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Beating The Odds

Beating The Odds Chapter 1

NHL 2013-2014-

Mike Gapski stepped inside the Chicago Blackhawks locker room. The guys were almost changed, a few still had to put their practice jersey's on.

"The man of the hour," Coach Quenneville pointed over to Mike Gapski, the head athletic trainer. Mike nodded politely towards the guys before he pulled coach outside the locker room.

"We've got that new trainer of yours." Mike said, his right hand clenched tightly into a fist. Gapski wasn't happy about the decision made, but he did admit the new trainer had the most elite athletic training. It was Coach Quenneville's decision for the most part. He wanted a fresh face amongst the team, but Mike thought that this pushed the limit.

"Great! We can get started with everything now that this is all final." Coach Quenneville said. He was excited for the new trainer, of course he was nervous about the risky and controversial decision, but having a girl as an athletic trainer would only help the team. It would get the testosterone flowing.

"Not quite." Mike laughed, "She's still a young, feisty, 22 year old, fresh out of college, sir." Coach Quenneville blinked at Mike as if he were not getting the big picture.

"I wanted to bring in a young one, you don't listen, because the guys need to handle distraction." Coach said. He's repeated this over and over to Gapski, but each time Mike would just ignore him. Mike thought bringing in a girl would just weaken the team; Coach thought otherwise. "We'll see as the season goes on." Coach patted Mike Gapski's shoulder and started to walk towards the locker room, "Go get the girl, will you? I want the guys to meet her."

"Yes, sir." Mike nodded, still pissed that he couldn't get one of his good buddies a job in the NHL. He lost to a 22 year old girl, and it was something his good buddy was not happy with.

Mike entered the athletic training offices, "Ellie," He said and popped his head into her office. She had been organizing her new office; things were scattered across the floor, boxes were piled up on one wall, yet Ellie was still very collected. She seemed completely stress-free, except for the fact that she wasn't. "Coach Quenneville wants me to introduce you to the players."

"Right now?" Ellie asked as she dropped a box of files. Luckily, the box barely missed her left foot and she was left unharmed.

Mike nodded, "Come along."

Ellie followed Mike Gapski out of the offices. Her heart beat grew louder every time she stepped closer and closer to entering that ice rink where the Blackhawk's had just started to warm-up. This was a dream of hers, to somehow work in the NHL, and to be the first woman in history to so? Ellie was over the moon.

"Is there anything I should know before going in there?" Ellie stopped a few feet away from the doors to the ice. Her long, blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail, but a few stray hairs never failed to fall into Ellie's face.

Mike Gapski laughed and turned around, his hand gently rested on the door handle, "These guys are brutal. Accidents happen often with them. Oh, and you'll also be in charge of taping ankles, wrists, icebaths, etc. you know the drill."

"Oh, fun." Ellie laughed and knew half-assing anything would ruin any chance of her sticking around for another year. She motioned for Mike to open the door, so he did.

Her heart pounded; it sounded like a bass drum beating rapidly, something she had never experienced before. Mike told Ellie to stay put and out of the guys sight until he told her to come on out to the ice. She nodded.

"So you young men just finished an incredible season a few months ago, and now we're starting the next. We've got high hopes again this year, and with the resignation of our old assistant trainer, we decided to hire a new one." Coach Quenneville was joined by Mike Gapski in the circle of Blackhawks, "I'd like to welcome Ellie Pratt, our new assistant athletic trainer, to the team."

This was Ellie's cue. She had rehearsed this over and over in her head for the past minute and had it all planned out. A cute smile and wave to the guys, and then she would softly say 'hey' when she was besides Coach and Mike.

Ellie started to walk out onto the ice. She flashed a smile at the players as she waved; the guys looked at her, dumbfounded. They thought for sure the new trainer was going to be Mike Gapski's highly praised friend, but instead it was a young, twenty-something year old, girl.

"Hey guys." Ellie said softly as she reached Coach and Mike. They both gave Ellie a pat on the back.

Coach Quenneville could hardly contain his excitement of the new edition, "Twenty-two years old and already has a master's in athletic training."

"Let's not forget the minor in nursing." Ellie laughed by herself. Again, the guys stood, dumbfounded. They were in the presence of a mysterious, blonde who could probably outsmart anyone on the ice at any given moment. The guys thought she was beyond beautiful, especially captain Jonathan Toews and best friend Patrick Kane.

"Is this for real?" Patrick Kane turned to captain Jonathan, both stood in awe at the new athletic trainer.

Jonathan shrugged and took his eyes off of Ellie, "I don't know." He laughed and turned back to Ellie, Mike, and Coach.

"Ellie, why don't you say a few things about yourself." Coach Quenneville offered but in a more demanding tone.

Ellie sucked in a large breath as she thought. The Blackhawk's had their attention all on her, something Ellie was not used to. "Well, I'm twenty-two, I like to fish, and I can solve a Rubikz cube in under a minute."

"Anything else?" Mike asked.

"No," Ellie shook her head and laughed, "I'm a boring person."

A laugh erupted from the guys, "I'm sure you aren't that boring." Patrick Kane said as he turned to Jon, "Am I right?"

"Yeah, a girl like you can't be boring." Jon smiled as he tried to get Ellie to look at him.

"I really am." Ellie stood frozen next to Coach Quenneville, "I've never partied, had alcohol... You name it, I probably haven't done it."

Patrick looked at Jon, Jon looked at Patrick, "Have you had sex before?" They both asked at the same time. The same question/answer king of thing had been happening to them a lot, so they figured why not.

Ellie raised her eyebrows and lifted her eye's from the floor, "Did you seriously just ask that?" She asked and narrowed her eyes at them, "That's personal."

"So you haven't?" Bryan Bickell laughed and elbowed Kaner in the side, "She hasn't had sex."

"So? I'm not like all you single, puck-bunny loving, hockey playing men, alright? I have a job, meaning I don't have time for guys." Ellie said as she looked directly into the eyes of Bryan Bickell, her eyes then moved to Kane's and eventually Toews'. "Now excuse me, I have work to do."

Ellie turned and said a few words to Coach Quenneville and Mike Gapski before she disappeared back to her office.

"What was that about?" Coach Quenneville asked Kane and Toews, his eyebrows were raised as he gave them a concerned stare.

"I think she is pretty damn hot, if you ask me." Patrick smirked.

"Just trying to get to know the girl." Jon responded weakly.

Coach Quenneville laughed, "Well, don't do it again, you hear?"

"No promises." Patrick laughed and then skated away.


Blackhawks won!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!

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