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You've Set My Heart Ablaze

Chapter 28-

Allison’s POV
“You did not!” Melanie gasped
I had just told her that I slept with Max Talbot, “I did…”
“Why? Or how?” Mel asked
I shrugged. I wasn’t really sure why or how it happened, “I don’t know…James has just been so distant and we’ve been falling apart. I just went to the bar and met Max…and it happened.”
Melanie sat down besides me, “What are you going to do? Are you still in love with him?”
“I don’t know if I really ever did.” I started, “I think I just thought I was in love because he helped me…I mean…I care about him…I fucked up big time.”
“Well…how do you feel about Max?”
“I like him a lot…and I think I could like him even more. I just don’t know what to say to James…I don’t want to hurt him.”
“I think that the best thing for you to do is to end this…end it before something happens and one of you gets seriously hurt.” Melanie suggested
I didn’t really want to admit it, but Melanie was absolutely right…I had to break up with James…
James’ POV:
I drove around Allison’s neighborhood for what felt like the 10th time…I knew that I had to break up with her, but I just didn’t want to upset her. I still cared about her a lot, but I had fallen out of love with her.
Truth was…I never really got over Jen…I still thought about her all the time. Allison was a great girl and all…and I think I just stayed with her because I wanted to be in love with her, but things didn’t stick…
I pulled in front of her apartment and took a deep breath. I knocked on her door and patiently waited for her to answer it, hoping she was at home. After a few minutes, she appeared, “Hey…” I started
“May I come in?” I asked
Allison looked around and nodded. I followed her into her room, “James…we need to talk.”
“We do.” I agreed. I took another breath and at the same time we both said, “We should break up.”
We both stared at each other, “You want to break up too?” Allison asked
I nodded, “Allison…you’re a nice, beautiful, perfect girl and all…I do care about you a lot…I just don’t think I’m in love with you any more.”
Allison blinked, “I understand…”
“I’m sorry…”
“It’s OK.” she replied
“Why do you?” I asked and right after I did…I regretted it.
“We’ve just grown apart…and I’m not really in love with you…I thought I was, but I think I was just confused because you saved me and all…”
The words hit me like a 85 mile an hour slap shot. Of course I had wanted to break up, but hearing her say that she didn’t love me fucking hurt. “Oh…”
“I’m sorry, James. Can we still be friends?”
I winced at her question, “I don’t know if I can do that, Allison…”
After that, her demeanor changed completely, “What do you mean? That you’re willing to fuck me, but not be my friend?”
“What?” I was totally confused…what did sex have to do with anything?
“Just forget it, James! Just fucking leave.” she yelled. I didn’t even argue with her. I just left.
Allison’s POV:
I was kind of pissed off…yes, I had wanted to break up…but I assumed that me and James had remained friends. I was so confused as to why he didn’t want too…I sighed as I picked up my phone to call Max.
“Hello?” he said
“Hey. It’s Allison.”
“Hey. What’s up? You sound upset…”
“I broke up with James…” I sniffed
“Oh. I’m sorry to hear that…I hope it wasn’t my fault.”
“No…no. It was inevitable. We had grown apart…he was just so distant…”I told him
“Well…do you want to talk about it?” he asked
“Kind of…”
“Ok. Meet me at Starbucks by your apartment.”
“Alright.” I replied hanging up and getting ready to go. I grabbed my purse and keys and drove to Starbucks, finding Max at a corner table.
“So what happened?” Max asked
“I just realized that I wasn’t in love with him…and it wasn’t fair to either of us to stay together.”
Max nodded, “I understand.”
“It was just…oh fuck!” I gasped seeing Geno staring at me before leaving Starbucks without even getting anything. I ran out the door to him, “Geno! Wait!”
“Why should I, Allison?!”
“Because I have to explain…”
“Explain what? That you and James just break up and you already out on date with Max?!” he yelled
“We’re not on a date!”
“Oh yeah? Look like it to me.”
“Don’t! James right about you.” he snapped
“What do you mean?” I called. But he was gone. I started to head after him again, but Max stopped me.
“Let him go. We’ll talk to them later.” he replied
I nodded and we headed back into the coffee shop.


Just two more chapters after this one. I have them written down in my composition journal, I just have to type them up and upload them:)


I am only half way through. Love nice guy James so far, but why give Allison chance after chance? Why was she really going to Malkins'?
mandiva mandiva
Do a sequel about Melanie
Okay ...so I have chapters 28-30 written down. I just need to type them up and upload them:) thanks so much for reading this fanfiction and I hope the ending doesn't piss you off;p I may do a sequel to this, but I'm not sure. I will be working on some other stories and possibly a sequel for my Seguin fic.
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87
omg update soooon!
Ojiibikan Ojiibikan
I'm in the process of writing the next chapter, but I don't knw when I'll get it up. Sorry its taking me forever in between updates. Got a lot going on right now. Thanks for reading this story so far:)
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87