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Drunk On Someone Else's Birthday


Naomi Connors never would have expected so much change to occur when she moved to Boston to start a new career opportunity. A new apartment in a new city, new job, and eventually new friends was expected. Finding out your neighbors across the hall were Dougie Hamilton and Adam McQuaid of the Boston Bruins was way beyond her expectations. Naomi had grown up watching the Boston Bruins, among other New England sports teams, and she found herself developing a crush on #54 when she saw him play in Providence. Her new life was definitely going to prove itself interesting to say the least.



@Patrick Sharp
You got to wait and see! I've definitely been considering continuing in a sequel. It just hasn't hit me yet how so don't rule a permanent ending out yet!

I hope she and Adam are able to work things out! I can't wait for the next chapter but I'm really sad it's ending! Keep up with the great work though :)

Patrick Sharp Patrick Sharp

@Patrick Sharp

I thought I had spaced the dialogue out, but when I posted it, it bunched back up. I will tinker with the next one and also fix the second chapter because it's annoying even for me to read hahaha. Thank you!

I really like where this story is going so far! There are t any McQuaid stories anywhere so I am so happy to find this one! Maybe for the next chapter, would you mind spacing out the dialogue? It's all bunched up together and it's a little harder to read.

Keep up the great work (:

Patrick Sharp Patrick Sharp


Thank you!