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You've Set My Heart Ablaze

Chapter 29-

James’ POV:
I threw my towel in my dirty clothes hamper and carried it to my laundry room. After starting a load, I headed back to my living room just as Geno came barging into my house, scaring the shit out of me.
“Fuck, G…you scared the hell out of me!” I managed to gasp
“I have something to tell you!” he explained
“Couldn’t you have knocked…or called me?”
“No! To important!”
“Okay…what is it?”
“I saw Allison at Starbuck today…” he started
I sighed, “That’s wonderful, but why the fuck should I care?” I interrupted
“Listen, Lazy! She with Max!” he yelled
My heart stopped, “What?”
“I saw her with Max Talbot…they seem close…she say it nothing…” he continued.
I could feel my heart pounding faster. We hadn’t even been broken up for six hours and she was already shaking up with someone else…with Max Talbot to be exact…Guess I found out the real reason why she wanted to break up.
Allison’s POV:
The next morning didn’t come fast enough. I had tried calling Geno to explain that it wasn’t like that with Max…sure I wanted him as more than a friend, but at the time Geno saw us it was nothing more than that. Two friends enjoying some coffee.
I also knew that Geno had probably told James and the others and that James probably thought I broke up with him for Max…which wasn’t entirely true. I sighed and dialed Geno’s number again, hoping he’d answer…after two rings it went to voicemail.
I grabbed my keys and got into my car, driving to Geno’s. If he wasn’t going to answer his phone, I was just going to talk to him in person. I headed up to the door and before I could even knock, he came outside.
“What do you want?” he asked
“I have to explain about yesterday…” I started
“Max and I weren’t on a date…we’re just friends!”
“Oh yeah? But you want to be more than that!”
“And you told James that you never love him.”
“That’s not what I said!” I argued
“Oh? It not?” he yelled
“No! I said I was never ‘in love’ with him!”
“You tell him that you only thought you love him cause he save you.”
I looked away. That part was true…and I had known it for a while, “Geno…”
“I slept with Max, ok?!”
Geno shook his head, “You know what? James say you can’t be trusted and I defend you! But he was right, Allison. You can’t be trusted.” With that, Evgeni Malkin slammed his door in my face. Before I could get back to my car, tears fell down my face…
James’ POV:
“She seriously slept with him?” Sid asked passing me the puck. We were at the arena doing some warm-ups. Training camp would be starting in two weeks.
“Yeah…Geno saw them having coffee and then she told him they had sex while I was still with her. She told him just a few hours ago and he called me.”
“Wait…when did he see them having coffee?”
“Last night?”
“Wow…so like right after you guys broke up…she was with him?”
I nodded, “Yeah”
“That’s fucked up…sorry, man.”
“It’s fine. I’ve moved on…”
“Good for you!”
“On the subject of moving…Jenny’s mom is kicking her out of her apartment. I guess she owes her mom a lot of money and Jen forgot…Since her mom was paying for her place and all…she threw her out…and Jen needs a place to go.”
“She’s moving in with you?” Duper asked as he skated up
I nodded, “Yeah…she’s the mother of my child. I can’t let her be homeless…”
“Why didn’t you just give her the money?” Sid asked
“It’s complicated…her mom won’t allow it and is just being a bitch…besides…she’s safe with me.”
“Well if you need help moving her, we’re available.” Duper replied
“Thanks, guys.”


Just one chapter left of this fanfic. Hope you guys have enjoyed it:) The last chapter is already written, I just need to type it up and edit it:) Hopefully, I can get it up by the end of tonight.


I am only half way through. Love nice guy James so far, but why give Allison chance after chance? Why was she really going to Malkins'?
mandiva mandiva
Do a sequel about Melanie
Okay ...so I have chapters 28-30 written down. I just need to type them up and upload them:) thanks so much for reading this fanfiction and I hope the ending doesn't piss you off;p I may do a sequel to this, but I'm not sure. I will be working on some other stories and possibly a sequel for my Seguin fic.
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87
omg update soooon!
Ojiibikan Ojiibikan
I'm in the process of writing the next chapter, but I don't knw when I'll get it up. Sorry its taking me forever in between updates. Got a lot going on right now. Thanks for reading this story so far:)
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87