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Journey To The Cup


She'd do anything to hoist the cup over her head. Monica Tocchet, the daughter of Rick Tocchet, has made the NHL and proving people wrong, point by point. This is what she dreamed of doing, right?

She gets drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers. Going 106th overall and playing with the big boys is hard at 5'6" and 130 lbs. She has awful social skills and seems to cause trouble where ever she goes, but that doesn't stop her. Her small frame is full of anger and fury.

Philadelphia was her new home for the few months. The place was where her dad had played parts of his career and this is where she thought she's be spending hers. She was known as Mojo to the fans and Money to her teammates.

This story of romance, sadness, profanity and drama is the hockey fan's dream. It's the story of the girl who is just going along with this whole charade. Being in the NHL was never what she expected it to be, or it just might be?



I Finally Uploaded my Own Story!
Here is the link!

Psquared91 Psquared91

I absolutely love it. And I could be your co-author. If you need more info just respond to this and I will answer any questions that ya have!!!

Psquared91 Psquared91