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Looking Up

One - "God Knows We're Worth It"

It was July when Sara hit her second month mark. Sidney had decided to stay in Pittsburgh for the summer not wanting to disrupt Sara’s life anymore than it already was. Sara cleared out two draws and a small portion of her closet for Sidney to use because it had become evident early on that Sid was going nowhere. In his regular life, Sidney was already controlling and superstitious somehow a baby on the way amped his quirks up to an impossible level that had become almost suffocating to Sara.

“Sid, I’m heading out,” Sara called from the kitchen.

“Kiss,” Sid demanded from his muffled spot under the blankets. Sara sighed but smiled as she walked over to Sid and bent down to kiss him on the lips. He cracked an eye open and shot a pointed looked at her travel mug, “Better be decaf.”

“It’s tea.”

“Good. Are you sure you have to go?”

Sara sighed and knelt down on the floor in front of Sidney, “We already talked about this.” The fact that Sara volunteered at almost every organization in the city did not sit well with Sidney—having his unborn baby around dangerous neighborhoods and even more dangerous people was a soft spot between the two. “I can’t sit around all day, Sid. And plus, I’m hardly pregnant.”

Sidney barked a laugh, “Uh, Sara, I don’t think you can be ‘hardly pregnant’. You’re pretty knocked up last time I checked.” Sara scrunched up her face at Sid before kissing him a last time and walking out of the apartment. Sara refused to let Sid’s constant worrying interfere with her full volunteer schedule. If it weren’t for Sara’s inherent need to help other’s her and Sidney would have probably never met.

Sidney had attended the City of Pittsburgh D.A.S.H. charity for as long has he had lived in the city but never before had he seen the charity’s founder—a beautiful woman with chestnut hair and a fire red evening gown—and never before had he felt so at ease talking to a woman.

Sidney knew almost immediately that Sara was born into a family whose money could trump Sidney’s bank account tenfold and that fact was a selling point in his mind—never would he have to worry that she was only with him for his money. As Sidney began to converse with her he realized that she was quite literally a saint because not only did Sara create and run her own charities but she volunteered in soup kitchens and at Boys & Girls clubs throughout the city but never did he hear her be anything but positive about life.

Beyond the surface though, Sara was funny and vibrant. She laughed at Sidney’s terrible jokes wholeheartedly and never once hesitated to accept an offer to have dinner at Sidney’s Sewickley home. And when the two decided they wanted to go public, Sara stood proudly at Sidney’s side never once flinching when someone snapped a photo or a fan ran up to the two to say, “Hello.” Sidney was good for Sara too. She enjoyed being with him and poking fun at his game day rituals. She loved that he had the same passion for the game as she had for the people she helped. Sara loved that neither of them lived the large life and that they were both completely content making their own dinner and settling down to watch a movie or the days highlight reels.

It had been a good relationship before they found out Sara was pregnant. Not that their relationship had changed much but it had sped up exponentially and Sara found that just as unnerving as Sidney did. Still the two hardly knew each other for long and they were still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship—they were hardly in the sex induced hazed long enough to get pregnant before they were snapped back into the real world.


It was just past five when Sara came home with boxes full of Whole Foods ready-made goods. She dropped her bags and keys on the countertop before she scooted her way into the bathroom following the sound of the shower head.

“Just get back from training?”

Sidney grunted a reply as he scrubbed his face and then turned off the water. He got out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist and used another towel to wipe the excess water off his hair. When he looked up Sara was staring at herself in the mirror with her shirt pulled up ever so slightly. Low on her hips there was a barely there but evident bump that hadn’t been there a month ago.

Sidney held his breath for a beat before meeting Sara’s eyes in the mirror, “Aren’t you too early to be showing?”

“You know, that’s the second time today you’ve called me fat.”

Sid’s eyes widened and he stumbled over his own words trying to back track before he noticed the slight smile on Sara’s lips. He let out a huge laugh before grabbing Sara by the hips and lifting her clear off the ground and carrying her fireman style to her bed. Sidney dropped her unceremoniously and Sara bounced twice before Sidney was on top her tickling her sides and kissing her neck.

“Sid!” Sara choked between laughs, “Stop!”

It took a moment but Sidney pulled away with a great smile, his hands engulfing Sara’s hips and his thumbs meeting together on her baby bump. He rubbed his thumbs against her stomach before kissing Sara down her jaw and across her collar bone. Sara reached her arms around Sid’s neck pulling him closer to her moving Sid’s hands up her back between her shoulder blades. The two laid there together hugging for a moment before Sidney pressed his face into Sara’s neck and blew a raspberry right into her skin.

Sara laughed and wiggled her way out from under Sidney, “If you get dressed, maybe I’ll feed you dinner.”

“And if I don’t?”

Sara just rolled her eyes.


A week later Sara jumped into bed after a long day to find Sidney reading a copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” intently. Sara tried for a full minute to hold in her giggling before she couldn’t any longer and snickered as Sid turned a page.

“What?” he whined, “Just go ahead and say it.”

“I wouldn’t even know where to start,” Sara covered her mouth with her hand before she snuggled under the blankets.

“You know we’re not supposed to tell people until after your third month?”

“Yes, Mr. Mom, I did know that.”

Sidney stuck his tongue out at Sara before dropping the book on the bedside table and shutting the light off. He turned to look at Sara and slide down further in the blankets. “So should we plan a party to tell everyone in August?”

“Sure,” Sara yawned and pulled herself closer to Sidney, “We can go up to your parent’s for the week or something.”

“Should we invite your family?”

“Dad is dead and I haven’t talked to my mom since high school,” Sara yawned again and nuzzled her face into Sidney’s chest.

He pulled her closer to himself with a sigh, “How come I never knew that about you?”

“Not something I lead with. We’ve only been together four months, Sid. I’ve still got my secrets.”

And it was true, the two hard just barely begun to scratch the surface on who the other person was. Sidney sighed again…how the hell was he going to bring a child into this world with a woman who he hardly knew?


absolutely love it I can't wait for more chapters! :)

Linea Linea
This is beautiful. Very sad, but fantastic!
sensibleheart sensibleheart
Update soon I really like this story!!!!!
emilyycronis emilyycronis