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I can't be no superman, but for you I'll be superhuman.


Three months earlier:
"Amanda, can I talk to you for a while?", my chief asked me.
I got a bit nervous, so I just nodded.

He showed me to his office. It was much bigger than I thought - I had never been here before - and it was only light colours.
"Do you want something to drink? Coffee?", he asked me.
My chief was a 50 year old man named Robin Nilsson. He looked a lot younger than he was, to be honest. Actually he was my dad's best friend so I pretty much known him well.
"Water would be great, thanks", I said and answered his smile.
He left me and came back with water to me and to him.
"Here go you", he said and gave me the water.
"Thanks. There is a reason why you bring me here, right?", I asked. I couldn't wait anymore, I was really nervous at this point.
"Yes, there's a reason", he said and smiled. "I know your dream is to work in America and write about hockey for a Swedish newspaper"
"Okay...", was the only I said. I was really confused.
"And there's actually a job like that in Chicago, and I think you would be perfect for it"
Was he serious?
Just like he read my mind he said "Yes, I'm serious, Amanda. You will get a condo there - the company will pay for it - and you will get to watch Chicago Blackhawks' games. And some games of Rockford Icehogs too, I think the readers would love to read about AHL"
"Oh, I don't know... I just got this job, you know..."
"Come on, Amanda. You've wanted this your whole life, maybe you won't get the chance to do this again. Don't let your nerves destroy your dreams"
I could feel the big smile on my lips. "Fine, I take the job. When am I leaving for Chicago?"'

Back to reality:
And here I am, just landed in Chicago and was now going to get my bags. There was going to be a guy here to welcome me, my chief told me that before I left Sweden. I didn't know his name, but I knew he would recognize me. He was also going to work with me here.
I just saw one of my bags when a voice called my name.
I turned around and saw a guy who was maybe 10 years older than me. "Ehm, yeah?"
"I'm Carl Wennberg, and I am the one who's going to work with you for a while.", he said nervously.
I gave him a smile. "Oh, okay. Nice to meet you, Carl. Can you help me getting my bags? I don't think I can get all 4 bags on my own"
"Of course I can", he answered me and I took another one of my bags.
We waited for a long while before my two other bags came. Yes I had 4 bags, but I was going to live here in Chicago, and I'm a girl. I need my stuff.
We walked to Carl's car. Thankfully he had a big car so there was a lot of place for my bags.
"Your apartment is such a nice place. It has everything you need, but I guess you will buy a lot more to it"
"Yes, I will", I laughed. "I need to make it look like my own place"


I'm sorry if it's something wrong with the grammar somewhere, English is not my first language :)


It's so good please update <3

Hockeyfan101 Hockeyfan101
i Like ur fanfic
Update!! plz
seguin_lover91 seguin_lover91
@Hockey_girl19 thank you so much! :)

Ebba Ebba
this fanfic is so good! :)
Hockey_girl19 Hockey_girl19