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I can't be no superman, but for you I'll be superhuman.


”Have you seen Hossa?”, I asked Carl after the practice had been on for a while.
“No…”, he answered me and I nodded.

Amanda Jonsson @Amanda_Jonsson
No Hossa on the ice today, injury maybe?

The Blackhawks was practicing power play most of the time, so the practice was not so interest to look at.
I woke up from my thoughts by Carl.
“Amanda, can you take you home with a cab or something? I need to get to my officer right now, and it’s still time of the practice you know.”, he said stressfully and I nodded. Carl had an own officer, I would have one too but I said no when the chief asked me. I wanted to work at home.
“Of course I can, Carl. Do whatever you need to”, I said and he gave me a thankful smile. “Nothing to worry about, man.”
“Thank you, Amanda. See you in a while then”, he said and left me.
Who am I know going to talk to?, I asked myself, but I didn’t have to think for a while.
“Do you want some company?”, a girl asked me.
I gave her a smile. “Sure. I’m Amanda”
“Not from here, huh?”, the girl asked me and took a seat next to me. “I’m Alyssa”
“Half Swedish, half Russian. I used to live in Sweden until last month”, I said and she laughed.
“Nice mix, girl.”, she looked at me. “Sweden seems to be such a cool country. But half Russian? How?”
“My mom is born in Russia, and is 100% Russian, but she has lived in Sweden since she was 3 years old, and my dad is Swedish so it makes me half Russian and half Swedish”, I answered.
“That’s so cool. So you speak English, Swedish and Russian?!”
“Yeah. I also speak French since I had to learn that language when I still was in school”
Alyssa was a beautiful girl. She was a bit taller than me, had long brown hair and brown nice eyes.
“Are you a hockey fan?”, I asked her.
She nodded. “Yeah, but my boyfriend is actually down on the ice.”
She pointed at Chicago Blackhawks’ captain, Jonathan Toews, and he waved to her.
“Oh my god, you must be so proud of him”, I said and looked at her. She loved him. I could see it.
“I'm still as proud as I was when he got drafted.”, she answered me. “It has been some lovely years with him, we’re celebrating 8 years together next year. He makes me so damn happy. Wow, I’ve known you for some minutes and I’m already telling you this”
I laughed, and she did it too.
“By the way, do you want to grab something to eat like now?”, she asked me. “I would love to get to know you better, because you seem like an awesome person, and the practice is over so”
“I’m 100% in”, I laughed and we started to walk out of the arena.


I asked on my Tumblr after a girl who wanted to be Jonathan Toews girlfriend, and a girl named Alyssa wanted to be his girl so :)


It's so good please update <3

Hockeyfan101 Hockeyfan101
i Like ur fanfic
Update!! plz
seguin_lover91 seguin_lover91
@Hockey_girl19 thank you so much! :)

Ebba Ebba
this fanfic is so good! :)
Hockey_girl19 Hockey_girl19