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Drunk On Someone Else's Birthday

Shots Shots Shots

Yesterday was Dougie’s 21st birthday (June 17) so a bunch of us decided to go out on the town. The Bruin’s hockey season was long over and the guys were in need of a good time. My girlfriends came over to get ready and were once again pestering me about my feelings for Adam.

“I don’t know why you can’t just tell him how you really feel,” Jen started, “Come on Naomi, he’d have to be a complete dick not to like you too.”

“Well he doesn’t,” I replied, “and I wish you guys would fucking drop it already.”

I heard Steph snort from the kitchen and stated, “You’re an idiot.You know that? You should have already drowned in all that denial you’ve been swimming in.”

“What are you so damn afraid of, Naomi?” Jen asked.

She then added, “You’re ten times better than the girls he’s dated. You are actually there for him when he needs someone. And who is there for you when you need to be saved from a bad date? Adam! I don’t know anyone else willing to watch your crap movies either. Yet all you date are emotionally unavailable assholes who could care less what you want to do.”

Steph then pulled me in for a hug, “We love you girl. All we want is for you to be happy. Don’t you want that too?”

I didn’t have an answer, but I tried, “Yes… Maybe… Fuck I don’t know where my head is at guys. I just can’t picture Adam having feelings for me so I just don’t want to ruin our friendship. Can we please drop this and finish getting ready?”

Jen and Steph thankfully agree to drop it (for the moment), and we continue getting ourselves ready for a most likely drunk night in Boston.

Although I planned on drinking a lot, I had to make sure I at least started the night out looking good. I had my short blonde bob styled into waves. I decided to go with a smoky eye to make my green eyes pop and put on a bright red lipstick, which is every girl’s secret weapon. I was wearing a sheer, royal blue, sleeveless, hi-lo button down with a black bralette underneath. I also had on my favorite pair of black skinny jeans with suede wedged pumps. The outfit accentuated my curves and made me feel dangerously sexy. I added the appropriate jewelry and joined my friends in the kitchen. Steph had already broken out the vodka and was taking shot glasses out of the cabinet.
She filled each glass, lifted hers, and declared, “To getting white girl wasted!” Jen and I cheered then downed the shots.

It burned, but what hard liquor didn’t? For the next round Jen toasted to trying not to fall on the cobblestones in heels.

Steph was about to pour more shots when I stopped her and said, “Dude, let’s bring the bottle next door and do shots with everyone else. I don’t want one of us to get so wasted we end up in the hospital. That’s not attractive.”

We all laughed and headed to the birthday boy’s apartment.It was about time the party got in full swing.

As soon as I walked into Adam and Dougie’s apartment I belted out the Happy Birthday song and thankfully everyone joined in. Shots were poured as the song came to a close and we all drank in celebration.

“So how does it feel to be able to legally drink?” I asked.

Dougie smiled as he took another shot, “Not too different from yesterday considering I could already drink back home in Canada.”

“Well then fuck you and fuck Canada, my friend,” I joked, “Just for that, it’s time for another round of shots.”

I poured everyone a shot and toasted to the drinking age of Canada.

“You know, you three girls should probably slow it down a notch. I think you’re ahead of us in the shot count,” Adam said as we all had another bout of shots.

“Then it looks like you, Dougie, and Claire need to catch up because this shot was number five for us little ladies,” Jen replied.

I poked Adam in the side, stuck my tongue out at him, and then said, “Yeah you only need two more shots to catch up or can’t you handle your booze Quaider?”

Adam smirked down at me before taking two consecutive shots of liquor. I kind of enjoyed the fact that even in 5 inch heels, which brought my height of 5’4 up to 5’9, he still towered over me. The smirk and acceptance of my challenge should have been a blatant warning of how the night would end up. Neither Adam nor I were big drinkers, and when we did it was usually only a few to get that light buzz going that wore off quickly. Clearly we were letting our figurative hair down tonight.

The six of us were meeting a few more friends, including a few Bruins, at the Greatest Bar on Friend Street. It was a Friday night so the place was already packed when we got there at 10, and the current DJ was already pumping out some awesome beats. I couldn’t wait to get out on the dance floor. We headed over to the VIP section reserved for us and saw that everyone else had arrived. I couldn’t believe how many friends I had made since I first moved to Boston in February. I was a lucky girl. Two waitresses came over to take our group’s drink orders. The shot portion of the night seemed to be over so we all ordered a combination of drinks. I was definitely feeling the effects of the five previous shots so I headed to the dance floor with the ladies after finishing my Vodka Cranberry. We danced and laughed for a bit, making fun of ourselves and other people on the dance floor, but soon I made my way back to the VIP area for more drinks. I ordered a beer this time and plopped myself down next to Adam who seemed to be on his 6th or 7th beer. The guys accused me of interrupting a very important conversation so of course Brad challenged me to a chugging match in retaliation. I kicked his sorry ass and quickly ordered my victory beer.

“Shouldn’t you… I don’t know… Maybe slow down a bit?” Adam slurred over the music.

“Shouldn’t you,” I bit back taking a long pull from my bottle.

We locked eyes and stared for probably 30 seconds too long. Oh the alcohol had definitely hit me hard at that point because all I wanted to do was find out how his lips felt on mine. I lurched myself off of my seat and escaped to the dance floor, finishing my beer as I went.

I let the music move me and tried to forget what I had almost done. I hadn’t been this drunk in a while and had never been drunk in front of Adam. Sure we’ve both been buzzed together, but that usually just made our usually horrible jokes funnier. With the combination of alcohol and the pulsing bass, I was wishing I knew if Adam could dance or not. Just as my incoherent mind was trying to put together a funny image of Adam dancing, a strong pair of hands grabbed my waist and pulled me against a very male body. Damn this guy knew how to move. It wasn’t like some of the other drunken guys who would take a bruising hold and just hump a girl’s ass. Whoever this guy was, he danced to the beat and in sync with me. It was divine. When I turned around to compliment his dancing and offer to buy him a drink, I froze. For a minute I thought my alcohol saturated brain was imagining things, but it wasn’t. Adam fucking McQuaid was staring down at me with the sexiest little smirk on his face and grinding against me. Blame it on the copious amounts of liquor and beer. Blame it on the months of sexual frustration caused by being just friends with a gorgeous, 6’4 defenseman of the Boston Bruins. I didn’t give two shits about what I was about to do.I pulled him down by the shirt collar and found out how his lips felt against mine. I wasn’t disappointed.


And here is another! I have decent amount of the story written so I was able to post another chapter. I guess I should get my ass going to finish it all :)

The next chapter will contain gratuitous sex. You all have been warned.

*I just had to edit it because a piece of the beginning dialogue was missing and I have no idea why*


@Patrick Sharp
You got to wait and see! I've definitely been considering continuing in a sequel. It just hasn't hit me yet how so don't rule a permanent ending out yet!

I hope she and Adam are able to work things out! I can't wait for the next chapter but I'm really sad it's ending! Keep up with the great work though :)

Patrick Sharp Patrick Sharp

@Patrick Sharp

I thought I had spaced the dialogue out, but when I posted it, it bunched back up. I will tinker with the next one and also fix the second chapter because it's annoying even for me to read hahaha. Thank you!

I really like where this story is going so far! There are t any McQuaid stories anywhere so I am so happy to find this one! Maybe for the next chapter, would you mind spacing out the dialogue? It's all bunched up together and it's a little harder to read.

Keep up the great work (:

Patrick Sharp Patrick Sharp


Thank you!