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Drunk On Someone Else's Birthday

Caught in the Flames

The kiss quickly turned into a hot and heavy make-out session in the middle of the dance floor. While I have no doubt we looked like sloppy and embarrassing fools, drunk me was thinking I was some kind of sensual goddess. Alcohol has such a lovely tendency of putting you into a state of supreme confidence. Soon his hands roughly cupped my butt and pulled me even closer. A sober warning bell was suddenly trying to push through the thick drunk haze, but I waved it off. My body was on fire and I didn’t want that feeling to go away.

“Let’s get out of here,” I sloppily suggested and made hand gestures towards the door in case he didn’t hear me over the music.

Adam and I stumbled out of the bar and hailed a cab. There was no way we were navigating our way back to the apartment building on foot. I ended up having to show the driver my license because neither of us could get the address right. Then unfortunately for the cabbie, we resumed our inebriated make-out session until we reached home. The doorman to our building had to help us both out of the cab and make sure Adam paid the driver correctly. There was a lot of laughing, fondling, staggering, and kissing as we made our way to Adam’s apartment. I really hope we didn’t leave anything too traumatizing on the elevator camera. Yikes!

We practically fell on top of one another trying to get into Adam’s apartment. I grabbed Adam’s hand and pulled him towards his bedroom. As soon as he closed the door we were on each other like rapid animals. There was no slow exploration, no romance, and I really didn’t care at that point. All I could comprehend was how amazing all this finally felt. We clawed at each other’s clothes until there was nothing between us, not even air. Adam backed me up towards the bed until we fell back in a mass of naked limbs. No words had been spoken yet, and I’m pretty sure I had forgotten how. I gasped and arched my back as Adam licked and sucked on one nipple then moved to the other one. His mouth pulled incoherent noises out of me, and I could only imagine the magic it could work lower on my body. However, I had no patience left.

I laced my fingers through his thick, curly hair and brought him back to my mouth. I finally found my words when I felt his rock hard cock against my thigh.

“Fuck Adam. I want you inside me, please.Now Adam,” I begged reaching for his cock between us.

He let out a low growl as I got my hand around it and squeezed. Adam reached over into the nightstand and took out a condom. Even drunk, he still had his priorities straight.

“Ready?” he asked hovering over me with his dick pressing against my entrance.

I pulled him down for another crushing kiss and lifted my hips towards his body. That was all he needed before pushing his whole length inside me.

“Oh fuck,” I panted as he filled me with his cock.

“Jesus you’re so tight and wet,” Adam grunted as he slowly moved in and out.

I grabbed his ass and bucked my hips.

“Adam just fuck me already,” I exclaimed.

All bets were off then and he pounded into me. I met him thrust for thrust, finding a steady, but hard rhythm. I wrapped my legs around his waist and gripped his muscular arms for dear life. My eyes were closed and I gave myself in completely to the sensation of him slamming into me.

“Oh yes, oh fuck. Oh Adam. Yes.Fuck,” I moaned over and over.

I could feel the pressure building and my moans got louder. His rhythm was also beginning to become erratic.

I buried my face in his neck saying, “Hold on.Please, fuck, hold on. I’m almost there. I’m almost…”

My orgasm hit hard and fast with Adam cuming in close second.



As we crashed back down to earth, we collapsed in a sweaty heap. He rolled over to dispose of the condom, and then pulled me back against his body. Exhausted and still drunk, we passed out wrapped up in each other.

Around 7 in the morning I woke up to a sliver of sunlight in my eyes and a heavy arm flung over my waist. At first, I hadn’t been sure where I was, but it all came rushing back when I saw a mess of dark curls on the pillow next to me. It seemed a little fuzzy around the edges, but I definitely remembered what happened. Panic set in. I had to get out of there before Adam woke up. I didn’t want to see a look of horror on his face when he realized what happened. Maybe I’d luck out and he wouldn’t remember, but either way I wasn’t going to stay and find out. I slowly slid out from under his arm and onto the floor. Adam must have been a heavy sleeper because he barely even shifted once the bed was empty. I quickly threw on my clothes, which were thankfully all in one pile, and made a mad dash to my apartment across the hall.


*Winces* There you go. Something I've never written before (sex scene). That shit is hard. No pun intended. Getting closer to the end. I figured if I did decide to continue this story then I would make it a separate one as a sequel. Hope you're enjoying it all so far and thank you for the comments I've gotten!


@Patrick Sharp
You got to wait and see! I've definitely been considering continuing in a sequel. It just hasn't hit me yet how so don't rule a permanent ending out yet!

I hope she and Adam are able to work things out! I can't wait for the next chapter but I'm really sad it's ending! Keep up with the great work though :)

Patrick Sharp Patrick Sharp

@Patrick Sharp

I thought I had spaced the dialogue out, but when I posted it, it bunched back up. I will tinker with the next one and also fix the second chapter because it's annoying even for me to read hahaha. Thank you!

I really like where this story is going so far! There are t any McQuaid stories anywhere so I am so happy to find this one! Maybe for the next chapter, would you mind spacing out the dialogue? It's all bunched up together and it's a little harder to read.

Keep up the great work (:

Patrick Sharp Patrick Sharp


Thank you!