadn’t thought about how this bizarre love triangle might affect her career.

“We’ll just have to see how this works out. Besides, with how cool Patrick seems I might keep him around permanently,” Gabby smirked as she thought back to their earlier conversations.

“Sometimes with how cute you are I forget that you truly have a sinister mind in there,” Samantha chuckled.

“Yeah, I still surprise myself sometimes. Payback is a bitch,” Gabby smiled contentedly.

“Yeah, and so are you!” Samantha shot jokingly and the two best friends cracked up.

“So do you know what you’re wearing tonight?” Sam asked, changing the subject.

“I don’t know, something that says I’m definitely interested but I’m not putting out on the first date,” Gabby shrugged before munching on an eggroll.

“You’re not putting out?” Samantha asked with sarcastic skepticism and Gabby glared.

“I’m not a whore like you,” she retorted and both girls stuck their tongues out at each other before cracking up.

“Patrick’s the kind of guy that you need to give him a little taste; just enough to keep him interested and coming back for more,” Gabby smirked.

“You sure know how to play the field.”

“I’m a pro,” Gabby shrugged with a false innocence.

“AKA: you’re a slut,” Sam laughed and Gabby threw a half-eaten eggroll at her. It fell on the floor and before either girl could grab it, their Yellow Labrador, Benet, ate it off the floor.

“Shut up and eat. Then we need to figure out what I’m wearing tonight,” Gabby said as she swirled her noodles around her fork.

“You have like, three hours until he comes,” Samantha rolled her eyes.

“I know, but I only have an hour and a half until you leave; my little sidekick,” Gabby blew a kiss to Samantha.

“When did I become the sidekick?” Sam whined.

“When you became my agent,” Gabby shot.

Samantha rolled her eyes once again; she couldn’t believe her best friend sometimes. “If the pay wasn’t so good I would’ve quit a long time ago. My boss is a crazy bitch,” the two girls laughed.

Gabby and Samantha spent the next thirty minutes going through Gabby’s two closets. Gabby had to admit that her life was rather charmed; in fact, she admitted it to herself every night as she lay in bed with Benet. She had come a long way in the past few years, as a matter of fact, she had come a long way since she dated and dumped a certain cheating team captain.

“I’ll see you later, boss, I’m going,” Samantha waved as Gabby sat in her robe watching an episode of Jersey Shore.

“Bye! Don’t get an STD!” Gabby waved unenthusiastically as Benet jumped up on the couch and cuddled into her leg. Sam shot Gabby a bothered glare before shutting the front door behind her.

“Well, it’s just you and me boy,” she scratched the top of his head and he rested it on her knee. “Know what? I think its naptime. C’mon,” Gabby got off the couch and walked towards her bedroom, Benet following behind. They both jumped in her bed and as soon as Gabby was settled under the covers Benet was pressed up against her legs.

Gabby closed her eyes and expected to wake up in thirty minutes fully restored and ready to go. However, she woke up about an hour and a half later, very drowsy, to the ringing of the doorbell. Normally, this wouldn’t wake her up but Benet’s barking did just the thing. Benet ran towards the front door and Gabby groaned, rolling out of bed and heading towards the front door.

Gabby walked to the front door, clutching her silk robe together as Benet attacked the door enthusiastically. “Benet,” she scolded as she held him back with her leg and cracked open the door. What she saw immediately made her audibly gasp.

“Hey, you look… casual,” Patrick laughed and Gabby’s hand flew to her mouth.

“I fell asleep and didn’t set an alarm, oh my God,” she panicked.

“It’s cool, I’ll wait while you get ready. Besides, the pigtails are kind of hot,” he nodded and her hand flew to the pair of messy braids in her hair.

“Funny,” she raised an eyebrow and shot him an annoyed look. “Warning: I have a very large yellow lab,” she shrugged and opened the door. An excited Benet immediately attacked Patrick and Gabby saw nothing but a smile on Patrick’s face.

“Don’t worry, I love dogs. I would get one but I don’t have any time so it wouldn’t be fair,” Patrick grinned as he pet Benet. He looked up at Gabby standing in a light pink silk robe with her messy braids and licked his lips.

Gabby noticed this and sighed, “I’m going to go change. You two get acquainted.” Gabby ran to her bedroom and shut the door, quickly throwing on the dress she and Samantha had picked out later before running to the bathroom. Washing her face, putting on a natural layer of makeup, and throwing her hair in a lazy bun, she ran out the door fifteen minutes later to see Patrick and Benet playing an intense game of tug-of-war.

“So, good to see you two have bonded,” Gabby smirked with her hands folded over her chest as the two of them looked at her with very similar expressions.

“Wow, I thought you’d take a lot longer,” Patrick allowed his eyes to roam her body freely, dropping the toy in his hand and allowing Benet to be victorious.

“Contrary to popular belief, I’m rather low maintenance,” she smirked.

“Is he going to be okay by himself?” Patrick asked, gesturing to Benet. Gabby had never seen his tail move so fast. Benet was a rescue and he even had a huge scar on his face from abuse. The second Gabby laid eyes on him in the shelter she knew he was the one for her. Gabby had never seen Benet take to someone so quickly and she remembered he especially didn’t like Jon. Maybe that was a sign she should have seen.

“He’ll be fine, he’ll whine for a little while but then he’ll just go to sleep,” she shrugged.

“Well, we’ll bring him back something,” he smiled and pat Benet one last time.

“Let’s go,” Gabby grinned. Patrick was charming in a way she couldn’t deny. The pair left the apartment and as Gabby locked the door Patrick remained close. She loved the feeling.

“What do you have planned?” she asked.

“Small dinner, walk in the park, maybe dessert at my place?” he wiggled his eyebrows and she knew he was kidding.

Gabby laughed, “We’ll see, superstar.”

“So we shall,” he wrapped an arm around her and she smiled. This would be fun.


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I love this story please update

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