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Story of Us


“Bro, give it up, we’ve called 15 places already. If you didn’t get her name ,you’re never going to find her. Do you know how many interior designers work in Chicago?” Jonathan whined, stretching out on Patrick’s couch.

Patrick rolled his eyes at his friend, “Remind me why I asked for your help again?”

“Because if anyone else knew you were calling all over the city for a girl, you’d never live it down.” Jon replied with a shrug.

Patrick scowled at his captain, “Maybe this doesn’t have to do with her, and maybe I just want to redo my apartment. Have you seen it? It still looks like I’m ready to get traded at any moment.”

Jon laughed, “As true as that is, you know this has everything to do with that girl. She must have been fucking hot to have you by your balls like this.”

Patrick rolled his eyes, “Hot doesn’t even describe her.” He wasn’t lying; the word hot didn’t even register in his mind when he laid eyes on her. More like beautiful but Patrick wouldn’t allow himself to say it aloud, running the risk of sounding like a pussy.

It wasn’t like Patrick to chase after a girl, not like this. He played in the NHL for Christ sakes! Just saying “I play for the Chicago Blackhawks” worked better than a roofie when trying to get a girl in bed, but the girl from this morning didn’t take the bait. She knew exactly who he was and she didn’t give a shit. This was something foreign to Patrick; he was used to people liking him for his career, his name, or his money. This girl didn’t want anything to do with his money or anything to do with him for that matter.

Jon whistled before laughing, “Must have been to have you chasing after her like a horny teenager. “

Patrick chucked a pillow at the captain, “Just read me the next number.”


The phone rang four times before someone answered. “Marc- Michaels Interior Design Incorporated. This is April, how may I help you?” The girl’s voice was soft and high, like bells. She sounded as if she couldn’t be any older than 19 or 20.

“Hi April, my name is Patrick, I ran into a designer from your firm but I didn’t catch a name. I was wondering if you could help me.” Patrick recited for the sixteenth time today.

“I would be happy to help you, Mr…-“

“Kane, Patrick Kane.”

The receptionist gasped softly, “The hockey player?” April whispered showing how old she really is.

Pat smirked, “Yep.” He could practically hear the receptionist grinning from ear to ear.

“Well, Mr. Kane I would love to help you but without a name there is very little I can do.” Patrick sighed. “Do you have any information that might help, Mr. Kane?”

“Perhaps…” Patrick tried to think back to all the things she shared about herself at Starbucks. He remembered his eyes, her smile, her laugh, and her hometown. Her hometown! “She’s from Albany, New York.”

“Hm… one moment please.” Patrick could hear April tapping fiercely at her keyboard. He could only hope that the little piece of information would bring him one step closer to finding her. “The database is showing we have six female designers from the Albany area. Do you have anything else that might help?”

“She has dark hair, brown eyes.” Patrick rattled off hoping it might help.

“Okay, that brings us down to four people. “

Patrick racked his brain for any detail she might have said about herself. “She said…” He started. “She said she worked with the New York Rangers.”

Patrick could hear April’s grin again. “Ding ding ding, we have a winner.” April said playfully.

Patrick was shocked, “Really?!” He said eagerly, but upon seeing Jon’s arched brow, he compose himself and asked, “What’s her name?”

“Okay, her name is-“

“KAYA!” Kaeleigh exclaimed, “You just left?”

Not for the first, Kaya was wondering why she was still participating in this conversation. Seriously, this was the fifth time she had explained the situation and still Kaeleigh couldn’t wrap her head around what Kaya had just said.

“Yes, I was going to be late for work.” Kaya replied simply, examining her crack on her phone that Patrick left as a parting gift.

“What is wrong with you?!” Kaeleigh exclaimed flailing her arms.

Kaya sighed, “Why are we still having this conversation?”

“Because you have officially lost your goddamn mind?”
Kaya snorted. “I cannot handle you right now. Sure Kaner is talented and handsome-“

“Jesus on a pair of motherfucking hockey skates.” Kaeleigh mumbled.
“But he’s-“

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN BUT?! “ Kaeleigh butted in again. “There is no but, he’sPatrick Kane

Kaya sent her an annoyed look, “As I was saying… I don’t care who he is, I wasn’t going to let him replace my phone because I wasn’t paying attention. That would be way too much money.”

“Have you forgotten who he is? He’s good for the money.” The smaller brunette replied plainly.

Kaya rolled his eyes, “I really don’t care.”

“You are basically the only women in Chicago- no wait the world - that wouldn’t jump on the Kane train.”

“He’s a hockey player, one that’s known for being anything but monogamous.”

Kaeleigh scoffed, “He asked to replace your iPhone not conduct your next pap smear.”

Kaya made a face, “Get out, get out, you are out of control.” She pointed to the door with a laugh.

The shorter brunette pouted looking at her watch, “I’m only leaving because my lunch break is over, not because you kicked me out.”

“Goodbye, wench.”

“Bye, don’t think this conversation is over because it isn’t.” Kaeleigh threw over her shoulder.

Kaya slumped into her chair and rubbed her temples, today had been one of the longest days of her career. All she wanted to do was grab a bottle of wine, run a bubble bath, and have a Sex in the City marathon.

“Hey Kaya”

Kaya looked up to see April standing in the doorway. April was a twenty year old intern, who had bright green eyes and dark brown hair. At about 5’10”, April could have been a model, a Victoria Secret model with the rack she was sporting. It was a wonder why she chose to be an interior designer.

“Oh, hey April, what’s up?”

“ I have a new client for you, high profile, asked for you specifically. “ April said with a smirk.

Kaya tilted her head with a chuckle, “ Really? That’s odd. Who is it?”

April grinned, sitting on the edge of Kaya’s desk “Chicago Blackhawk, Mr. Patrick Kane.”

Kaya’s eyes got wide and she grabbed the manila envelope out of April’s manicured fingers, reading the file inside. Low and behold there was Patrick Kane’s contact info.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me. “


I found this on Mibba originally and was disappointed when you stopped updating! Glad I found it again!
BexH BexH
This is so good!! Can't wait for the next chapter :D
FreeMySoul FreeMySoul
I will try and make them longer!!!
Electra Heart Electra Heart
I really like this story so far. I only wish the chapters were longer!
Hannah Hannah