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Dr. Grey Will See You Now

Chapter 30: The Next Morning and Cover up

The next morning Kris woke up with a major headache. He goes to sit up but someone was laying on his chest. He kissed her head thinking it was Madison. That was when he noticed the blonde hair and that it was Liz not Madison.
"Oh god what the hell did I do?" Kris thinks to himself.
Liz slowly wakes up. She had a raging headache. She realizes that she was laying on a mans chest. She looks up and sees that man is none other than her ex husband.
"What the hell did you get yourself into." Liz thinks to herself.
"Hey." Kris says.
"Hey." Liz says.
"Hang over?" Kris asks.
"God yes I need water and advil." Liz says.
"I will get it." Kris says slipping out of bed.
He goes to the bathroom getting a glass and the bottle of pills. He was definately naked. Liz pulls away the covers looking down. Yup she was naked too. Kris comes back handing her a few pills and the glass. She swallows the pills with some of the water before handing it back. Kris does the same. He then sits it back on the nightstand.
"What did we do?" Liz asks.
"Well for starters we drank a lot of wine. Then you cried on my chest. "Kris says.
"And we started kissing and then ended up here." Liz says.
"Yeah and we had sex not once but twice." Kris says.
"God I am sorry Kris." Liz says.
"Hey I am just as guilty." Kris says.
"But you are engagged to another woman. A woman who i consider to be one of my best friends." Liz says.
"I know. How about this okay we keep this between us. It happened we can't change it. Madison don't have to know. And it don't have to change our relationship." Kris says.
"No I agree. We can just put it in the past and won't let it happen again." Liz says.
"Exactaly." Kris says.
"Thanks for being a great friend, wonderful father and just great guy." Liz says.
"I am not so great I just cheated on my fiancee with my ex wife." Kris says.
"It was a mistake Kris. We were drunk and hurt and needed comfort. I know it won't happen again and I don't expect it too. I know you don't love me like that and I don't love you like that. I love you as a very best friend and as the father to our son and that is it." Liz says.
"Yeah I know I love you as a best friend too and mother to my son. Besides you were my first true love so I will always have a special place in my heart for you." Kris says.
"Me too." LIz agrees.
"Glad this one mistake won't come between us." Kris says as they both dress.
"Nope and it won't." Liz says.
"Now you need to get out of here before Micah wakes up. Because if he sees you here he will know you spent the night and if he sees you in my room he will think we are getting back together or something." LIz says.
"Yeah and I don't want to hurt ohim." Kris ays.
"I know." Liz says,
"I will see myself out." Kris says.
"Okay." Liz says.
"Oh Liz." Kris says.
"Yeah." Liz say.
"Thanks for always being there for me. I appreciate it more than you could no." Kris says kissing her on the forhead. He then leaves letting himself out. He heads home. Madison was already gone for the day so he showered and did things around the house that needed done. He then started to make dinner Madison's favorite. He waited for her to come home.

Liz shut the door behind Kris. She slid to the floor.
"God Liz how could you be so stupid and let something like this happen." Liz says to herself.
She puts her head in her hands and cries again. Once she didn't have anymore tears to cry she got up and went to get dressed.
"Oh god did we use protection?" Liz thinks outloud.
She goess to the trash can by the bed looking it was empty. She then goes and looks in the bathroom trash can not seeing anything in there either. She goes and opens the drawyer of the night stand and sees the unopened box of condoms. THe box was still in the seal so she knew her answer. They did not use protection. She sees her calendar open and looks at it.
"Fuck oh god." Liz says seeing that it was marked in red meaning she was ovulating. She had been monitoring it so that when she was ready to have a baby again with whomever it would be a little easier and maybe it would help her carry the baby to term.
She cloeses the door. She goes and wakes Micah up. She decided to keep him home from daycare today. She took him to movies to see a movie he wanted to see and then they went to the zoo. She tried to put everything out of her mind. She just prayed that she wouldn't end up pregnant or things could get pretty tricky.

Madison went to work at both offices. SHe was trying to keep busy so she wouldn't get upset. She hoped Kris was home when she got there and they could talk and work this out. She really did love him. She didn't have any appointments so she was able to cut out early. She heads home seeing Kris's truk in the driveway. She pulls behind it and heads into the house.
"Maddie is that you?" Kris asks.
"Yes baby. Is everything okay?" Madison asks,
"Yeah sorry about missing your calls and texts last night. But Micah still wash't feeling the greatest and asked me to stay. So I ended up sleeping with him." Kris says.
"Aww it is okay." Madison says.
"Yeah he was feeling better this morning." Kris says.
"That is good. I am sorry for getting so mad about the session yesterday. I did some long hard thinkng and realized that it is good that you are able to get back. I believe you won't have a set back so if you want too keep seeing Jasmine as well as me than I am all for it." Madison says.
"Really?" Kris asks.
"Yes but on one condiition." Madison says.
"Sure what?" Kris says.
"Don't push yourself to hard to fast. Take it day by day and slowly build yourself into an intense workout." Madison says.
"That I can do." Kris says.
"Okay so what is for dinner because me and the Letang twins are hungry." Madison says.
"Chicken Parmesan baby your favorite." Kris says.
"It is my favorite baby. Thank you for making it." Madison says.
"Plus I figured we could relive our first date." Kris says.
"Even a hockey game?" Madison asks.
"Yeah Capitols and Leafs are playing. Whoever wins in this series will be who we face." Kris says.
"I see well let's eat so we can watch hoceky." Madison says.

They sit down and enjoy dinner and conversation. After they eat they clean up dinner and head to watch the game. After the game ended they head up to bed. They make love a few times truly making up with each other before both falling asleep.



Love the new chapters! And I'll always listen to you too!! :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Thank you! hope you like the most recent updates! And I am always here for you too! I am a great listener!

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

So amazing!!!

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Totally love it! And I'm always here for you :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

ha ha :) its okay we are all a little weird!

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