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Girl of my Dreams


“Adam stop” I couldn’t go any further. Guilt was in my mind, I started to feel horrible. Steven would never do that to me. Adam go off of me and I sat up. “I can’t do this I-I have a boyfriend” I covered my face with my hands in disappointment. “Right” Adam nodded. “Look Adam, I like you but Steven and I are dating.” “I know and it’s my fault Christina. It’s just I, uh never mind” he turned around and walked to the door. “Wait Adam, what were you going to say?” I got up from the couch and approached him. He looked back at me, I could see in his eyes that he really wanted to tell me something important. It was like he couldn’t keep it to himself anymore. And I was curious as to what that was. “You can’t just say something and drift off, that’s how people get curious” I let out a small laugh. “It’s embarrassing” he scratched the back of his head. “It can’t be that bad, come on you can trust me. I’ve done a lot of embarrassing things in my life and I’ll tell you one of them. If you tell me this” I practically begged him. “Okay” he took a deep breath. “I’ve been having a reoccurring dream for about two months now about a girl. My perfect girl, I can see her but I can never get a hold of her. She keeps running away from me, like she has something or someone holding her back. That girl happens to be…you” he pointed at me. “Oh, I don’t know what to say Adam.” “Forget it, we’ll never be together. I hope everything works out with you and Steven” He turned and left. Not just out the door, but my life. I couldn’t stop thinking about what he told me. Dreams can be real apparently, I’ve learned that today. The worst part is that Adam doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. It’s just confusing to her. She wants Steven or do I really love him enough to go on. Maybe Adam can be the one I need but I’ll never find out. ________________________________________________________________________ (Adam pov) It was three days after I revealed my dream to Christina. I’ve been questioning if I actually am in love with her or is my mind playing a trick on me. If I remember anything from psych class, you’re mind can make you think anything you want it to. That dream probably meant nothing; Dougie was probably over thinking the whole situation. She needed to be gone from my head; it’s never going to happen between the two of us. In the back of my mind I thought everything would work out. But again I’m too much inside my own head and not enough into reality. Tomorrow is a fresh day for me and for my mind. ________________________________________________________________________ I woke up feeling good about the day. I was going to spend the day hanging out with Marshy. I jogged to the door to open it for him. “Hey Quaider” Brad said as he walked in. “Sup, what’s happening?” I went in the living room with Brad. “Nothing, it’s good to get away from the girlfriend for a few hours.” “Fight?” “Nah, just some time for guy bonding” he elbowed me in the arm lightly. I laughed, “Well I’m having a good day” I said completely honest. The dream didn’t happen last night, which made me happy. I needed to get away from that and that was the first step. “Let’s play NHL 14” Marshy clapped his hands together. I got up and got the controllers and popped the game in my X box. We were playing a pretty intense game. It was the second period and the score was 0-0. “First one to get a goal is the better player” Marshy looked quickly from me to the game. “How does this determine who is better? Just look at our stats” I laughed. A few seconds later I scored the goal. “Ha, in your face Marshy” I jumped on the couch and pointed in his face. “Yeah, yeah” Marshy flicked his wrist at me. “Better in the game and better in real life” I said as I sat down. “I’ll win this whole thing, you’ll see.” “Hey you’re the one who said whomever gets the first goal is better” I put my hands up in defense. “I’m winning though” I said more to myself as we started the game again. “I heard that” Marshy laughed. I’m feeling much better now that I got my mind on something else. As the days go on I need distractions and hockey was a great way to do that. It was after I won the game, I decided to invite the guys for dinner tonight. My apartment isn’t that big, but it’ll do. Marshy, Soupy, Pallie, Bergy, Tuukka, and Dougie came. Dougie brought the pizza with him. “Bout to be a party” Tuukka shouted. “More like a get together” Soupy smiled and everyone laughed. “Laugh all you want, but you guys were the only ones that said yes. You guys have no lives” I shrugged. “Burn” Marshy fist bumped me. “Alright you got us” Soupy put his hands up. ________________________________________________________________________ We all ate pizza to the point where we couldn’t move so we just talked about random shit. Then the conversation turned into talking about their wives/girlfriends. I knew it would probably come up. I wasn’t prepared for their questions, some of which I didn’t know the answer. “So what’s with that girl? She’s pretty” Tuukka asked me. Shit, here it is. “We’re nothing, okay? I’ll just leave it at that” I said sharply. “Okay then” Tuukka shook his head slightly. “Let’s talk about something else” Dougie said to save the awkward silence. _______________________________________________________________________ (dream) I walked all around this long dark hallway. I couldn’t see where I was going, but I knew that something was about to happen to me. In the horror movies dark hallways signify something out of the norm will happen to the person standing there. I walked more down the hall. All of a sudden there was a light and someone came out from behind the wall. It was Christina. She was smiling and shining bright. The only source of light was coming from her; again she was perfect. “Adam” she called out to me. “What do you want? I can’t seem to shake you” I moved closer to her. “You” She smiled and came closer to me. Our faces kept moving closer and closer until our lips met. ________________________________________________________________________ I woke up and looked at my clock. It was only 1 in the morning. How was I supposed to sleep now? I walked into my kitchen and got a glass of orange juice. I can’t get away from her. As much as I try it’s never going to happen. I need her to realize that I’m the one she should be with. ________________________________________________________________________ The next day I decided to go to her apartment. She actually buzzed me in. As I walked up the stairs I wanted to turn back. That conversation we had the other day is bound to come up again. It was too late to run and I was not about to run away from my problems. I took a deep breath then knocked on the door. She opened it, paint was on her face; I thought it was pretty cute. “Hi” she smiled. “Hey, can I come in?” I took my hands out of my jacket pocket. “Of course” she stepped aside and let me in. “So what are you working on?” I sat at another stool. She started painting again. “Oh it’s a house and the night sky as the background. I’m aiming for the moon to look like it’s shining.” “That sounds great.” “So why did you want to see me? I thought you might have been mad at me” she stopped painting as she waited for my answer. “I’m not mad at you. I came to ask if you would want to go out to lunch and get to know each other better.” “Yeah sure. Let me just clean up.” “Go ahead” I smiled. “So, do you want to stay here? I could make lunch or go out” she asked as she cleaned her paint brushes. “If you don’t mind making lunch we could stay in.” “Let’s stay, I look like a mess” she turned and pointed to herself. I laughed, “You don’t look like a mess. Only a little paint on your cheek” I smiled. She cleaned her face with a paper towel. ________________________________________________________________________ We sat at the table and ate sandwiches. “So what do you want to know?” she folder her hands on the table. “Growing up” I answered. “Oh, okay. I was born in Everett Washington on February 7th. I go back every summer to visit my parents.” “So we both come from very cold places” I nodded and smiled. “Yep I love the cold. My brother’s both played hockey growing up so that’s how I came to love it.” “Any play professionally?” “No, it was more of a hobby. My 27 year old brother Brian became a lawyer and my 28 year old brother James is a sports caster in Washington.” “Older brother’s, that must have been fun” I joked. “Sometimes, but I’m 4 years younger than my youngest brother. I rarely hung out with them. They had the same friends and played hockey all the time.” “No sister’s though.” “Nope, but my cousin Emily is a year older so we hung out mostly. She didn’t live too far away.” “That’s good.” There was silence. We were trying to think of something else to say, both not knowing in which direction to go in. “When did you notice your love for art?” Wow I’m making this an interview, she must think I’m grilling her. “When I was 10 I started drawing and painting.” “I’m sorry for all these questions.” “No don’t worry about that. You said you’d like to get to know me.” She laughed. “Chris, I’m here” Steven’s voice was ringing throughout the apartment. Just what I need a reminder that she’d never be mine. I had to think of a plan to make her fall in love with me. “I’m in the living room” she called out. “Sorry, I didn’t think he was coming over” she whispered to me. “Hey babe, why is he here?” Steven noticed me. “We’re just talking. Adam is my friend if you don’t mind” she said sharply to him. “I was just asking” he defended himself. “Well I didn’t like the way you said it Steven. You acted like Adam had no place.” “Whatever, I don’t want to argue with you” he sat on the couch. “I’ll get going” I stood up. I didn’t want to get in the middle of whatever’s going on with them. The good thing is that this could be my chance to get her to love me.


Update soon!!!!
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