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Girl of my Dreams


I sat on a bench in the mall with my friend Shannon. I had to tell her all that happened with Adam. I couldn’t get him out of my head and every time I tried to forget what happened it always came back. “What’s up?” she came back from getting us pretzels. “Why do you ask?” I took my pretzel from her hand. “You look off, all day actually” she sat down next to me. “I went to that gala with Steven last night and met a Bruin his name is Adam McQuaid.” “Didn’t you have a crush on him?” “Yeah and apparently still do. He took me home yesterday because I left early and we wound up kissing.” “Whoa you kissed him, what did Steven think about this? Just kidding, you didn’t tell him right?” “No of course not, but I feel bad” I looked down. “Look at me” she said and I did just that. “Do you love Steven?” “I love him but not in a romantic way.” “Then why have you been with him for 2 years? You could have broken it off at anytime.” “I know, but I thought he was as good as I’ll get. He’s a great guy and maybe that’s why I felt that he was a keeper.” “Well you have bigger feelings for Adam and you should take the ball and roll with it.” “It’ll never happen Shannon, let’s get real. Just plain ol’ me with a celebrity like him” I laughed. “He probably doesn’t see it that way. But I can’t tell you what to do I’m here to support whatever you decide.” “This is all just a confusing mess of emotions for me” I sighed. “I’m here for you” she put her arm around me. “Thanks” I smiled. ____________________________________________________________________________ Steven came in the art studio. “Hey there pretty lady” I heard his voice from the door. “You scared me” I turned around quickly. “Sorry, I let myself in” he came up behind me. “That’s a nice painting you’re doing” he put his hands on my shoulders. “Thanks, I’m going to auction this one next month. It’s of a field full of blossom trees” I looked up at him. “You’d get a lot of money for that” he bent down and kissed my nose. “So what’s going on with you? You’re wearing a Bruin’s jersey too” I stood up and walked into the kitchen, he followed close behind. “I just wanted to see if you’d like to go to the Bruins game tonight. I got free tickets yesterday from the head coach thus why I’m wearing this jersey.” He took out the tickets from his back pocket. “Sure” I smiled. I felt a little weird that the only reason why I wanted to go was to see Adam. Not be with Steven but to see Adam. My thought process began to scare me. “We get to go behind the scenes too” it was like he read her mind. “Great, I’ll go shower up and you stay here” I put my brushes in the sink. “I’ll be waiting” he sat on the couch. ____________________________________________________________________________ We finally arrived at the game; our seats were right behind the bench. The guys were skating around shooting pucks before the game started. “These are the best seats” I looked out into the rink. “I know” he smiled. Adam skated by and we locked eyes. I gave him a small smile and he returned it. Steven didn’t notice which was good. I leaned on Steven’s arm while I wanted for the start of the game. We weren’t an intimate couple at all. He’s a successful 25 year old man. He like myself has been a Bruin’s fan all his life and he was always determined to work for them. Organizing events for them was a big deal and he took his job seriously. He always had something to do so they never were able to spend more that a few hours together. He slept over like 4 times in the last two years and all those times nothing happened. ____________________________________________________________________________ After the game they got to explore what goes on after a game. “This is really hectic” I said to Steven. He was holding onto me so we didn’t get lost. They reached the locker room where interviews were going on. “Let’s talk to coach” he pulled me along with him. “Thanks for the seats Claude” Steven shook his hand. “No problem” he answered. “Did you enjoy the game?” he looked between the two of us. “Yeah, very much” Steven answered. “I had fun” I smiled. “Yeah she was all over the place with her reactions” Steven smiled at me. “I get into it” I laughed. “That’s what I like to hear” Claude laughed. We walked away after talking for a few minutes. “I’m needed in the office, it’ll be an hour” Steven got through talking to his boss. “If you have to then I’ll stay” I sighed. “You look pissed” he smiled. “No I just have to go back home to finish up painting.” “It’s 11:30 why do you have to do it tonight anyway” he said with bitterness in his voice. “I work until 1:00 in the morning. I need to finish for the auction tomorrow night.” “That’s tomorrow night” he took a deep breath and let it out. “Yeah, you said you’ll come, I’m auctioning off the painting I made inspired by you” I was getting frustrated. “I’m sorry I have to work” he looked at me in my eyes. “Forget it” my voice was shaking. I left the room. Tears were escaping as I walked through the halls. Again he couldn’t be there to see the auction. This was very important to her. He never went to auctions or went to an art exposé’s with her. She goes to the events he organizes. I bumped into someone who steadied me. “This is becoming a tradition” she looked up to see Adam. “Yeah let’s break this tradition” I laughed. “Read my mind” he smiled. “What happened?” “Steven has to stay for an hour with his boss and I got mad at him for missing my auction tomorrow.” “I’ll come see it, I always wanted to see how that works” he smiled. “You won’t be busy” I felt bad if he was stopping his life for her. “Not at all” he shook his head. “I could take you home again, if you’d like.” “Thanks” I smiled and we started leaving. ____________________________________________________________________________ “Come in again” I told him before I got out of the car. He didn’t question this time and followed her to her place. “I’m going to put on sweatpants then I have to do finishing touches on my painting” I walked in my room. “No problem” he sat down on the couch. I walked out a minute later; “come see an artist at work” I smiled. “Sounds good” he walked in. “Get that chair” I pointed to a rolling stool in the corner. “What does this symbolize?” “It’s a road with lots of curves that symbolizes life. It starts off cloudy but as it goes on it gets brighter. You can see it looks like you could jump in the painting.” “I do see that, that’s amazing.” “Thanks. It was inspired by Steven.” “Oh, but anyway how was the game?” “It was really good, I was on the edge of my seat most of the time” I smiled at the change of subject. “It was a pretty intense game sometimes I even doubted us.” “That’s not good”, I laughed. “We prevailed though.” “That’s true”, I didn’t take my eyes off my work the whole time. ____________________________________________________________________________ I finished earlier than I expected so Adam and I decided to go watch tv on the couch. I could see him coming closer to me little by little. I turned my head to see that we were almost on top of each other, that’s how close we were. Without thinking I pulled him to me and kissed him. It was the most passionate kiss I’ve had in a long time. He pulled away from my lips and started kissing down my neck. ____________________________________________________________________________ To be continued....


Update soon!!!!
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