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Second Chances

No More Lies

It had been another long day at the hospital but Geno was finally free and was on his way home with Sid. The girls and I were on our way for a starbucks run; we hadn’t gotten much sleep lately and were in desperate need of an energy boost.
We walked through the doors of the starbucks we’ve been to thousands of times and greeted the familiar barista.
“The usual please.” I smiled. We had been to this place so many times that Jane already knew all of our orders by heart.
We paid for our drinks and then sat down at our usual table. I took a sip from my passion ice tea lemonade; I almost forgot how wonderful it tasted. I was so busy with school work while I was in Carolina that I didn’t have time to go off campus for starbucks, and when I wasn’t in Carolina I was back in Ontario with a fresh cup of Tim Hortons.
“So are you two just back together?” I asked being the first one to ask about what we all walked in on this morning.
“I don’t know if it’s that simple. It’s been two years, a lot has changed.” Tori explained, I could tell she was over thinking everything.
“Try not to think too much about it.” I suggested.
“”It’s obviously not going to be the same but you two love each other and you’ll find a way to get back to the way it was.” Steph added.
I remember the first day Victoria had met Geno, she had spammed our group message about how she had met a cute guy at work, it was something Keirstyn would do. We asked her questions about what happened, and if she got his name, luckily working at starbucks had its perks. They both smiled as he only gave the first initial of his name.
We brushed it off as another cute guy you’re never going to see, Tori was always telling us about cute guys she saw at her work, she occasionally snapped pictures of them while on her break. I even contemplated applying for the starbucks near my house.
I guess you could say we were surprised when Victoria sent another text the next day about how the cute guy named “G” was back, but this time he brought a friend. She was just about to go on break when he first walked in but decided to stay and serve them first, once she finished serving them she sat down at a table to text us.
She managed to take a sneaky photo of them and send it to us, Autumn called dibs on his friend the minute we saw the picture. I still remember her frantic texts about how they were walking over to her, and then she just stopped replying. We waited hours for her to get off work so she could explain what happened.
It was the last Friday of the month which means Steph was driving down to Hamilton where Keirtsyn, Autumn and I lived, we would then take turns behind the wheel as we made our way down to Pittsburgh to visit Tori.
I still remember the day Victoria told us she was moving to Pittsburgh, her dad had gotten a job as a college professor and they were all moving. We had all lived in different places in Ontario except for Keirstyn, Autumn and I, we had trouble seeing each other when we lived only about an hour apart, how were we going to see her when she lived in a whole different country.
When we reached Pittsburgh that night she went on and on about the conversation they had and how he promised to come back the next day, eh even called it a date. Needless to say, she was hooked.
“Do you think he still loves me the way he used to?” Tori mumbled.
“Yes!” We all practically yelled.
“No one loves you more than he does.” Autumn added. “He’d run into traffic for you Tor, don’t ever doubt his love for you.”
“You mean the way you are with Sid.” Tori replied.
“Sid does not love me.” Autumn fought back. We all stopped to stare at her.
“He doesn’t.” She groaned.
“He does.” We said unison.
“Look this isn’t about me, or Sid. It’s about Tor and Geno. “ Autumn snapped.
Sidney was a touchy topic when it came to Autumn, we had been friends since 3rd grade and I’ve never seen her like anyone as much as she liked Sid. She’d never admit it though, but she was completely in love with him and she couldn’t even see that he felt the same way.
Having gone down this road with Autumn a thousand times we decided to just drop it, she wasn’t going to take what we said into consideration anyways, she was so stubborn sometimes. Well most of the time.
“I don’t want to talk about it until we figure out what’s going on. Steph, how are you and Jon?” Victoria asked changing the subject.
“We’re good, I haven’t seen him much since I came back here but he’ll be in Pittsburgh in a few days to play the Pens so I’ll see him then. “ Steph smiled, “Keirstyn, how are you and Beau?” She teased.
“There is no Keirstyn and Beau, it was one time!” She snapped.
“Faith, how’s Jeff?” She asked turning the attention to me.
“How would I know?” I asked.
“Don’t play that innocent act; we all know you’re sleeping with him behind closed doors.” Autumn teased.
“I never got to sleep with him, I was too drunk.” I lied.
“The way you play completes me.” They all quoted the worst thing I have ever said in the 23 years of my existence.
“Please, don’t ever bring that up again.” I hid behind my hair in shame.
“Seriously though, are you and Jeff together or something?” Steph asked.
“Don’t you think if we were together I’d tell you, you guys are my best friends?” I lied again.
It killed me having to lie to my best friends about my relationship with Jeff; truthfully neither of us is ready to tell them about our relationship. We wanted to keep our relationship a secret so that it didn’t get complicated, I’ve gotten threats just for being friends with NHL players, and I couldn’t handle the hate Tori and Steph got for dating them. They had amazing fans but some were a little intense. Then again they were my best friends, they wouldn't tell anyone.
“That’s true, and besides if I were Jeff I wouldn’t sleep with you after the first encounter.” Autumn smirked.
“Bitch.” I mumbled
“But you love me.” She smiled.
I ignored her comment, “I really don’t want to go back to University.” I groaned. It was stressing me out but I knew becoming a teacher wouldn’t be easy, and I wasn’t going to back down now.
“Can’t you come to University here?” Keirstyn suggested.
“I like Carolina though, and there are a lot of people I’d miss.”
“Jeff.” Autumn mumbled under her breath.
“I’m going to the bathroom.” I excused myself and walked away.
I got out my phone as I entered the bathroom, I dialed Jeff’s number and he answered on the second ring.
“Hey babe. “ He spoke. It’s been two days since I last saw him and I already missed him.
”Hey.” I mumbled.
“What’s wrong?” I could tell he was concerned through the tone of his voice.
“The girls have been asking me about us again, and I just hate lying to them.” I explained.
I looked in the mirror as I spoke; I looked like a huge mess.
“We've discussed this Faith.” He groaned.
“I know, never mind what I said, how’s your day.” I sighed.
I never could win an argument against him.
“Look if you really want to tell them you can. It’s not fair that I’m asking you to lie to your friends. I’m sorry.” I smiled to myself as he finally gave in.
“I have to get to practice but I’ll call you later.”
“Alright, love you.” I cooed.
And I did love Jeff, I loved everything about him since the day I first met him, I loved his smile, his laugh, his dimples, the way I ran my fingers through his messy hair, the way he was constantly happy, the way he stuttered when he was nervous. I loved the way I fit perfectly in his arms, the way I could act like myself around him without being embarrassed, the way he was just as dorky as I was.
No one could make me smile the way Jeff could, he put up with my bullshit and no one has ever stuck around long enough to do that. Jeff has made me a better person, and I know that's such a cliche but it's truth, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have Jeff in my life.
I loved the way his eye lit up when he sees me, how even though he's having a bad day he'll never take it out on me or anyone, Jeff was the kindest person I have ever met. It might sound ridiculous but in the 5 months I've known him there truly was no one I loved more than Jeff.
“I love you too.”
I smiled as I hung up.
No more lies. I slid my phone back into my phone before making my way over to the table; I sat back in my spot and took a deep breath.
“You’re going to kill me,” I spoke, “but there’s something I need to tell you guys.”



wait what is that it?!?! noooo! too cute

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I love this story!

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Absolutely obsessed!

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