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I can't be no superman, but for you I'll be superhuman.


I woke up at 9am, I could have got more sleep but I needed to get some stuff done. And with stuff I mean buy things to my condo. I needed to make it look like my own place, not something that my chief told someone to fix. Alright, it was nothing wrong how it looked but it just didn’t feel like my place. Not yet. I took my clothes on, got my makeup done and ate before I headed to the mall that was closest to my apartment. Thankfully there were a lot of stores in there. I walked in to one store and I came out with new pillows and some frames where I could put some photos in.
I have no idea about how much time I spend in that mall, but my hands was full of bags when I got home.
I took my computer and logged in on Skype. I saw that my brother was on too.
“Amanda, hi!”, he said and gave me a smile.
“Hi Aron, everything fine?”, I asked my baby brother.
“Yeah, we lost against Leksand yesterday though”, he said. My brother played hockey back home in Sweden, for Djurgården IF in Sweden’s second best league. Aron had been playing in Canada when he was younger, but now he was playing in Sweden again. I was happy for him, because in his age it’s pretty good to play at his level. He never got drafted by a team in NHL, no, but he just got better and better every year. I was so proud of him, I really was. I used to watch almost every game he played when I lived in Sweden.
“Oh, okay.”, I said and looked a bit sad. “How is mom doing? And dad? I have totally forgot to call them”
“They are doing fine too, Ammie. Don’t worry”, he said and laughed. “How are you doing then? Good, huh?”
“Yeah, everything feels perfect right now. The interviews are going well, and the apartment I got is lovely. It feels a bit strange to talk English all the time though.”
“Don’t tell me you have started to talk Swedish to someone!”, Aron laughed.
I blushed.
“Oh my god, you have done that!”
“Ehm, yes. It just happened, okay?”, I added. “You aren’t home alone, right?”
“No, some teammates of mine are in kitchen”, he said and smiled. “They actually don’t know I’m talking to you. Do you want me to get them here?”
I nodded. “Yeah, it would be fun”
1 minute later I saw three other guys in front of me. “Hi boys”
Linus Arnesson, Alexander Wennberg and Pontus Åberg gave me a smile. My brother was good friend with them all, and I had to say he had some good looking friends. But they was all too young for me.
“Hello”, they all said in the same time. I laughed.
“How are you doing, girl?”, Alexander asked.
“Great”, I smiled. “I heard you guys lost yesterday.”
“Yeah, we did. Not the best game from our side but we’ll get them next time”, Linus said to me.
“I’m sure you will.”, I added. “You guys are having a free day?”
“No, we had a practice in the morning”, Pontus answered my question.
I was just going to say something when my phone started to call. “Sorry boys, I need to take this”
“It’s fine, answer. We can wait”, Alexander said and I answered the call.
“Amanda Jonsson?”
“Hi Amanda, it’s Carl.”
“Oh hi, Carl. What’s on your mind?”
”Well, the Blackhawks’ have practice that starts in 30 minutes…”
Shit. I totally forgot that. “Ehm, pick me up whenever you want to”
“Sure, I’ll be there soon. Bye”
Aron looked at me. “Who’s Carl? A guy you met? And you talked in Swedish?!”
“Carl is only the guy who works with me, take it chill, baby brother. He works for the newspaper too”, I said. “He also got your last name, Alexander. Awesome, right?”
“Oh, really? He must be a good guy then”
Aron ignored him. “Okay”
“Well, he’s picking me up to watch Chicago Blackhawks’ practice so I guess I should get ready”
“Yeah, bye Amanda”
“Bye guys”, I smiled and blow a kiss to them and they only laughed.
I took my shoes and jacket on, and took my MacBook and took the elevator down to the lobby.
I got a text message from Aron, and one from Carl saying he’s outside.
I read Aron’s text message in the car.

From: Aron Jonsson
It was nice to hear your voice again. I never thought I would miss you, but I do. And it has only been some days! Oh well. Call me when you’re free, sis :)

“Your brother?”, Carl asked me with a smile.
“Yeah, we skyped earlier.”, I said and texted Aron back.

To: Aron Jonsson
Of course you miss your awesome sister ;) Haha. Miss you too, baby.

I got almost directly an answer.

From: Aron Jonsson
I’m only 3 years younger than you!!! Stop calling me a baby, please

I smiled.

To: Aron Jonsson
Awww. Love you too, baby ;)


Alright. Linus Arnesson is a defenseman who got drafted by Boston Bruins as 60th player being drafted in 2013 NHL entry draft, Alexander Wennberg is a forward who got drafted by Columbus Blue Jackets in 2013 NHL Entry draft's in the first round as the 14th player being drafted, Pontus Åberg got drafted by Nashville Predators in 2012 as the 37th player being drafted. They all played for Djurgården IF under the 2012-2013 season.


It's so good please update <3

Hockeyfan101 Hockeyfan101
i Like ur fanfic
Update!! plz
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@Hockey_girl19 thank you so much! :)

Ebba Ebba
this fanfic is so good! :)
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