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I can't be no superman, but for you I'll be superhuman.


My phone started to ring. I stop eating my salad and answered the call.
”Amanda Jonsson”, I answered like always.
“Amanda, baby. Are you in Chicago now?”, my best friend Jennie asked.
“No, I’m sitting on the airplane”, I loved to be sarcastic.
“Very funny, or not”, Jennie said.
“Love you too, Jen.”, I laughed. “But aren’t you suppose to work or something?”
“No, I’m free today”
“Oh, okay. Enjoy your day, then.”, I said to her. Jennie worked really hard, and she didn’t have free days so often.
“Of course I will.”, she added. “Oh my god, I miss you, Amanda! I need to visit you soon”
“Jennie Olofsson, I met you two days ago, but yes, you need to visit me soon. I will pay for your tickets and everything, okay? You can come whenever you want to”
“No, Jennie, no. I don’t care what you think, I’ll pay for it.”, I added.
“Fine, you won’t change your mind, I know, so pay for it if you want”, and I could hear her sigh. “But I need to go now, I promised my parents to eat with them, call me later, okay?”
“Sure I’ll call you later”
“Okay, bye”
I had knew Jennie as long as I can remember, and we had always lived next to each other, and now we lived in two different countries with different time differences, so it was pretty hard but I promised her I would call her as often as I did when I lived in Sweden.

I was standing outside United Center, and I just could not stop smiling. This was my dream…
“Amanda, are you coming or not?”, I heard Carl laugh at me.
I blushed. “Of course”
Carl knew this place better than me, so I walked just after him. Getting lost inside here was the last thing I wanted.
“Alright, here it is”, he said and we walked inside a room full with people who was here to write about Chicago’s game tonight.
“Oh, Carl, you got a girlfriend with you now?”, a man asked Carl.
He laughed. “This young lady is a bit too young for me, Pete. This is Amanda, she’s going to work with me”
“Oh, I’m sorry. Nice to meet you, Amanda. My name is Pete”, the man said to me.
“Nothing to be sorry for, Pete, and nice to meet you too”
There was a table full of food and different things to drink. I took a mug with water and sat down with my MacBook.
It was an hour left until the game would start, so I checked Twitter.

Amanda Jonsson @Amanda_Jonsson
Couldn’t ask for a better life right now!

I checked my mentions, and found one from my 3 year younger brother.

Aron Jonsson @Aron_Jonssons_
Enjoy your time in Chicago, sis. Mom and dad miss you.

I answered him that I missed mom and dad too, and I missed him. I also thanked him.
“Why are you smiling?”, Carl asked me, and I looked up from the computer screen.
“Everything is so great right now, Carl. This is my dream, you know. This is what I’ve wanted my whole life”, I said.
Carl didn’t say anything, he just smiled at me.
“Oh my god, the game is starting”, I said and I started to fangirl a bit… Just a bit.


Chapter 2, yay.


It's so good please update <3

Hockeyfan101 Hockeyfan101
i Like ur fanfic
Update!! plz
seguin_lover91 seguin_lover91
@Hockey_girl19 thank you so much! :)

Ebba Ebba
this fanfic is so good! :)
Hockey_girl19 Hockey_girl19