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My Team Too

Date and Hate

Caylie pov
I can't escape my brother. I'm living in his condo withhim and his
girlfrind Maripier. Good thing Ihad her there. I walked in the kitchen
after getting dressed for my date.
"Hey Cay, you look beautiful" she turned away from the stove and smiled
at me. "Thanks." I was wearing black jeggings, a black v neck tee shirt;
a little lighter than my pants. I also had on a beige pleather jacket
and black bootie heels.
"I heard Brandon complaining on the phone about your date. He was pissed
and yelling at me."
"He's mad that I defied him" I air quoted. "He says he's protecting me.
I feel like Dan is the most senseire guy on the team so I don't know
what his deal is." Maripier signaled me to sit ath the table with her. I
sat down opposite her.
"Honestly you're right I don't know why he's angry. Daniel is the
sweetest, look my advice would be don't worry. Have fun on your date and
don't stop a potential relationship just because your brother said not
to date him."
"Thanks Mar, I'm so glad you're here" I laughed.
"Aw, well I should make Brandon dinner before he wakes up from his nap."
I have a feeling he's staying in the bedroom because he doesnt want to
be here when Daniel picks me up.
Once I went back in my room the buzzer rang. "I got it" I called out and
jogged to the door. One the other side was Daniel looking really good.
He had black pants, black shoes, and a dark blue button down shirt. The
sleeves were rolled up his forearm. "Hi Caylie" he laughed, probably
because I was staring at him too hard. "Hey Danny" I smiled.
"You look stunning" I could tell he didn't know if he should hug me or
not. "Thanks you look amazing too, um we should get going."
"Yeah, where's your brother?"
"Napping" I rolled my eyes. "Maripier's inside if you want to say hi" I
pointed in th kitchen.
"Of course" he smiled and we walked inside.
"Hi Mari" he said.
"Oh hi Dan, it's been a while" she came out of the kitchen area and
hugged him.
"Ooh you smell good" she laughed.
He chuckled, "thanks."
"Well I don't want to hold you two back. Have fun" she smiled at the
both of us. "Okay, see you later Mar" I said and led out the door.
Danny opened the car door for me an I got in. Once he got in he started
talking. "So how's Brandon doing with us going out?"
"He's being a baby about it, but I don't care."
"That's good. I wouldn't have asked you out if I didn't want to go out
with you" he looked at me breifly before focusing back on the road.
"I believe you."
We got to a nice French resturant. "Not too fancy, it's just right" he
smiled when we walked through the door. He put his hand on my lower back
and led me to a table in the back. "I come here with my sons" he said as
we walked to the table. When we got there he pulled out my chair for me.
"Thank you" I said once he sat down.
"What ages are your sons?" I asked.
"Caelan is 16, Carson is 15, and Cameron is 12."
"Wow, they're not babies anymore" I laughed.
"Yeah, teenagers" he made a face like it was painful. "You're 29 right?"
he asked.
"Yep and you?"
"36, I'm old" he laughed.
"You are so not old, I bet your cool."
"My sons think I am, well I hope they do."
I laughed, "I bet they do. You're a hockey player not an accountant."
"True" he agreed.
As the date went on I realized how great of a guy Danny is. It baffles
me that my brother is upset about me going out with him tonight. It's
like he wants the team all to himself. He has to realize that this is my
team too now.
Danny grabbed my hand from across the table once we finished eating. "I
had a great time tonight. I haven't been dating. My sons have been
number one priorities for me. They live with me and it's been hard the
last few years.
"Danny I know it's hard to date especially when you have kids. Also
thanks for tonight" I rubbed my thumb across his hand.
"You're welcome, we should head out of here" he smiled.
"Yep" I tried to get out of his grip but he still held my hand. He
smiled and then I kept my hand in his. We stood up and walked out.
We stopped by the car to talk. After talking for a few minutes I just
wanted to kiss him. I watched as his lips moved, talking to me. At this
point I'm not sure what he was saying. I couldn't handle not kissing
him. I stood on my toes and wrapped my arms around his neck. He stopped
talking. I pulled him down a little and as I did, his hands went to my
hips. I looked intohis eyesfor a few seconds then pulled him into me. My
eyes were closed, savering the kiss. Being in his arms felt right. My
whole body relaxed once his lips hit mine. I just hoped that he felt
what I do.
I pulled away to catch my breath. His forehead was on mine, he smiled
and I did too.
The next day I walked in to the locker room with Brandon. He hasn't
talked to me the whole ride here. I called him out on being a baby about
it. He didn't say anything all he did was shrug.
I immediatly went to Danny. "Hey" I tapped his shoulder. He truned
around, "hi Caylie" he hugged me. I wanted to kiss him but I saw Brandon
staring at us.
"He's looking" I whispered. "I will keep my hands to myself" he
whispered back.
A man came in with a microphone and a camera crew following him. I was
dressed and ready for an interview I'm doing. I have to go interview P.K
Subban. I'm excited to interview him. I've watched other interviews, and
heard stories from my brother that proves he's a fun guy. I walked over
to him and grabbed the microphone.
"You readyP.K?" I asked.
"I'm always ready for these things" he stood up fast. I laughed, "okay
then let's do it."
The guys around the room were staring at us.
"I'm Caylie Prust and I'm herewith Canadiens forward P.K Suban. How's
it going?" I turned from the camera to him. "I'm good, ready for
whatever questions you throw at me."
"Well then, we'll see" I laughed at his facial expression. "Just like
her brother" he shook his head.
"I'm stronger though" I said quickly. "Okay, let's go. The questions are
about summer."
"Ooh I like it, let's go" he nodded.
"He's excited, I like it. First question, "vacation spot, where's your
favorite place?"
"Oh, this one's hard" he tiltedhis body back. "Um I'll say Cabo."
"Nice, ketchup or mustard on a hot dog?"
"Neither, I don't eat hot dogs."
"Beach or poolside?"
"Definitly beach, the sun is stronger" he laughed.
I laughed too, "this is going well, alright, sunglasses or hats?"
"Both" he nodded.
"Me too, okay but this is about you not me." He chuckled, "then give me
the next one."
"Wow, how rude?" I laughed, "I thought we were friends."
"We are, we are don't be sad" he hugged me.
I laughed, "thanks. Last question, which one of your teammates would you
take to Cabo with you?"
"They're all looking at me here waiting for the answer" he laughed. The
camera panned to the rest of the room. "Don't worry about them, they
have to answer the same questions over the corse of the week" I said it
P.K to make him feel better. "Then I won't feel bad. I have to go with
my boy, Brandon Prust."
"You'd really take my brother?" I asked in a sarcastic way.
"Yeah, he's cool. You just knew him a long time maybe that's why" he
laughed after saying it and I laughed also.
"True, well thanks P.K this was fun" I smiled.
"Same here" he nodded.
"I'm Caylie Prust and next time I'll ask the same questions to Brendan
"And I'm P.K Suban" he took the microphone from me which caused everyone
in the room, including me, to bust out in laughter.
The camera was off, i gave the microphone to one of the guys in the
"Great job" P.K patted me on the back.
"Thanks, you had so much energy which made me hype." He laughed, "I'm
I looked over to Brandon, he was staring Danny down. He wasn't even
doing anything. I slowly walked over to him."Bran are you okay?"
"Yeah, great interview by the way" he smiled.
"Thanks. You do realizeyou were staring too hard."
He blushed, he thought I didn't notice.
"Look Cay I don't have time" he stood up and tried to walk away but I
grabbed his arm.
"Caylie" he said angerly. "Brandon get over it" I tried to pull him to
me but he was too strong in that moment. He was rock solid, like he
couldn't move.
"I am over it, I've been over it." he shook out of my grip and walked
"Brandon" I whined. Hecame back over to me. "I hope you enjoyed your
date" he said through gritted teeth then walked away. My jaw dropped
slightly and I felt numb. It was like I was losing my brother and it
Good thing none of the guys were there to see me cry.But I felt a hand
on my shoulder, "what's wrong?" I turned around to see Danny.
I didn'tsay anything I just turned around and engulfed him in a hug. He
squeezed me tightly. I got tears on his shirt but he didn't seem to
He held me at arms length, "tell me what's wrong." He then wiped my eyes
with his thumbs. I took a deep breath, "Brandon is angr with me, I-I
feel like I'm losing him" I started to cry again and Danny pulled me to
him for another hug.
The thought of my brother and I not even talking anymore makes me want
to crawl in a hole and cry. Like I said, he's my best friend.
It hurts even more because he and I see each other every day now. Being
there with him and knowing he doesn't want to even talk to me is very
Danny let go then kissed me. "I feel like it's my fault" hewhispered.
"No, no it's mine" I looked down at my feet. "Want me to take you home?"
he asked.
"Mari's not even home this weekend" I said barely audible. Danny caught
what I said, "come with me for today." He took my hands, "it's no
"I don't know if its a good idea."
"It would make Brandon hate me more."
"He won't" Danny brought my hands up to his lips and kissed them both.
"Okay" I nodded and smiled.
I guess I couldn't make Brandon hate me more. I already felt hated by
him. I really hope I'm wrong.


thanks for reading, I really like this story and I hope you do too.❤


I'm sure they already have kids names picked out ... ; P