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Reckless Hearts

Chapter 3

{Layken's POV}

'What was she doing agreeing to let James come back here by himself to talk to her. If any of the other girls got wind of it. Hell would surely break lose. Or if any of James teammates. Even if management got wind of it. Than it could be her backside in the hot seat. And she really needed this job.'
she thought to herself.

Did she really want to listen to what James had to say to her anyways? Would he tell her the truth? Would she believe the truth? Honestly it wasn't like they were in a relationship in the first place. They both knew what it was for both of them, just a tumble in the sheets for both of them. It had been agreed upon by both of them. They had, had their fun while it lasted and it was nothing more than that. At least that's what she kept telling herself it was.

She knew they couldn't pick up what they had in Dallas here in Pittsburgh. But why all of the sudden was it bugging her so much. It wasn't like she didn't deserve to be with a guy like James. But she wasn't what you would call a typical athletes girl. She wasn't stick thin or bleached blonde. She had a curvacous body. She didn't have the designer label clothing or shoes.

Walking over to one of the big windows in the living room she wrapped her arms around herself and stared out of it. It was that time of year where it was starting to change from Summer to Fall, the nights were starting to get cooler. She honestly couldn't wait to see the leaves on the trees change color's and be somewhere it actually was Winter, when it was Winter time. Don't get her wrong she loved being in Dallas, since she was a Midwest girl. But being in eighty degree in the middle of Winter, didn't make it feel like Winter.

She was so absorbed and lost in her thoughts and staring out the window she didn't hear her front door opening and James setting their take-out on the counter. She didn't hear James come up behind her. So when James came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and felt his breath hit the back of her neck. She couldn't help the startled scream that escaped her throat or that her defense mechnism to turn and deck him in the jaw.

"Shit Layken its just me," James said in shock, releasing her and stepping back to rub his jaw.

"Well you shouldn't sneak up on people," Layken hissed through gritted teeth, clutching at her chest. "In fact you shouldn't just walk into peoples homes without knocking on the door first."

Her father had taught her self defense at an earlie age so she could defend herself and wouldn't always have to depend on someone else to stick up for her. He had also paid for some extra self defense classes when she had gotten older and found out she was moving to Dallas all by herself. At the time she had thought it had been ridiculous and he was just being the over protective father. She had never had to defend herself in Dallas. That had been her first time and was glad she had remembered some things.

"Well I thought you heard me come in. You knew I was coming back anyways," he replied, with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Ok well first of all I wasn't sure if you were really coming back. Second of all again you shouldn't just walk into peoples homes without knocking first. Than you should really wait for that person to open the door and let you in. Third of all I'm not one of your teammates that just has people coming in and out of my place at all hour's of the night." she replied, shaking out her fist.

"I told you I was coming back," he said non-chalantly, shrugging his shoulders again.

Layken shook her head and rolled her eyes at his answer. She really took in his appearence now that they were alone. He had on a pair of dark jeans, a long sleeved grey shirt, a pair of sneakers. He had the beginning of a five o'clock shadow on his jaw. Giving his boyish looks, a more rugged look. His dark hair was just a tad bit longer and was styled in a just got out of bed look. In all honesty he looked comfortable, actually more confident than he had in Dallas.

'At least he's not wearing that ridiculous plaid jacket' she thought, chuckling slightly to herself.

"What's so funny?" he asked curiously, watching her.

"Nothing just thinking," she replied, with a smile.

"O-Kay than. Well I got dinner. I hope itlain is ok," he answered, shoving his hands in his jeans pockets.

"Thats fine," she replied, turning and walking towards the kitchen.

She could feel James following behind her into the kitchen. The fell into a comfortable silence and pulled down plates and cups that had been provided in her apartment. It felt so normal to be moving around her kitchen with James. They weren't awkwardly bumping into eachother. Once they plated up their food they moved over to the island and sat on the stools. They ate silently for a little bit until Layken finally broke the silence.

"So?" she asked.

"This is good isn't it?" James asked, avoiding her question.

"James you said you were going to come back and explain," she sighed setting down her fork and staring straight at him.

"Right. Well where do you want me to start?" he asked, setting down his own fork and than rubbing the back of his neck.

"I don't know. Maybe you should start with the night or morning you just took off. Or maybe why you used me when I didn't want to be used," she replied sarcastically, resisting the urge to roll her eyes.

"I didn't use you Lay. I really didn't. And if it seemed like I was using you than I'm sorry, I really am. I never meant it to seem like I was using you," he replied sincerely, looking straight in her eyes.

"Than what I was just there for you to scratch an itch with?" she asked.

James inhaled sharply and started coughing as the food he was chewing went down the tube.

"W-what?" he sputtered, still coughing and reaching for his drink.

"You heard me," she muttered, pushing her noodles around her plate, not daring to look up at his face.

"Why?......... Why would you think that?" he asked confusidely.

"I don't know James. I mean what else could it have been?" she asked, still looking at her plate.

"Jesus Lay," he sighed sitting down his fork and running a hand through his hair. "I never meant for you to think I was just scratching an itch. It was so much more to me and I was hoping it was more for you too."

Layken wasn't sure how to answer that. In her mind it had alway's been so much more to her and in her wildest dreams she had never imagined it meant more to him, like it had to her. Now they were sitting here eating together and she was hearing him tell her that it had meant more to him also. She didn't dare look up at him to see if he was telling the truth or not, because she knew if she saw he was teasing her, her heart would break all over again, like it had that morning she had found him gone.

"Why?" she asked quietly.

"Why what?" he asked.

Taking a deep breath she looked up into his eyes and asked the question she had been wondering for awhile.

"Why me?" she asked.

"Why you? Why not?" he asked shrugging his shoulders.

"Well lets see James. I'm not that special, I'm just kinda plain and don't really have anything to offer," she replied sarcastically.

"Thats where your wrong Lay. Your not like the other girls I know and you are special. At least your special to me. Your independent and don't want me just for my money. Your sweet and kind and passionate about things in your life. Your funny and smart. You think about other people before yourself. Your someone I could take home to meet my parents," he replied.

"Right like your parents would like me," she scoffed.

"If you'll remember correctly you did meet my family and they loved you," he replied.

"Yeah because they just thought I was a Ice girl that worked for the Stars at the time. They wouldn't want their son to be with someone like me," she replied, pushing her plate away suddenly not hungry anymore.

"What is that supposed to mean? Someone like you? Anyways it wouldn't really matter what they thought anyways. It would be my choice who I would or wouldn't be with anyways," he replied.

"You know someone who shakes their ass and tits for a living," she answered, with a shrug.

"I would hardly say you just shake your ass and tits for a living. Its not like your a stripper or anything," he snapped.

"Might as well," she answered nonchalently.


"What? Its the truth," she said with a shrug again.

"That is so far from the truth and you know it," he said frustratidly.

"You know what James we're not getting anywhere with this conversation. So thank you for dinner, but I think its best you go now," she said, sliding off her stool and grabbing her plate and James. Than walked to the other side of the counter and placed the plates in the sink.

She placed her hands against the counter and took another deep breath. She could hear James stand from his seat, but didn't turn towards him.

"So thats it than? Your not even going to let me explain about that morning?" he asked.

"Theres nothing left to be said," she said quietly, shaking her head.

"Even if I told you what I was going to tell you back than?" he tried.

"It doesn't matter what you were going to tell me back than. That was than and this is now," she replied, turning and leaning back against the counter and crossing her arms.

"Layken," he sighed.

"Look James I have a job here to do and I........ I just think it would be best if we avoided each other the best we can. I know that it will be near impossible considering we both work for the penguins," she told him.

She could see the frustration in his eyes as she told him that. But she thought it would be best if they kept the past in the past and could maybe, possibly be ambically towards each other. James stood there for a few minutes and just watched her. Without another word he nodded and than turned to leave.


@Sidster87~ Thanks..... I'm trying to work on an update for this story. I've just been extremely busy lately!!!
Great story
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