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My Team Too

Chapter 1- First Day

Brandon pov

I walked through the halls to get to the locker room. It's my sister Caylie's first day working as an interviewer for the team. I'm happy that I get to see my sister, we never really saw each other since she moved to England for a few years. On the other hand I'm nervous about how she'll gravitate towards the guys.
I turned to Caylie before walking into the room. "Okay two rules" she rolled her eyes. "I saw that" I smiled. "So what? And rules, what am I four?"
"These are for your own good Cay. Anyway, number 1, knock before entering. Many of the guys are idiots so they get undressed freely." Caylie laughed at that one.
"Understandable" she nodded. "What's the next rule?"
"Okay, absolutly under no circumstances do u fall for any of the single guys. Or married guys for that matter. I know how hockey players are."
"Oh I wonder why" she said sarcastically and smiled.
"Very cute, but I'm serious Cay. I don't want you getting hurt." She put her hand on my bicep and squeezed lightly. "Look Brandon I'm happy that you care, but I can make my own decisions."
"Okay" I whispered. I peaked in the room, "anyone naked?" I called out.
"No we're decent" I heard Price call out.
I turned my head to Caylie, "he's the most honest guy." The guys play a lot of games.
I opened the door fully and we walked inside.
I stood by the door to introduce Caylie. "Guys, this is my little sister Caylie and she will be an interviewer for us."
The guys all looked at us. They basially said hi in unison which caused Caylie and I to laugh. "Hi boys" she waved.
"You two look nothing alike" P.K was near us.
Caylie and I looked at each other and studied each others faces like we've just met for the first time.
"We do" Caylie spoke up after a minute of silence. P.K laughed, "she's better looking" he shrugged.
"Watch it" I put my pointer finger near his face. He smiled, "It was innocent and a fact" he defended himself and walked away.
"I'm gonna walk around the room and talk to the guys" Caylie was going to walk forward, but I grabbed her hand. "What did I say?" I said softly.
"I'm an interviewer for these guys I'm gonna talk to them all the time. What's the difference?" she snapped. "Calm down Cay, I'm just pr-" She cut me off, "protecting me I know" she nodded.
I let go of her hand and weparted ways.
Caylie pov
Brandon always treated me like I was his child when it came to his hockey team. Even back when we were in middle school, at a time when I wasn't even allowed to date boys. I hear the same thing all the time, I know hockey players and their ways.
I love my brother so much but he's treating me like a little girl. We're only one year apart. He never treated me like a baby except when it came to his team.
I walked over to a bunch of the guys and created some chemistry so when we do our interviews it looks good on camera. Interacting with the guys is my job and after seeing many of other interviews they seem like great guys to talk to.
"Hey you havent talked to me yet" I heard a voice behind me. I turned around and on the other side of the room waving me over was Daniel Briere.
I walked over to him and sat in the empty stall next to him.
"Caylie is it?" he asked once I sat down. "It is" I smiled.
"I'm Daniel" he nodded and smiled. "So your Prusty's sister."
"Yep. I guess I'm little Prusty" I laughed.
He laughed, "cute. I want to know about you. All I know is that your Brandon's little sister and that your beautiful." He was smooth in his approach at calling me beautiful.
"Thanks, you kind of snuck the in there" I laughed which cause him to laugh also. "Um thank you. Well I'm 29, Canadian, uh I worked in England as a reporter for the their sports network for2 years. Before that I was a reporter for the CHL for three years based on an internship for college. I basically did one on one sit down interviews. Let's see, I'm also a batman enthusiest."
He laughed, "that's great, but I want to learn more. Since it's a short time until practice how about I take you out tonight."
"Wow that was smooth" I laughed. Then I heard Brandon's voice in my head telling me not to go out with any of his teammates. It's even worse that I've only been here for two hours.
"So what do you think?" Daniel pulled me out of my thoughts. I just thought 'fuck it, I'll deal with what Brandon has to say later.' "I'd love to" I nodded. Good thing my brother wasn't in the room.
"Great we'll talk after practice" he winked then stood up to get his things out of his duffle bag. I got up to walk out of the room so the guys could change.
When I walked out I bumped into none other than my brother. "Hey kiddo how was talking to the guys?"
"Fun, I like them. I feel like part of the team." I put my hands in my pants pockets.
"That's great. You should probably meet up with the media director" he patted my arm then walked away. I decided not to mention Daniel to him it would make his head explode.
I met up with Habs director of media. He's in charge of the media and interviewers. I walked up to a big door and knocked. "Come in" I heard a mans voice. When I stepped inside a bunch of the broadcast team where there.
"Can we help you?" A man walked up to me. "Yes I'm Caylie Prust" I nodded my head.
"Oh hello your a new part of the team" he looked from me then turned to look at everyone else in he room. "Everybody we have a new interviewer Caylie Prust with us. She is also the younger sister of Brandon Prust." he announced to the room. I said hi and they all did back. We started to leave out the door so wecould talk. "I'm Dominic and I'm the media director.Have you met the guys yet?" he asked as we walked down the hall. "Yes, Brandon showed me around" we stopped for a breif moment then continued walking again.
"Okay that's good. You have to talk to the guys off camera also it brings more exitement to the interviews. Well you have experiance interviewing hockey players."
"I know hockey players" I laughed.
"You've lived with one for many years" he laughed. "Yeah we were a hockey household so I have an extensive knowlege."
"See thats how we know you're serious about the job. Have you ever played?"
"I always skated since I was like two, but I didn't join a team until I went to high school. I even played in college."
"Oh nice, what position?"
"I'm a defense girl" I smiled.
"Opposite from your brother that's good."
"Yeah we used to play on weekends with a bunch of his friends until he left home. He's a good brother, he always let me play with his teamates. He had a bunch of friends from his team that I played with. At first the guys were hesitant because I was younger than them and that I was a girl. They didn't want to hurt me."
"Have you hurt any of Brandon's friends?" he laughed.
"I always go after my brother on the ice and even off of it. We always had a good relationship although we would scream and yell at each other a lot."
"Lucky parents" he laughed. "Oh definitly." I would love to relive those times just once more. My childhood was great. When Brandon left to play hockey back when I was in high school it was hard for me. He's my best friend. That may sound sad, 'oh your brother is your best friend, that's unfortunate' but its true. I had friends but no close friends. Even girls on my team in high school I wasn't close with them. Only one girl I actually hung out with every day and went out to dinners and had sleepovers. She was the goalie on the team. Everyone else I only spent time with at practiceand some of us sat at the same lunch table.
Again I would love to o back and play again. We were number one all four years I was there and for the last two years I was an assistant captain. In my senior year I finally won the trophy for the best defenceman. I came close in the previous two years. My parents still have mine and Brandon's awards in a room. When we moved out my room became an office and Ricks room became the hockey trophy/award room. They even bought glass cases for pucks we got to keep. They also have our hockey sticks we used over the years in one corner of the room. It went from the smallest stick when we were babies to the bigger sticks when we were older. I love going back into that room because every story comes to my mind and I could see it in my head.
I continued talking to Dominic until the guys came back.
Brandon pov
I left Caylie and went back in the locker room. After a few minutes Briere came up to me. "Hey Prutty, I hope you don't mind but I asked your sister out tonight." I stopped everything I was doing and looked at him. He might have seen a fire in my eyes because he stepped back a little. "What did she say?" I gritted my teeth.
"Dude, I didn't know you wanted her off limits."
"Dan tell me what Caylie said" I calmed down. "She said yes, but I'm sorry man."
I wanted to punch him for flirting with my sister. It might be my fault for not telling the guys that Caylie was to not date them. But she should have known better.
I took a deep breath, "it's okay. I'm not mad at you I'm mad at Caylie."
"Wait why?"
"I told her you guys were off limits. Just take her out tonight" I said to get him away.
Practice was over and I saw Caylie talking to Dominick outside the locker room. I walked up to them trying not to burst out yelling at her. I needed him to leave so I could do that. "Hi can I talk to my sister?"
"Oh sure Brandon, we were just finished."
"Good thanks." I nodded. he said goodbye to Caylie, I waited for him to disappear down the hall to talk.
"What's up bro?" she stood up.
"You know exactly why I'm pissed. Not even one fucking day and your going out with one of my teammates. I've been drilling it into your head for weeks now and it took you about three hours to throw it out the window" I shouted.
"Calm the fuck down Brandon. I told you that I could make my own decisions. Let me make mistakes instead of trying to hinder me from doing things. Wait, I get it, you think I can't handle it." She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at me with a stink face.
"I'm looking out for you."
"So you think your team is a bunch of animals that will tear my heart out? And so what if they do. Then I'll just tell you that your right and you could gloat in my face."
"It's not about I told you so's I'm looking out for you."
"I know Brandon, I do. You've told me that for the longest time."
"I want you to break the date with Daniel." I saw her jaw drop and I knew she was going to scream at me. "I am not breaking that date. I want to get to know him, we're not picking out a fucking wedding cake."
"Alright, alright. If he breaks your heart in a bad way I'll deal with him." I said and walked into the locker room.


Hope you enjoy ❤


I'm sure they already have kids names picked out ... ; P