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What We Don't Know, Will Hurt Us

Chapter 5: The Truth

Jonathan's POV
"Jas passed away." Those words run through my mind but, it's this feeling where I don't know what do do, think or say. It's like you say a word many times till it doesn't make sense and it's lost its meaning. My whole body stiffens, and there's this lump in my throat.

"When?" I manage to choke out a word.
"3 years ago."
"How? Car accident or..?" I ask
"She got sick. It was all at the wrong time."
"What do you mean?" A vision of the always lively Jasmine being sick tugged on my chestt.
"She got Mitral Stenosis when she was pregnant. She couldn't take medication because it was expensive and will have a side effect on the baby. Labour was incredibly difficult too."
"She died in childbirth?" I asked, wondering about the outcome.
"No, she made it through but over time her condition got worse. She was stressed on how to pay the bills, keep a roof over our head. We're pretty much on our own. She had a new baby and she constantly worked, almost no rest except for a few hours of sleep."
"Where's her boyfriend or husband? For fuck's sake did he just unload all the responsibility on her?" My fists start to clench.
"That's.. Uhm, that's the thing. She was a single parent because the father doesn't know about my niece."
"It's a girl? How come the dad doesn't know?"
"Yes. It's cause.. Jon, you're her father."
Like seriously is this some sort of prank?
"That's impossible, she told me she was with another guy. The one she left me for? How is that my kid?!
After a long and uncomfortable silence, Mari started to speak.
"I know.." She looks into my eyes "this is pretty hard for you to take in, we're still reeling from the loss and all of this."
I can only stare at her.
"I just thought you should know, I promised my sister that if there was ever a chance that I'd encounter you, I'd let you know. It was her dying wish. And by chance we're in the same city, this is sort of meant to be"
"This.." I muster up the words "is pretty fucked up. Do you know how unfair this is? Wait.. Are you playing with me? Cause this is some sick joke." I was thankful for the emptiness of the coffee shop, as my voice was starting to raise. But deep down I know she's not kidding around.

"Here" she slides a sealed envelope carefully across the table. "I'll leave this for you to read. Maybe this will clear up everything, give some closure too. You have my number, bye Jon." She stood up and started to walk away. I look at the letter and in Jas' handwriting it was addressed to me.


This is amazing please continue it <3

Hockeyfan101 Hockeyfan101
This story is one of my favorites!!! I love it:)
Riley Riley