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Reckless Hearts


James Neal was just happy being able to do what he loved the most, play hockey. He played hard and partied harder, as a Super Star playing for the Dallas Stars. After getting traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins he's just trying find his place. Now that he's signed a new contract he knows he has a place where belongs.

Layken McKendrick had been a dancer, from a young age she loved to dance. In middle and high school she found all her years of dancing had her landing spots on her schools dance teams. Layken found herself being given the chance of an opportunity of a lifetime and become a Dallas Star Ice Girl.

Somewhere along the line the lines get blurred with Layken and James!!!!!!

This is going to be a short story somewhere between 10-12 chapters!!!!

Disclaimer: Obviously I don't own James Neal, or the Pittsburgh Peguins, the NHL, or anybody associated with them.


  1. Prologue

    Warning: Sexual Content

  2. Chapter 1

    Present Day

  3. Chapter 2

    James POV

  4. Chapter 3

    Laykens POV


@Sidster87~ Thanks..... I'm trying to work on an update for this story. I've just been extremely busy lately!!!
Great story
Sidster87 Sidster87